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I've never totally understood it, but I've been "sensitive" (psychic) since I was a little girl. Mainly this has involved sensing/seeing spirits and having dreams/visions of future events. I've seen some wonderful things, but I've also seen some disturbing, bad things. It was mainly because of this, and also a desire to be "normal", that I basically turned these abilities "off" from my late teens well into my twenties. After the birth of my twin boys, I became very sensitive again (I don't know why this triggered anything, but it did). I became even more sensitive than before; I often sensed presences. A couple of days after the death of my husband's grandmother, I was making dinner when I sensed her presence. It wasn't frightening; I just suddenly knew she was there. When I thought that perhaps I was imagining things, a glass on the table tipped over; it wasn't frightening, I think it was just her way of saying hi, I am here. I also started having numerous visions, some benign, some disturbing.

I've had conflicting feelings about this, but one night I decided to go into deep meditation and "let myself go" to see what would happen. I went into meditation, and I became very aware; I sensed the presence of my friend, Joe, who passed away several years ago. I've often sensed his presence, but this time, I actually heard him. I heard this sort of buzzing noise at first and then I literally heard him say "hi." It was a wonderful, yet frightening feeling. I became even more "aware", heard something in the room start rattling, and started to sense the presence of something else. I mentally told Joe that I was glad to see him but that it was too much for me, and came out of the meditation.

A couple of nights ago, I decided to go into deep meditation again. I don't know what this is or what you call it, but I've had a few experiences where I've gone so deeply into meditation that I feel like I'm traveling. It's almost unexplainable, but it's an incredibly blissful experience; it's like a communication with God. Anyways, the last time I meditated, I started by surrounding myself with a white, protective light, and concentrated on feeling the peace of God. I knew I was on the verge of having one of these experiences again; the outside world is blocked out and you get this light/tingling sensation. It felt wonderful, but all of a sudden I had a vision of these shadow figures coming towards me. I became intensely afraid and came out of the meditation. Even when I came out of the meditation, at first I couldn't shake this kind of despairing fear - I don't know how to explain it, but it's like a kind of fear you feel you can't escape from. I was very cold and nauseous and couldn't stop shivering. I prayed to God to help me; within half an hour, I was still afraid but felt like I had a grip again.

I'm hoping that someone else out there can help me to understand this. What were these figures and why did they affect me like that? I felt like I was attacked. What really bothers me is that I went into this meditation concentrating on God and the protective shield of the white light of the Holy Spirit (I grew up Catholic, so this is what I visualize), and I still had this horrific experience. Ever since then, I've still felt a sinister presence nearby at times, but I've tried to shut things out because that experience really terrified me. Is there a way to protect myself (and my family, I don't want to think about things like that around my children) during meditation, or should I stop meditating and try to turn off my sensitivities again? Are these dark beings demons or something else, and why did they come after me? For some time, I haven't believed in Hell, but now I'm starting to wonder if there really is a Hell after all. Does anyone have any suggestions to ensure that these dark beings stay away? It would also be nice to hear from anybody else who's had a similar experience so that I know I'm not losing my mind.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-04)
Let's look at Jesus, the greatest spiritual teacher of all time, our LOVING father, God and creator, to whom all creation and all spirits bow down- even the demons (whether they like it or not!LOL!) He NEVER told his followers to meditate, He said: PRAY, FAST, READ AND PRACTICE the bible. That's it! But we can, and must meditate (think about), holy things, and the life of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the saints, the martyrs, the angels, the miracles that happen in our lives, the divine protection we have over us, on how suffering and illness bring us closer to God, (because Jesus, who was innocent, suffered the death of a common criminal on a cross FOR US... The crown of thorns, the whip with the metal barbs, in the hand of the roman soldier, that ripped through His flesh, like an animal for slaughter, how His virgin mother, Mary, suffered at seeing her sweet innocent 33 year old son, nailed to that cross, for us, how Jesus and Mary are now in the glory of heaven, how Mary isn't sitting on her throne, but is kneeling at the foot of the throne of Jesus, begging Him to have mercy on us sinners, how archangel michael and other angels are not playing harps in heaven, but are here on earth defending innocents, defenseless children, the sick, the poor, and kicking serious demon as* on the streets of new york, in the jungles of africa against BOKO HARAM, in iraq and syria against ISIS... Yes! These are the things we should meditate on. That way we GROW spiritually, and connect to the source of love, life and eternal bliss... God! Amen! See the movie: 'THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST', by Mel Gibson... Now THAT'S something to meditate on!
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-19)

I must apologize for the length between my comments. I have been looking into all the links and information you provided and it proved a very intresting bit of research I am however unconvinced as to your point.

