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The Power Of Suggestion


Let me start off with a brief introduction. My name is Devin. I am a college student at a small private college, and I have, for lack of better words, a control over a world that I live in that goes beyond the physical world, at least at an optical level.

From a very young age I have been able to sense peoples auras. Upon noticing this I took it upon myself, at about the age of 9, to go to the library and investigate this phenomenon. I stuck with it and by age 12 I had the ability to not only sense but see peoples auras or spirit within them. I have always been very secretive about these occurrences telling no one, until now. The best way to describe what I have developed is the power to will or manipulate someone or something, on a spiritual level. Eventually curiosity got the best of me again and I turned to the internet for answers. After a few weeks of research I came across some information on energy, and how some people feel as though they draw energy from other people. In other words some people prefer crowds and large amounts of people, and this "theory" if you will, said that this is because on a subconscious level these people are feeding off the energy of others.

At this point in time I decided I would try and take this theory to the extreme. My thought behind this was simply that people have unused muscles in their bodies that most people never fully develop, such as the muscles used to make your ears or nose wiggle. After all, by this point in time I had already trained myself to control my heart beat.

The following day at work, I pulled a fellow co-worker aside concentrated on her energy that I could both sense and then hone in and see. I then focused on my own energy (or what ever you prefer to call it). I suddenly felt a large burst of concentration and energy pulsing through my body. After initial rush of energy I asked her if she was alright. She looked pale and was almost in a cold sweat. She replied and told me that she just felt like she was drained. I never told her what I had, but I did attempt to reverse the process. At that time I was not successful, but a several weeks later I could successfully boost another person's energy, but drain myself instead.

The next logical step was to try and control this gained energy and attempt to harvest it for different purposes. After many many long nights and several hours of dedication I learned to use this energy and almost branch it out from me, and use it to control flames on a candle, create small calm spots from the wind outside out of nothing so I can light my cigarette, and perhaps the most curious one to me, being able to control the temperature of my water while in the shower, without using the knobs to adjust it. On top of this, I have manipulated the energy once to control the flight of a small balloon around a room. I could make it spin on command as well as raise and lower it. My ex-girlfriend saw this and was very shocked to say the least. I haven't tried anything like it sense, because to be completely honest it scared me slightly that I had the ability to do these types of things.

My most recent school of thought has been devoted to the true power of suggestion. The question I asked myself was, is it possible that some things in this world happen because we assume they are going to? For instance, and I am sorry I don't have actual statistics at this time for this, terminally ill patients, be it cancer patients or otherwise seem to be, in general, much better off and much more healthy than before they known about their sickness. Recently I had my jeep inspected, and I was informed that I had no breaks and no power steering fluid. When I heard this I was shocked because my jeep has been running perfectly fine. Furthermore the power steering as well as the breaks still work perfectly fine. My question is this. Is it possible that my breaks and my power steering work because I assume they are going to?

In a much smaller scenario, I often am sitting around my living room with friends over and I don't feel like getting up to get the remote, or to get a drink. It seems like every time I want something like the remote or a drink, it just happens. In other words, someone hanging out with me will simply pick up the remote and hand it too me, almost as if I am somehow commanding this person to perform these actions. Often people don't even remember getting up to hand me the remote, or to get me a drink... It's very peculiar to say the least.

Well thanks for listening to my story, any information on what I am experience, how to help me hone in, whether this is common amongst people, and where I should go from here, or other insight or feedback is more than welcome as well.

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vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-12)
psychic vamp. You are a psyvamp. I have friends who are like this. You are very pwerful, but have a ned to feed off people's energy. Animals, plants, humans. You are extrmely bad for empaths. Psyvamps cannot make their own energy, and without having someone to provide it for them, they will die.

Do you sometimes get happy when you see someone suffer? Even if you regret it, yo can't help enjoying their sedness? Do you feel superior to some, even if you try not to show it? Do you like being around very happy people, that have a better...taste? I might not be explaining it right, so search google for, "psychic vampires" and you will find some tests and papers of this cnditions.

One more thing, try to control the instinct to make people do as you wish, because you CAN and WILL hurt people. Someone in your family must be a psyvamp, so research your family history.
Umbranox (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-04)
You are what people call a psychic Vampire.
I know how this works because I too have had tendancies of draining others energy reserves.
I can teall you more about this if you wish.
Simply email me, I'll be more apt to check my yahoo account then this, though I may check it from time to time.
There are several things I can teach you, and things that you can teach me.
I hope to hear from you soon...


P.S. Another name I go by is Pitch Black Angel.
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-02)
You have the gift of telekinesis, whether your manipulating the energy of objects or people.

Using the energy of others would make you a "psychic vampire". Knowingly taking from others without their permission is an abuse of your gift. This will result in very bad karma for you. Remember the Golden Rule. Please cease & desist.

Since you have the gift, try developing it into healing. If you can see auras, you may be able to see illness and holes in auras. This can be treated with energy healing. You have no idea of the number of people you could help if you put your mind to it.

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