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My Life With Ghosts


I don't really know there to begin. I saw a shadow people In my house when I was about 14. And it all sort of started from there I'm 21 now and in college, there's always been weird stuff happening either at school around me or in my house. Like tv flicks on by it self and one night I felt someone sit on my bed and touch me. I think the biggest thing for me was I was home alone at night and there was an old man sitting about 2 feet from my bed calling my name. I was freaked.

I think since I was 14 I could sense them. I still feel them sometimes at home but they don't reach out to me anymore. My dorm at school was an old House when the father died between 1860-1900 the family sold the land to my school.

I have the pleasure of sleeping right under the attic. Might not think it's much, but there was the family's dead child in the house he pushed people down the stairs. He pushed me once I felt two small hands in my back he liked the attic during the day.

So one night my roomate who was asleep in the other bed it was maybe 1:30 in the morning I couldn't sleep and I hear the little boy in our room calling "Mama"... Mama... Mama" and at the first mama I was scared I hid under the covers and pretend to sleep thinking if " mama " was sleeping he would go away and he did. I still don't know why he wanted me or called me mama but I stayed until end of Semester and found a new place to live. He did use to follow me down the staircase as I went to class I felt him.

The only that really got to me was my friend moved into his grandfathers house he's still living we were cleaning and I had this image of a person in my head at the top of the stairs I ran to see if he was there and he wasn't the only thing that would come to my mind as his Picture was in my head was the watcher.

I definitely think I am sensitive and maybe I have to get a better handle on it but I'm hopeful about the future and still continue to sense ghosts.

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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-06)
You must understand, that even though these types of things are scary, and isolating, that you have more power over your world than any spirit does. Earthbound ghosts aren't supposed to be here. They are wallowing in the past and interacting with those who can sense them. You have the power to tell them to " Please leave." " This is my space, and you are scaring me"
" I don't want to feel you or see you. " Think of how you would deal with this if it were live people harassing you. Would you not say anything and claim your space? You would. Same rules apply here. If you aren't aware of your power, you feel power less and helpless at the whim of these entities, that they can interact with you whenever they want to... It's like a bad house guest you barely know. You must school them on the rules. You have claim over the physical space around you. Be confident. Eventually you will learn this. There is nothing wrong with setting the rules as to when or if these spirits or ghosts, entities interact with you. These are spirits of the dead you didn't know in life. Didn't know them as living people, so your interaction is like an aberration... It's just odd. IT would be different if it were a dead relative that you recognized, one who had a message to give you and then left. But hanging around, demanding your attention is too much. I feel for you and I'm sorry you have to suffer through this with no direction. Being a sensitive is isolating, isn't it? It's not like you can just strike up a conversation with your friends and family and explain what you are going through with out trepidation. And we don't understand or know the rules... Or the experience of others who have gone through similar things... The worst is feeling like a hostage or that your reality has been hijacked. You know these things are real, right? You must confront them if they are bothering you. Just get your feet wet, trust yourself and your instincts, and your power as one who still has a body. You are not like them, the dead. You can trump their demands by making some of your own. Good luck.
medicineturtle (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-26)
good story ghosts are very real indeed
Medicine turtle Cherokee

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