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There's Something Different


Ever since I was young, maybe 9 or 10, I've always felt like there was something different about me. Obviously, me being the kid I was, I first came up with the conclusion "maybe i'm a witch and I'm going to go to Hogwarts". Then, as soon as I turned 11 and didn't get my letter, I knew that couldn't be true. So I started to think that I was a demigod of some sort. Daughter of Poseidon, Daughter of Athena, etc. When I turned 12, I realized it was kind of far fetched. I started looking for explanations for everything that ever happened to me in my life.

Here's some examples. When I was younger, my life was kind of a miracle. When I was born, the doctors found something wrong with my heart. They weren't sure if I was going to live. I was born at night. The next morning, they took a look at my heart, and what they thought they saw was gone. I burned my finger on my first birthday. I stuck my finger right into the open flame. I should have gotten burnt, but I pulled my finger out without a scar or burn mark. When I was about 13, I was on the train. I had headphones in, at full volume. I was sitting down with my eyes closed, because it was early morning and I was on my way to school. Next thing I know, a woman who couldn't reach the bar to hold on was in my arms, and that was when I realized that I had stood up, taken off my backpack and caught the woman even though a few seconds ago I was blocking out the world. I can also control things like my heart rate and how much I blush. For example, someone accused me of something that I did, but it was embarrassing so I didn't want to admit it. I heard the accuser say "If she blushes, I know she's lying." I could feel a blush coming on, and I don't know how, but I managed to make my body believe that I was telling the truth. I can do the same with my heart rate. I can make my body believe something. If i'm scared, for example, I can make my body calm itself down just by making myself believe that there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not really sure how to explain it.

I've also always been able to tell what people are thinking. Not exactly, but I can kind of depict a certain image. I also have dreams that I can remember every single night. I can tell exactly how people are feeling by their body language. I know things about people without trying to. I don't feel pain anymore. I'm not sure what this is. Maybe it's normal? But I just want to know your opinions. Thanks.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-11)
Hello xxxeeexxx,
You have a heightened sense of awareness, both of yourself and your surroundings. This is my best explanation for much of what you've said.
Although I must say that I am still awaiting that letter from Hogwarts, or that meeting with other demigods, neither of these incredible books series has been the explanation for my life. The same is probably true for you. It is always helpful though to find the truth in the fiction. I think we read to find comfort that there are others like us. The Inheritance Cycle and 100 Cupboards are both series I found comfort feom as wellas those you've mentioned.
It sounds to me like you may have empathy on top of your awareness. Or clarisentience. These are terms I think you should look into. A big part of being a healer is self-awareness, so perhaps that is related to how you have been able to survive in miraculous ways.
You have abilities that are a gift, and it sounds like your overall experience has been positive. Enjoy, experiment carefully, and embrace it as a part of who you are! You are very strong and can put it to good use.
Take care and wander around this site a litte,

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