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Could It All Be A Coincidence?


I just want to start out by saying this could all be coincidence, and maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. But sometimes weird stuff happens to me, and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.

It started sometime when I was a kid. That's when I started noticing it anyway. I remember being so young I wasn't even in Kindergarten yet, and strange things were happening to me. For example, I would be playing with my Barbies or watching a movie, when suddenly a type of food would pop into my mind. I wouldn't form any opinion on it; it wasn't a craving or anything like that. It was just an image in my mind of a snack or meal. Then, within minutes or sometimes even seconds, my mother would tell me that's what we were having for dinner.

For years and years this kind of thing happened to me. I didn't ever tell anyone, because I was afraid they would think I was lying. It started to become so normal for me, I didn't even think about it half of the time. Plus, I was still pretty young.

When I was 5 years old my mom was pregnant. My dad and I bet on the gender of the baby. I knew it was a girl. I couldn't explain how I knew, but I remember being so completely 150% sure that baby was a girl. And what do you know, a few months later I had a little sister.

Okay, fast forward to present day. I've started to notice that the little things that I "just know", other people don't. Most of the time it's like the situations I described above, where I get an image of something in my head or something/someone will pass through my mind, then soon after the events transpire.

Recently a new thing has been occuring, which could be completely coincidence, but it happens so extremely often that I've been wondering. Several times in the past month, my fiance and I have been spending time together, relaxing, when all of a sudden something will pop up in my mind. It's ALWAYS out of nowhere. It's always a random thought. And I'll bring up the thought to him, and he'll say, "Wow! I was literally just thinking the same exact thing!"

Then I found this website, and I started reading some of your stories. From what I've read, there are other people with similar things going on. I read one article talking about how if you meditate, particularly before bed, you will be able to control your abilities better. I started trying that, and I was able to predict a football game correctly. I haven't tried to predict anything else, I've just been meditating to relax my mind before bed.

If anyone has any advice or opinions they'd like to share, I would love to hear it. I'm very lost right now, and just trying to figure out if all of these experiences have been coincidence or not. Thank you!

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-13)
I live in Oregon too yeah sometimes I have weird things like sometimes like for example I can talk about a friend then see them later in the day don't exactly remember if this happened but I had similar coincidence or not I don't know.
piscesgirl333 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-13)
Thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot to me. I'm going to try to believe in what I can be, and I think I'll try to practice it too 😊 And I'll absolutely check out that Wayne Dyer video! Thanks for the advice! 😁
Monika (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-09)
Hi Pisces girl,
For a start I am a pisces too 😊
I am an empath all my life and have picked up peoples energy (often making me feel terrible if it was negative), I too have had quick thoughts of people that I would end up hearing about. I noticed that if they pop into my mind from nowhere, I would hear from them soon after (like a phone call, email). Also picking up the same thought from people around me.
You are not crazy, you have a wonderful ability to pick up energy, thoughts and a great sense of knowing. Believe in yourself... And practice if you enjoy it. We are all made of energy, thoughts are made of energy, everything is made of energy... You have an ability to pick it up very clearly.
Maybe this video of youtube about Wayne Dyer... The power of intention... Will shed some light for you.
The best for you is to clear your mind, think from your heart. Your brain (ego) will always want to doubt you, it's part of out survival instinct. The truth is, there is so much more to life than the material world we live in.
Blessings to you and believe in what you know is true inside you. ❤

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