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My Life So Far


Ever since I have been young I have been connected with my spiritual side of my life many time I have seen into the future and every prediction happened when I was growing up from the age of 4 - 13 I had night terrors every night about visions of the past and future. Well I'm 18 now and over the pasted two years I have seen a dark spirit, golden orb (the orb are the night I'm writing this) ,visions, ghosts and able though meditation I can go into my outer body zone I'm also clearvonit*. The dark spirit I saw was when I was down the back behind my house I kept felling like someone was watching me so a few days later I get the feeling again so I looked around and saw the dark figure standing there turn around for 5 secs and he was gone to the other side of the field it happened for a couple of weeks until I stopped a few days later my little cousin was visiting and he said whose the the dark man over there (about this time I told my mum about it) mum looked at me I was in fear and mum told know one. The golden orb I saw tonight the 6th of October 2014 I was at the beach with my sister her boyfriend and friend walking until I saw this huge orb at the other side of the beach every 10 minute it would create in the air the fall to the ground then it split into 2 different enteritis. It would mean a load of help if you could tell me if you have an answer for it it would be very helpful I could use it because I have no idea what a have seen so if could help I would be very happy and tell me your life story.

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