The Meditation video seems to have an intresting point of view not only of what Meditation was orignaly used for but speaks of Large Companies, Schools and even the US Gov't and the UN of MAKEING their members or attendies pratice meditation? While it may be encouraged in some cases it is hardly manditory.

Meditation can be form of Prayer... The steps are practically the same... Make some quiet time for oneself, clear ones mind, relax and 'speak to your God' placeing your concerns, hopes, fears or needs in His Hands. Or in the case of Meditation let your body and mind relax and 'put away' the stresses of the day and allow your body to exchange negative energy with positive energy. It is not some 'evil plot' that will turn Belivers away from Heavenly Father.

I think what is really needed here is a Defenitive Definition of what it is to meditate as you seem to believe it means something other than what I view it as. We will start with yours...

"meditate with the intend to dissociate yourself from your body in order to have a spiritual experience. This New Age spirit enlightenment teaching, to seek unique euphoric spiritual visions and emotions, is so dangerous and may cause people to be very vulnerable to demonic attacks, which is what you probably experienced."

But you also say this...

"The Christian Bible clearly reminds us to meditate to the word of God. This means when we meditate we are speaking directly to the Lord, with focus on what we are saying, with full consciousness, and work from scripture."

The 'NEW AGE' teachings you refer to are not called meditation... Purhaps you mean Astral Travel? Or maybe an Out Of Body experience? Perhaps even Remote Viewing? So let me ask this...

Just what do you mean when you speak of Meditation? This is what I mean... (Warning it's a bit graphic as I quote the Good Book of Webster...

Meditate: 1) intransitive verb to empty the mind of thoughts, or concentrate the mind on one thing, in order to aid mental or spiritual development, contemplation, or relaxation.
2) intransitive verb to think about something carefully, calmly, seriously, and for some time.
3) transitive verb to plan or consider doing something.

No where in the definition does it imply 'visiting spiritual realms and such... This definition fits in much better with your Meditate to the Word of God... In it's most literal sense than it has to do with, as you put it, "New Age spirit enlightenment teaching..."

Your other points seem to make a better case for the Ancient Alien theory than convince me of their 'Holy' OR 'Divine' nature of how Scripture came to be.

I do agree it was through Prophecy that many of the Bilical Teachings we have today originated from (and for myself and memebers of the Church I attend this is an ongoing process) but one must not forget that MAN has chosen which of the ancient writings went into the version of what became the King James Version of the Bible. MAN chose how certian words were defined as the translations occured.

If there is one thing we should take from New Testament Biblical Teachings it is that we are all different but that does not make us 'bad/evil' people everyone must find their own path and while it never hurts to have open and honest Discussions we must have an open mind when we do so.

Again I thank you for some intresting reading/viewing material but in the end my mind remains unchanged.


jojo74 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-13)
Watch the 5 part series

MEDITATION - The path to deception


Its abit old and cheesy but SPOT ON. ❤
jojo74 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-13)
This lady wanted an explanation on what she experienced, and I am offering her a Biblical one. Do not interfere with that message. Meditation is simply not a safe nor healthy practice. There are real mental and psychological dangers and of course spiritual dangers.

Yes the "battle of the bibles" is a very important issue and I believe I have being blessed with many credible sources. I understand language changes, meanings of word change, but we still have fail safe methods of finding truth. That woe has not come to pass yet. I judge the authenticity by its fruits.

