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Strange And Weird Things Are Happening


GUYS i'm getting really worried like seriously I want to know is this normal?!? So here I go i'm 15 and my friend is 14 so this a list of what happened to us both

1-so my friend and I our FB acc has the same password we always use it FOR EVERYTHING and one day someone sent us BOTH invitation and his name is our FB password it's not like a usual name... So we accepted his invitation we got curious first he talked with us and he just COPIED AND PASTED every single thing he said to me to my friend and we don't even know him he posted his own pictures but we don't know him it's he first time we see him so we started feeling uncomfortable with having conversations with him... Later on, me and my friend went out we were eating we found a boy that looks like him exact THE SAME so we stood up and we went towards him and he then turned around and all of the sudden he disappeared... So next day we started asking him questions anonymously and I think we started to know ALOT ABOUT HIM LIKE FIGURING SECRETS. But all of the sudden he said I know who you are guys and then he deactivated his account and that's when my door started closing it was so dark and I heard knocking on my window and I felt SUPER COLD (this happened to my friend too in her house at the same time when he said he knew us it was like 4am something like that)... And one day we were talking about him (in a video we like making videos so) and that's when the lights turned off and at that time we were singing a song that goes with"Lights go down and the night is calling to me" and then we heard loud beeping from her phone so we hurried up and turned on the lights again and we rewatched the video and when my friend said"i hate you---" the name of that boy it popped a small light like a dot on her neck so after that I decided to do other video and I said in it the name of the boy and I said if he was here he should do something that's when her phone rang AGAIN.

2-one time I was sitting on my bed and a song popped in my head so I started singing it and then after moments I heard it on the TV

3- I always get that feeling that someone is watching me and I wake up for no reason at night

4- I hear sometimes voices or like a conversation going that its hardly to figure it out and sometimes I see shadows

5-when ever I go out with friends I hear my name being called and when I turn it seems like no one called for me

6- I feel like what ever I imagine to happen it happens

7- I got that feeling that something bad will happen and ye

Ah SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS! And it seems like I don't know but sometimes I can know what my friends are about to say or thinking so I say it first

7- the list goes and goes... But mostly important we play this game that we made it up we mix lots of things (sugar perfume...) like we do this for fun we aren't taking this game like in a serious way so one time we played this game and we said why can't this person talks to us we want him to talks to us today (this is an example) and THEN THAT PERSON ACTUALLY DID TALK TO US! And this is not the first time whatever we want happens whatever we imagine happens in real life like whatever we say in that game it happens

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christianjob (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-31)
It's really interesting and kind of scary. I don't know but I'm interested to these kind of stories. Just pray whenever you're worried and think that other people experience it too. There's a lot of stories here that are similar to you. Btw where do you stay, I'm in Makati

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