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My Husband Finally Believed My Premonitions


My visions have been a part of my life for a long time. As many have posted before, I did not realize that this was not the usual. I have had many visions throughout my years, but I would like to talk about the one just after I was married. I believe this one convinced my husband that my "dreams" were not just dreams.

We had been married for about 6 months when he was put on military orders to go to the Panama Canal. This was to be a 3 week tour. Approximately 3 weeks prior to his departure, my vision was seeing an airplane take off and then explode. This was to be his first airline flight since we had married. I told my mother about it because she has had these visions also. I asked what I could do about him not going. I was seeing myself as a newlywed widow. No children, no future, no husband. You have to understand that my husband was my "love at first sight". This had only happened to me one time and I did not want to continue life without him. I begged him to not go. He said, "What, you want me to tell my commanding officer that my wife has visions, and we are all going to blow up after take off?".

Well the time had come for him to leave. I had taken off work the day before so that we could spend our last day on this earth together. We were sitting on the couch watching television when a special report came across the screen. As we watched the news, I kept feeling the doom that was coming to my life within 24 hours. I was looking at my husband and then turned to the television. I screamed, "OH NO! OH NO!" and turned my head away from the television. My husband asked, "What is wrong!" As I pointed to the television, my face still turned from it, the Space Shuttle blew up. I started crying for the people that were killed, and for the relief that it was not my husband's flight.

Instantly, I felt the "doom" leave my body. This is the first time that the feeling of doom was not about someone I presently knew. All of my premonitions have been about people I know, current or past. I have since then had a few more of unknown people. I only know about them after the headlines, news reports or word of mouth. My first premonition was when I was very young, but that one and many more is for another day. Thank you for reading.

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vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-27)
i'm so happy for you! It seems as if it was about time you felt well again. I hope you have a great life and that he continues to trust you, he should.

-val, the 3rd vendettaBabe, and the 1st empath.

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