There are many resources that have supported the claim that the KJV has come from the correct source. Apologetics such as Dr. Peter Ruckman has protected all presumptive errors in the KJV. Others such as Prof. Walker Veith have detailed seminars comparing the origin of the bibles, and comparing scripture. These findings are quite disturbing. Cosmic Codes by Chuck Missler is a great presentation, along with his 'Learn the Bible in 24 hours". His power point presentation explores the claim that Man was not the author of the bible, only the vehicle for God's word to be penned on paper. Some of his Topics include: Extraterrestrial Communication, Hidden Codes in the Bible, The "Bible Codes" - Real or Imaginary?, Microcodes: Jots and Tittles, Macrocodes: Strategic Structure, and Meta-codes. There is also an abundance of scientific discoveries simply not known to Man at the time the Bible was written.

But the most important evidence is prophecy, which provides the most powerful evidence which validate that our Holy Bible was written outside of our space time domain by an extraterrestrial source. In Old Testament times there were men known as prophets who declared or spoke forth God's word. These prophets were "mouthpieces" of God with personalities similar to ours, and they would get a Word from the Lord and speak it out using their own personalities, and the message spoken out or written was the very word of God. Therefore it says:

2 Peter 1:20
"knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."

According to J. Barton Payne, Encyclopaedia of Biblical Prophecy, there are: 8,362 predictive verses, on 1,817 predictions, regarding 737 separate matters concerning prophecy.

The Tenach was completed approximately 400 BC. These Hebrew scriptures were translated into Greek by 270 BC, known as the Septuagint version. Comparing the original Hebrew texts with the Septuagint version (with the KJV) validates that the 300+ prophecies detailing the Coming Messiah were written before his arrival.

We also have Daniel the prophet laying down 400 years of history which simply cannot be rebuted. St John also revealing Man would fall under 1260 prophetic years of inquisition known as the "Dark Ages", all revealed in Revelation. Not to mention the rise of the anti-Christ, which is just around the corner. Just amazing.

I just have too many sources to quote from. I believe I have found justification and if you are truly keen and genuine about learning God's word, then He will show you the evidence. My hardest challenge has being to adopt Christianity into my heart, rather just on paper. That was really the easy part.

God Bless
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-13)

I am glad you have been a diligent student of scripture for 5 years. I am very curious about this comment of yours...

"In fact it is the only book that shows an abundance of evidence that it came from a source outside of our time."

I can agree that many of the Biblical tales have been validated by Science and Archeology but 'ample evidence that it came from a source 'outside' of our time?' Which evidence do you refer to?

You are correct the King James version is the first English translation from the Greek and the Greek was translated from the orignal Hebrew and Aramaic, which tells us that it is either the 3rd or 4th translation by man and therefor subject to error during each translation... Then there is the fact that not all 'scripture' is contained in the Old and New Testaments as we have come to know them. Sometime during the 4th Century (Council of Carthage in 397 and 419 in particular) seems the most likly time that the books in the Bible were established. But there are writings that come from the Time of Christ, or at least relate tales concernng him that are not part of Biblical Canon... The Dead Sea Scrolls are a good example of these... So to say that the King James version is the end all and be all of Scripture... I have to refute that.

The King JAMES version is subject to misunderstood or poor translations and interpritation/influence by MEN. Now I do believe it contains many very good teachings. What an individual needs to do is step back and take a moment, take the time to read and understand that while the lessons it contains are timeless the stories are told from the point of view of the people who wrote them and the time period they lived in. Please step back, don't let others put their thoughts and ideas in your head... Practice what the Book of Matthew (7:7-8) and the Book of Luke (11:9-10) teach us...

Matt 7:7-8 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

Luke 11:9-10 "And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

Please do not close your mind because an 'instructor/scholar/mentor' has told you...'Hey this is what these scriptures mean.' For if you do this then you have already closed the door to the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Read them with an open mind and heart, ask (Pray) for understanding and HE will provide it.


jojo74 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-13)
I have being studying Christianity for over 5 years now, and there is nothing "sketchy" about the Bible. It is the only "religion" which has being validated on every level; scientifically, prophetically, historically, archaeologically, clearly defines Man's origin and destination, and even in regards to one's salvation and purpose. In fact it is the only book that shows an abundance of evidence that it came from a source outside of our time. If you have any specific questions you are not sure about then feel free to ask.

