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I have been having experiences recently I need some advice on what you all think is happening and why

I know I am a sensitive and am able to communicate with my guide using automatic writing and I have been able to for a few years now

I am able to clearly see spirits of others and I believe I have mind reading abilities with certain people in my life.

I recently have had an experience with a guy who I have known for awhile now in my life as just an acquaintance that has turned into a spiritual

Connection and I need some opinions and advice from people like you.

I am not going to go into detail about the experiences but I will go into detail about what is occurring. Every time I see him we lock eyes and just STARE at each other with those spiritual eyes and never look away... Its like we cant. A few times, most of the time when I see him my physical eyes just stare and my perception is pulled out to where he is standing and everything becomes super clear and bright and sometimes its in like a birds eye view in moments and other times its right in front of him I have only seen him travel out of him once. One time my spirit locked onto something on the greater perception awareness and then when he noticed it all changed to in front of him again. Everytime this all happens he kind of just stands there and like watches. Its like hes in awe or something I don't know. Last time he like covered his mouth with his hands and spiritually stood right in front of my spririt. Also we are able to hear each others thoughts. He is in a relationship so yeah I don't think its like that at all

Anyone relate with this experience.

Thank you

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