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I'm 21 years old and I have many special functions. I am known mostly for my healing abilities. No matter how sick I am or depressed I can still channel/generate a lot of energy without effecting my own energy especially while meditating. This brings me to my story.

While meditating a year ago, I was practicing the technique of expansion. I pictured myself expanding to all ends of the universe. When I am on top of feeling my most powerful moment the TV in my room turns on and the screen turns green. I've never seen my TV turn this color green before. I thought maybe I rolled over accidentally and turned on the remote. No, the remote was on the floor not next to me. Maybe a week later this happened again. I thought it was mere coincidence. It was just an annoying pestilence at this point. But then maybe a few weeks later this happened to me again. Now I was freaked, this was the 3rd time this happened. Now I knew it wasn't a coincidence.

Later that month I asked my Tai-Chi/Qi Healing Teacher/Mentor has he heard anything like this before. He told me there is a good chance that my growing energy field is actually turning on the TV. I don't quite understand how its possible but I believe it.

Here's the cool part. Four days ago while meditating in my bed my TV went on again but what accompanied it this time was sparks. There were sparks right in front of my face. The TV screen didn't turn green but it did turn on and then off immediately. I just assumed this was the same thing that happened the other time but I did get up and check all of the electrical sockets in my room just in case.

Does anyone know anything about energetic impulses and the mixture of electronic devices?

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nightwalker94 (15 posts)
12 years ago (2009-01-10)
You extended your energy/magnetic field and powered yourself upand it interfeared with the TV. I can extend my ki, but I've never tried to extend it that far. It only does that when I'm angry and stressed (which is pretty often for me).

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