Christians are well aware of what demons are and their origins. This experience posted is a prime example of the spiritual dangers people may face when meditating. This person was approached by a demon, and should be grateful she was not possessed. Stay away from this nonsense meditation, as it is simply Babylonian teachings. Through out the new testament we find Jesus and his disciples casting out demons from so many people. This information is shared so that people understand their true existence. Nothing sketchy about demons. Only your understanding of them.

If you want to stick with the physical dangers of meditation then read this article.

Becky666 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-12)
jojo74 - okay that post was just creepy okay and I am saying that as a creepy person I mean no offense but I find the whole idea of jesus/god just a little sketchy. Peace
jojo74 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-12)
I am confident the Christian Bible can offer you answers to your problem, and am referring to the King James Christian Bible, which was the first authorised English translation of the Greek version, not to be confused with Catholicism. I believe the KJV is derived from the correct source and there is an abundance of information supporting this battle of Bibles issue. I apologise up front if this information steps on your toes, to anyone who is catholic and anyone who loves to meditate into blissful spirit realms. I also have catholic friends who meditate, and I am often in disgust to hear about their "amazing" spiritual experiences which is leading them astray. I find myself praying for these people often.

The Christian Bible clearly reminds us to meditate to the word of God. This means when we meditate we are speaking directly to the Lord, with focus on what we are saying, with full consciousness, and work from scripture. We ask for Him forgiveness, we thank Him for our food and shelter, ask for His supreme protection, ask Him to intervene with our troubles, we ask Him to guide us to truth and knowledge, we testify to be a witness in His name, we meditate on His blessings and accept Him as our only saviour.

There is no room in this definition to meditate with the intend to dissociate yourself from your body in order to have a spiritual experience. This New Age spirit enlightenment teaching, to seek unique euphoric spiritual visions and emotions, is so dangerous and may cause people to be very vulnerable to demonic attacks, which is what you probably experienced.

Although there are many Catholic's who are very faithful, it is sad to learn that the inner catholic empire is not there to represent Christ. It is in fact a pantheistic corporation using Christian flavours to control the masses. This has nothing to do with the people, but the system. I sincerely believe being a catholic offers very little protection from demonic forces if you follow and believe their system, rather God's word and protection.

So unfortunately, your ritual attempts for protection and Catholic thinking should be a witness to you that there is something wrong there. The Bible teaches us that God permits evil upon those who are separated from Him. Your own understanding and relationship with Jesus can only protect you, and hopefully after reading this you will not meditate in your old ways.

I urge anyone who meditates to realise they are trespassing into spiritual realms without any protection and direction and are separating them selves further from God's word. The Bible teaches us to accept the Holy Spirit through adult baptism and allow it to help with our spiritual growth. We are not meant to experience this journey alone.

I urge you to watch this testimony by Prof. Walter Veith


He reveals some important aspects and demonic experiences he faced, exploring why the catholic church was very poorly equipped to handle his son's possession by some demonic force in his home. The only thing that helped was his knowledge of Jesus.

Another thing I wish to add, a living Man can not communicate to the dead. This was forbidden in the days of Mosses, and simply because God does not was his children speaking with daemons masquerading as dead ancestors. Do not be fooled my daemons, they have knowledge and ways to convince the living. Trust the word of God.

I pray in the name of Jesus
lightstep (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-17)
I have started to go back into meditation, and to go past fears to live on love, is meditation safe? I think so as long as you know the power of love, light is greater, that you are stronger have positive focus ❤
This book wonderful love message

This group
LOA group

This doctor, like a Law of attraction doctor


Helps me a lot to realise we are the power, we attract what we focus our mind on, to appreciate each new day to bring good in your life. Sorry about my early message was fear based, fear does not help you move on in life:/ Theres so many inspiring people in our life so look to the good side & bring joy into life.
lightstep (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-29)
Hi alw, just joined this site to reply to your meditation, I was looking up to do meditation again, then I found scary meditation
Then read yours after and am convinced not to meditate, just to dangerous. The link above may be helpful, thanks for sharing your experience ❤
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-18)
Astral voyaging really isn't my bag but Anne posted a link at the start of these replies which you should spend some time investigating.
I know people often talk about a buzzing noise and a " zing " or something before they leave their bodies, but as I said there will be more information on the astral site. S

