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My Spiritual Experience, Is It Just Me?


I have been able to see auras recently, from the help of another psychic, she awoke me, and told me that I really do have these powers of a psychic and she told to believe in myself, that was a year ago. She told me ever since I was born, my third eye has been or already had been opened.

All my life, I knew people couldn't see what I see, I notice I wasn't like other children I was different in a way.

When the psychic told me, I couldn't believe, I had suspicion but I never question my past, now I know why I was different.

All my life, I was able to see fainted dark shapes or being shaped, I can see them clear at night when I go to sleep.

I can also see air, it more like a vortex texture or smokey-like, now that I really try to see these things, I also seen orbs, usually fainted pale white spheres of pale light, I saw one in my room, for some reason I felt like I sense it presence, or energy.

So while trying to sleep, I had major feeling to look back and I all of sudden I saw this orb, entering my room- it hovered on the ground because I think it saw me looking at it, then all of sudden it floated up slowly, and disappeared into the air, my thought I think it went into another dimension, or plain of existence, or maybe back to the spiritual world.

But that wasn't the last time I saw a orb, another day, at night. I was feeling sad, so I want outside to feel nature and to calm myself down, usually I like to make up a random song in my mind, and make it about god and sing.

Then all of a sudden, I must to have felt my instincts, in other words I must to have felt a energy nearby, then all of sudden I had to urge to look, so I look up to the top of the tree, while at the same time, it got windy.

Then a orb pop out hovering from the tips of the tree's, then it slowly hover down, it was similar to the other orb, white pale, but this one felt heavenly, then it slowly hover back up and disappeared, like the other orb.

Sometimes, in deep thought, I think they wanted to show themselves to me on purpose, to make me know that their here watching me and others, And their are very well aware of my abilities, so they know that I can be able to see them, if they wanted to show themselves, but know that normal people can not see them, even though they wanted to show themselves, so that's what I think.

After the orb disappeared, I felt a gust of wind, then all of sudden I felt calm, and less sad in seconds, then for some reason, I felt I was receiving words in my mind, through a different conscious, way more powerful. The words I receive was like "it will be okay, so don't worry about the future, because I know you believe in me and always will, I have faith in your heart that you will keep believing in me."

Then I just knew it was god, or his conscious, that he has the ability to control any element on earth to get your attention or contact you in some way. He can even use the universe in odd ways, to give people signs or messages. As young I had always believe in god, and was aware of him. Like for some reason I had always felt that I was connected to him, even from birth.

My grandma on my dad-side was very spiritual as well, even when I wasn't born yet, she told my dad, she sees me with my eyes open, which my dad also didn't know what she meant, she also had several predictions about my other brother and sister, about their personality, but no other strange prediction like mine's and she was correct, I had a brother a year later and a sister 3 years later, but my grandma died the same year I was born, and my dad father, that my dad never got to meet.

I can also see energy in the air, like have you ever look closely at a camera and you see these dots of rainbows colors, that what I see in my eyes, when I want to, I focus my eyes, and I can see energy everywhere even on items. Its all around us.

I always thought psychics weren't true, but I always thought they could be, I thought they were for entertainment, (movies). But I now know they are true. It really weird but not really isn't, in a way, every human are born with these abilities, it just were all different, and everyone has to learn to unlock it, some are just born with it, it a strange world isn't it? But yet so beautiful the way it just is.

Also, while talking to the psychic, she told me "there several orbs in my house," when I ask her if she can see anything while we talk, she said at the exact moment that she sees a white orb behind me, she said they signify calmness/clarity or protection to people in a area, there an article that's says, it protection of holy light, and power. Supposedly there is different colors of orbs, just like energy all around us. Each color defines something, each number or sign defines something. Everything has a message.

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angel124 (1 stories) (17 posts)
4 years ago (2016-08-01)
I appriciate it, I send you a hangout invite on google. And thanks for helping me out.
ZiShu (129 posts)
4 years ago (2016-08-01)
I want to help you understand and believe in your ability. I will definitely encourage and help guild you past your limits and fullest potential for God, yourself and others. Check my email in my profile and send it there. Usually when others have the same experiences like yours, it helps believe in them more and not feel alone. No one should be alone in this mysterious journey of the unknown other world until it becomes known.
angel124 (1 stories) (17 posts)
4 years ago (2016-07-31)
And, my goal, or destiny as you may call, is to help others and newer generations, with these abilitys or (gift). But I don't really understand or truly believen my ability's, but I would love some courage from someone who understands. Thank you so much, I really mean it. ❤
angel124 (1 stories) (17 posts)
4 years ago (2016-07-31)
Yes, I would love to chat with you, through email, or whatever you perfer, and yeah, I made comments, because I been a lot of stories that I can relate to, I loved to help other with their problems, But it would be nice to you, and see your opinions in your world. 😊 ❤

Thank you taking your time to read my experience.
ZiShu (129 posts)
4 years ago (2016-07-31)
Hey there. You describe a lot of things about you that I can relate to. Seeing the shadows and orbs. As soon as I see your comments, I have a feeling I really need to talk to you just to share many things with you.
I believe you got some potential with your abilities. I would like to help you further path for God.
I just want to know what goals do you have.
Are you able to see things spiritually with your eyes closed? It seems you have a certain level of spiritual connection that will allow you to see more under specific guidance. If we can talk more in email or chat, that would be great.

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