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I Think That I Am A Medium In The Middle Of My Awakening


I think I am a Medium or some sort of psychic with multiple abilities. They include; Odd occurances of all sorts as if my mind was playing trick on me. Visions, voices, feelings, being touched feelings also, watched. Even followed by something that knew that I could feel it, see it and hear it. Many times, they communicate with me whether by telepathy or in forms of signs or symbols that directly relate to that very instance. I would say that I can tell fairly well, the evil beings, entities, spirts or even people from the godly ones. Most of the times. When I am as you would say turned on or tuned in and also both. Which is everyday. Guessing things is knew right now but it's getting easier by the day. Preminitions are rare but kind of old. Such as, de ja vu. Alot. I truly feel that I do have a very strong sense of or gift of intuition. Which I know everyone has something. Most of which don't choose to use or even want to entertain the idea of that "non-sence" as they say. I see spirts of people as well as, feel them as pure energy at the same time all the while having a back and forth conversation. Sometimes with multiple "Things". Just so I wouldn't think I'm crazy, I asked a couple of my friends a question. Each individually and telepathically and I did recieve an answer to my questions. Also, I answered theirs as well. If you were wondering, yes, two of my friends are both as you would say, psychic. Both in the own way. Now, as I'm writing this there are a few people trying to communicate with me from afar. As well as, something/someone right next to me and in front of me. Asking me screwy questions and purposely while I'm doing this. I know that this one is my friend who just recently past. Because, when I think of his name or say it aloud "its" energy comes into contact with mine. Chills and such. Last but not least, Auras. I see ones Aura. Still tring to master this one and it is not easy at all. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, gradually and cautiously. Does anyone have any advice, plans, ideas on, what? Or, who? Or, where? Anything at this point that is constructive, would and will be apprieciated. Thanks!


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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-07)

Here are some exercises in perceiving auras.
Love love
Lorelei (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-07)
These are all things I've experienced as well. I wish I had an answer for you, I'm still trying to find it myself! In due time! There are many people here who are more knowledgeable and can give a better answer. But you are not alone!

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