Just Learning.
Its happening so much to so many lately I feel because people are beginning to realise how inadequate " the system " really is in which we live and are beginning to look inside themselves for some kind of alternative answers. The fact that they have eventually begun to discover what actually lies within them is perpetually self encouraging and makes them endeavour to discover/ remember more.
These are fascinating times and it really is surprising what you already know, there lies only a few memories between them (the memories of your already knowledge) and you.
God, why do I always sound like a raving loon when I try to explain that theory?
Lin x 😆
alw (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)

I don't know about the tapping sound, but when I heard the voice I talked about in the original post, it had a different quality to it - it was like there was this buzzing background noise when the voice "broke through." But I usually get my visions before I go to sleep. I know they're not dreams, because these visions just pop into my head. I've also had these visions on the rare occasion where I get a chance to sit down during the day and be still. So I think the reason that your voices, and my visions, come through at night before sleep is because it's the one time of day where you're still enough to receive them. If you have the opportunity, try to set aside some time during the day where you can sit undisturbed and empty your mind of clutter (i.e., to-do lists, songs that are stuck in your head).
jpsmart59 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
I seem to be able to hear spirit voices as I hear a man's and a woman's voice at night. It is has been happening a number of years. But they seem to bother me while I am about to go to sleep and I hear a small tapping sound near my ears. Why do I hear this sound? I have not found the answer to this one. If anyone knows, then tell me. Sometimes I wonder if I am imaging things but I don't think I am.
JustLearning (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-12)
alw I posted on "Out of Body Experience." It's happened to me a long time. I use to tell myself, always, it was imagination. Then they got clearer and sometimes to future events. That's when I had to face the fact that I was really leaving my body. Odd as it is. A blue light? I've gone to stars with people there. A red planet once, above it a little. The stars were bright, blue maybe. Not sure. I go often to modes of travel often, trains, planes, and automobiles. Not so much cars. It's odd. It's real, at least for me. My question is why it is happening so much to so many.
alw (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-12)
It's only been a few days since I asked, but I'm really hoping someone could answer my questions about astral traveling/OBE. Is that what I'm doing when I feel like I'm traveling/flying through a white light (I've never necessarily felt like I separated from my body, yet I still feel like I'm going somewhere)? What I'm really curious about is the amazing blue light that I saw - has anyone else ever seen anything like this, and does anyone know what it is/what it means? I've never had anyone I could talk to about these things, and I would really appreciate it if someone could talk to me about it. Thanks!
alw (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-09)
Academlyin, I'm so grateful for your comment about my being in control. Remembering this has really helped me to control the fear I've felt since this experience. Oracle 101 also had a good point - I thought the same thing yesterday, that perhaps I had seen these things for a reason, that I need to confront and control my fear. When I had this experience, I remembered that I'd also seen these things as a little girl - I think that's why it was so particularly terrifying for me, because it was certainly terrifying as a little girl. Perhaps I need to come to terms with this and other things that have caused me fear in my life. Last night, when I felt this sinister presence, I said in my mind "No, I'm in control, you're not welcome here." I had to do this repeatedly, but I had the most peaceful night of sleep last night that I've had in a long time.

Since it seems like I do some astral traveling (is that the right term?), I'm hoping I could ask a few questions. I don't ever recall going to other houses, planets, or any other physical place. Rather, I usually feel like I'm "flying" through some bright light - it's an extremely blissful, euphoric experience. Often, images will come out (I can't think of how to explain this, but maybe someone will know what I mean). I've also recalled what seem to be past lives - in one instance, I "traveled" and was a different me, if that makes any sense. There was one experience that was intriguing but puzzling. I was meditating by doing deep breathing. For a moment, everything went blank and then I saw what I can only describe as a pulsing blue light of amazing intensity - it's a very inadequate description, but that's the only way I can think of to describe it. I know I'm going off topic a little here, but I've never met anyone who's had any experience with this, so I'm really curious as to whether anyone else has experienced this and knows what it is.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-09)
alw, yes it is important to be protected but occasionally the dark entities are so strong (and possibly more experienced than you) that they can still break through your protective shield. Your Guides will allow this from time to time if they feel it will educate you in some way.

