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I have been talking to an online friend for about 7 years now, we've never met, but we've spoken on the phone many times. During this 7 year period, we have had very similar experiences, we have almost every interest in common (similar TV shows, books, movies, music genres, music bands, poems, the occult, travel, history, both talented in poetry/writing/painting/sketching, we even share interests in foreign languages and cultures), and we have had similar night-dreams.

We also have similar life-paths: at one point in his life, he took an interest in Wicca and the Zodiac and Tarot readings, and so did I, and this happened before we knew each other. He has also reported being followed on numerous occasions, which happened to me too. And he said people feel at ease after talking to him about their life problems - my friends and passers by constantly ask me for advice.

One time I had a dream about one of my friends getting into a car accident, and 1 week later, I received an e-mail from his dad, which said his truck was totaled and he's recovering in the hospital.

But the most surprising dream of all, was when he said he described one of his dreams in great detail:

He said he was at a lake at night, with a girl, but could not see her face. He said she looked a lot like me, and asked if I was the girl in his dream. I said I had the same dream (it was also at a lake at night), but in my dream, the boy's face was blurry. This happened before this friend sent me his photo, so I had no way of knowing if he was in the one in my dream or not. And this first dream is what kept our friendship for so long - how is it possible for two people to have similar dreams, when they live many miles away from each other?

Another time we both had the dream of being on a tour of a haunted house. We went on the tour as a couple, and discussed our relationship. In his dream, he told one of his best friends in the elevator that we got back together, and his friend said "Oh no, he's going to hurt himself again..."

And in my dream, I was also in an elevator, talking to one of my best friends and told her I got back together with this friend, and I could almost sense her saying "Oh no, she's going to hurt herself again".

When he and I discussed this dream, he tried to avoid it at all costs, he said it scared him, but I felt I had to bring it up, because we've had many ups and downs. And his response was, "I hate to say this, but I think it would be best if we avoided a relationship until we finally met each other, otherwise it would hurt us both in the end".

I think because we are so similar, or because of the long distance, there were times where I could sense he was lying, or where I told a petty white lie because I was ashamed of something I did. There were also times where I felt I couldn't trust him, and in the end, he tested my love for him, which really tore up what we used to have.

Now, a little bit of information about this friend: He is 1 year older than me (and I checked, by talking to his friends), and he was born 13 days before he was due. He was due to be born on September 29th, 1986, and I was born September 29th, 1987. Also, if you look at a calendar, our birthdays fall on the same day. He was born on a Tuesday, and the next year his birthday was on a Wednesday. I was born on a Tuesday as well, and my first birthday was on a Wednesday, which means our birthdays are ruled by the same planet: Mars, representing Tuesday. Coincidence?

He and I both feel we share some sort of "spiritual connection", but we're not sure why it's hard to let each other go even though we are not in love anymore.

I would like to know what you think about my experiences with this friend and if you think we share any kind of connection without even meeting.

You can say we're crazy, it's all right...

And thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-09)
Just to let you know, if you mess it up - I think it will be gone. Totally. What you have means contact weekly or monthly, not a rule person, but you have to enjoy the sweet part of it and not move forward to a physical level. It's just a gift.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-09)
I think you should always stay in touch spiritually. This was never meant to be physical. That might mess it up. But, in some way, you are reaching each other. You might use this the next 75 years to know and assist each other. This is part of the new knowledge allowed through the web. Be open with your husband/wife and explain this relationship in the future. It should always be spiritual I think. You don't have to see flesh to know a person. If your spouse or future spouse is jealous, ease their concerns. Tell them, honestly, that this is a sister-sister or brother-brother relationship only with the opposite sex, so a little odd, just to help. That is very sweet. You can't talk daily, because it would get too weird, but limit it to once a month and go on with life. Slot this as it should be slotted and be grateful.

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