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Orbs, Voices and a Shadowy Figure


This story is sort of a part 2 of my Strange voices and Shadows story. Well, I am still afraid of "them" even though I know they won't hurt me because they haven't done anything yet. But the strangest thing happened the other day. I decided, hey, since I can hear them and see their shadows I might as well try to talk to them for once.

So, that is what I did, sort of. I gathered up my courage and asked out loud if there was any spirit(s) in my house and then, two seconds after I had asked I saw (partially), as I was turning my head towards the door of my room, a shadow gliding quickly right in front of my door. I was terrified.

Today, for the first time ever I saw orbs. It was in broad daylight in my room and they glided about one inch past my chest one after the other as if they were racing or something I am not sure what they are and why this happened.

Also, about 3 nights ago I was trying to go to sleep and right before I slept I heard two voices. One was clear and the other voice was staticy. I sounded like a radio voice, sort of robotic but still had a human quality. I don't know. I have also heard a voice that is very similar to my grandfather. It called my name this morning. I am also named after my grandmother (this grandfather's wife). He is dead and she is alive but very ill. I don't know what he could want if it is him.

I also had a dream about my grandfather a few months ago. My grandmother was in the dream too and my grandfather was trying to tell me something I could not understand. Throughout I kept wondering why my grandmother was in the dream since she was alive and he was dead and I forgot about him trying to tell me something.

Do you think he is watching over me and is trying to tell me something? Also, what about the orbs and the shadow and the voices? I'm still trying to figure things out. All this is new to me and your help would be appreciated.


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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-15)
I have seen orbs right after my dad died. He always promised he would try to contact me from the dead and he did. It was broad daylight. A bright sunny day I had all the curtains pulled so the room was pretty dark but I was working the graveyard shift. I was sleeping with my boyfriend. My daughter came in the room to wake me up she was about 6 at the time all of us lorin, auti and me saw 3 orbs floating about the room. They were balls of white or yellow light floating about the room. Lorin has psychic ability so does auti and me. So we all saw the orbs all three of us remember that day of paranormal activity. I am a devoted christian and still encountour this paranomial activity.
ste351v8 (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-31)
i too see 0rbs and ghosts for the last 9 months I have been sort of phsicic all my life but seeing and feeling ghosts is new to me as well I capture them on digital camera and make the photos on pc to full screen and they show orbs and ghosts I have figured out what the purpose is for me and that is to move them on and to pursuade them to go to the light I feel them more when I am about to go to sleep most of them are nice but have been attacked once but using the bible and praying out loud got rid of it straight away I here there bumps and bangs etc and see there figures but am trying to find away to talk to them soon as one goes another presents itself sometimes it takes a couple of weeks others acouple of days I wasn't religous at first but the bible rescued me from that bad spirit and now havenonuquiestion of my faith and the belief in god and the afterlife my whole family has seen orbs and ghosts on the computer from the camera must make pictures full screen to see them I could see this as a curse but I asked god why am I going threw this turned to my bible page I was reading at the time and there written was my answer it said this is agift from god which will give you the pathway to heaven as my life before was full of smoking weed heavy metal and sex now I feel guilty if I have a beer and try to follow the bible the best I can I know that they like to nown that they are there otherwise they get more aggresive so to speak sometimes before I go to sleep I ask them can you leave me alone tonight and ill talk to you tommorow and it seems to work most times any way I no its hard not to be frightened but having the bible with you is very powerfukk and will protect you if you ask for protection I'm starting to feel comfertable with them around me 24 hours a day and have not been physically harmed they can touch you and push you gently when you try to go to sleep things like that but can't harm you I would like to chat about your experiences as I am just learning with this gift myself if you want my name is steve I'm 36yrold and live in australia and would like someone to talk about it my email is ste351v8 [at]
lenora (2 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-27)
orbs are usually spirits, so you may be attracting wandering spirits because of your psychic abilities. You should try your best to overcome your fear and make contact with the spirits- especially the one that might be your grandfather. Pay attention to the little "signs", they could be hints from your grandfather (like in dreams). Try meditating to make these signs clearer.
i hope you'll be able to find out what your grandfather is trying to tell you.
good luck!
bunnies4eva (4 stories) (87 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-26)
He is trying to contact her though you I think. He knows she is ill, and is probably worried. Next time you see him ask him what he wants to tell her. Hope that helps! As for the orbs, I have no idea what they could mean. Sorry! 😳

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