Twins have a natural ability to be intuned to each other's thoughts and feelings. This might be the reason why after you gave birth to twin sons your sensitive abilities increased.

❤ Oracle ❤
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-08)
Anne and Edmund are always correct, and incredibly astute posters here.
The oly other thing I would suggest is that you " shut yourself down " at the end of your meditation. Ie; visualise your chakras closing up (apparantly all except the heart chakra as this mean you are still able to live issuing and receiving unconditional love) and wrap yourself in protection (either your white light, I use a purple cloak) before you exit the meditative state, this will make sure that whomever you have encountered during your meditation stays there and doesn't follow you back to reality.
During your meditation YOU are in control. If you encounter something/ someone you don't like, don't feed them with your fear, change the situation or meeting.
See you on the flip
Lin x
Ps. Heamatite should ground you next time you meditate if you don't want to " go so high "
alw (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-07)
Thank you so much for the feedback. It helps me to feel like I'm not alone, and I really appreciate the suggestions on brief meditation. Anne V, I will definitely check out your website.
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-07)
alw... What I found out to be true for me and a few of the gifted people that I know is when you have the capacity to do great things with your spiritual gifts you are bothered greatly by dark entity's... To me it seems that they reconize your abilities and want to use them and you to get the power that they need to do even more evil. So what I have seen some people do is to strengthen their faith by pratical applications of helping people or animals be it kind words or encouragement or even teaching the young... At the same time they immeresed themselves in prayer... And practiced what I call meditation light... They set a timer and only meditated for brief minutes... All the while surronding themselves with light and building on the experiences and sort of gaining enough power to deal with the evil entities. It is a lifetime journey...
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-07)
I love this site because I always learn so much. Thank you to Anne V for the posting above about alw's story. It confirms much of what I myself believe and I think I learned something from it
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-01-07)
This is a very difficult and complex issue to discuss with people. I've said this over and over but the message always gets buried in these archives but we can't lock out entities in the subtle realms. There are so many and with so many levels of vibration that it's hard to peg them all.

You can lock your door but you can't lock yourself up from the subtle realms. My other site ( talks about these entities and what we can do about them. First, you must remember that you're in pretty much the rock bottom plane of existence (the physical). This is a very low vibrating plane and the next one up holds many of the negative energies we unfortunately encounter when we enter an altered state of consciousness.

Hell is a low vibrating plane of existence. Heaven is a high vibrating plane of existence. Labels aside, the goal for any religion is to live a good, positive life, which in turn, changes your frequencies so that when you die, you migrate to a higher plane-- heaven. The "bad" people of this physical plane -- the killers rapists, etc. - are most often the demons you refer to. They will dwell in the lower planes and just as when they were living, will try and prey on humans. Nothing changes when you die. Predators remain predators.

Anyway, fear is a highly negative emotion so unbeknownst to you you're actually attractive the very beings you're running from. If you want to counter them, then remain positive, work on not feeling the fear emotion and ultimately, when you see them, send them love, not hate. Of course, we're talking true mastery and a very developed soul. If you can't see yourself pulling this off, then you might want to stick to lucid praying and not deep meditation.

I had to go through the same thing as you. Eventually you will confront your fear, know you aren't going to get hurt, and take your skills and experience to a much higher level.

Evil (or as I prefer to call it - negative energies or entities) always crumble under Christ-like love. Do you think He would have been afraid? If you believe the Bible then he confronted evil all the time and still hung in there. Lofty goals but as He himself said, "Ye are Gods" and are a microcosm of him. It's within all of us to achieve this Christ, Buddha, Zen state (pick your religion, it's all the same).


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