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I'm not going to start my story with I see ghosts and I know I'm psychic. But I want to start with I think that I might be but I would need a personal professional opinion. I have never really seen an "actual" ghost. Yes I have seen shadows, lights, unexplained forms out of the corner of my eyes. But I have felt them and heard them. I took the remote viewing test on here to test my "psychic abilities" and I was almost dead on. I guessed that it was wavy blue green heavy and man made and what was the picture? A heavy porcelain theatre mask and in the background was waves that started in blue and transcended into green at the bottom. Now that might not really make you a psychic but I hope the other things that have happened to me might make me better understand that maybe I'm not crazy and someone here will be able to confirm that. Since I was little I have always heard, sensed, and dreamt things but never really saw things. Ill try to start from the beginning with everything I can remember without making this so long no one would read it.

1. When I was young, around 5 to 8 years old, I remember I misbehaved one time and my parents locked me in the basement to learn my lesson (no my parents aren't horrible. My mother sat on the other side waiting for me to apologize but of course I'm hardheaded.) She had walked away to deal with my other sister and I sat on the very top step with my back up against the door and I heard low moans that seemed to come from a man and chains rattling like they were being dragged across the floor. An instant sense in me told me to get up and run. I couldn't run upstairs so I started banging on the door screaming and at first my mom didn't come and the sounds got louder and something told me not to look back. Finally my mom opened the door and asked what had gotten me so scared and when I told her she blew it off. (My mom is a Catholic and doesn't believe in anything she can't see or hear.)

2. I was having my twelfth birthday over at my grandma's house and my grandpa had passed away when I was eight. So it was me and about six or seven of my friends and everyone had fallen asleep about an hour before I did. I had this strange feeling of sleeplessness and foreboding. The room was completely dark except for the street lamps that lit up the front room through the glass in the front door. Suddenly I started hearing almost "heavenly" singing coming from the front of the room and green lights began "flying" all over the ceiling and walls. I woke up my friends and asked them if they could see the lights and hear the singing and they all sat in silence and looked around and said they couldn't see anything even though everything was still going on with them in the room! Only I could hear the music and see the lights.

3. The dreams I get started around when I was seventeen or eighteen. I would have a dream and it would come true in at least a week. But my dreams would come in weird and unexplainable ways. I wouldn't really get the meaning of it until it happened. Some call it de ja vu, but it shouldn't happen to me every time I dream. I can also feel every time someone gets hurt, sad, happy, angry, confused, even if they aren't there with me. One thing I feel more than anything is death. The sense of death is so strong with me I worry all the time. Every time I get the feeling someone I know, even if they aren't extremely close to me, maybe a teacher or a friend of a friend, but I can always sense it and my mind somehow "shows" me who I should look out for. When I was young I would have those senses but never to the point where I was aware of it. Me and my sister were at a gas station one day and my mom and dad sent us into the store to get what we needed and my sister started sprinting across the parking lot and I felt that death "feeling". I ran after her and managed to grab her and pull her back before the station wagon that pulled in hit her.

4. And this one is the real big whammy. I don't understand it. My grandpa died when I was eight. My sisters and brothers sometimes stay the night with my grandma to keep her company since there is no one else in the house with her. Or so we thought. My grandma still insists that she does not believe in ghosts or anything supernatural but she always tells me stories about when she goes to sleep she hears sounds coming from around the house but my bros and sis won't be there and sometimes at night she feels someone climbing into bed with her and will roll over thinking its one of us and then realizes that none of us are even there. My sister actually caught a picture of my grandpa's ghost on her camera phone and you could see his outline and he was standing in the vfw uniform he was buried in, hat and all. It upset my grandma when my sister showed it to her but I try to tell her that he is just looking out for her. I go over there every once in awhile but I always get a calm, protective, feeling when I'm there and I always get this "picture" in the back of my mind of his face smiling and reassuring.

5. The last thing I need to ask about is I never see ghosts but I seem to "see" them in my mind at least. One night me and a couple of my friends were driving past a cemetery and I looked at it because I had this really creepy feeling. Yeah you're supposed to get the creeps from a cemetery but not like that. And it seemed almost in the back of my mind that a spirit jumped up and yelled BOO really loud and it made me jump. Yeah boo is typically the clichรฉ of ghosts but this one seemed like it got a joy out of messing with me like that.

I know everything I have said seems like it comes from somebody crazy but I promise I am sane so if someone would please help me understand this and why I these things are happening to me please help. I appreciate anything anyone can tell me.

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AlexandriaKirshner305 (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)
i have just recently posted my own story, and parts are very similar, such as the shadows you see and the voices you can hear, and the dreams that come true. I think everyone has asked if they are crazy in their posts, and unbelievably, I think all this is real. I mean everyone has their own experience and it cannot be explained. I mean, in my family, I don't know wanyone who has the same experiences as I have. At least I'm not sure if there is, because I'm pretty scared to mention all this to them. My family only knows what I tell them, which isn't much, but your stories are all very familliar to me because I have expereinced most of the same things. I lost a close friend my 13th birthday, and a month before that, I dreamed that he was standing over a sink bleeding to death and that's exactly what happened. I had a dream about another friend of mine telling me goodbye for some reason, and I found out that a week before, he passed away. Another friend of mine was talking about getting his license, and I had a really bad feeling after hearing that and when he did, he was driving to school, hit a patch of black ice and died. There's many times when I had discovered that telling someone about the dream I had will help prevent it from coming true because as scary as it is, they become a little paranoid and will avoid it if possible.

Youre not crazy
voulme16 (14 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-30)
i don't think your crazy but ill comment more later I'm in school and he period is over see ya
Dr3amer7 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-22)
Hey Mandiesue20

I am commenting on this story simply because I have almost experienced every event you have mentioned in this story. I have had very similar dreams, where I would see people and things happening to them, then see it in real life. I lost my mom when I was 11 and three days after she died, I was thinking about her, and how she used to lay with me at night. All of a sudden I felt the bed press down starting from the middle then up to my head. I fell fast asleep after. I have dreamt the deaths of all four of my grandparents. I have had random ideas, thoughts, fears and confusion pop into my head. I can keep naming things, but I just felt a bit at ease after reading your story and it touched me. I just now started to come to terms that some of these things cannot be explained and are not coincidences. I have been experiences since I was a little girl. I have always ignored it and told myself I was crazy. I am starting not to feel so crazy.
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