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Psychic And An Empath


One day I was just curious about being psychic and at first I thought it was just like seeing the future. I've always thought I had some type of power. I am an empath psychic. And I think the thing that's called ESP? When you guess things very well. I do that a lot. I even joke about it with my friends at school and they say, "Okay, I'm guessing a number 1-10" and I guess the number right every time except when I give up. That's the thing I discovered lately. They think I'm psychic or something.

I've been an empath my whole life. When I was younger, I always thought that I could feel spirits, and could sense when someone is trying to cause trouble, and I always could feel what others could feel and I still can and its annoying sometimes because I feel like I'm invading their privacy.

One experience of when I could sense trouble is one night, my family and I went to my grandmother's house for a family gathering. It was in the night and slightly windy. When we reached her porch and rang the doorbell, a lot of wind blew, and I mean ALOT. Then the porch light started flickering and the hair on the back of my neck went up. I joked saying that the devil was here. My family gave a giggle. But later that night, my uncle was being a real jerk, getting drunk and making rude comments. Then my dad said he had a spirit on him.

Another example of feeling spirits is when I was over at my friend's house and we were in the basement. I had this heavy feeling that a spirit was there and I wanted to scare her just for fun. I didn't think it was a bad spirit. So I said, "There's a spirit in here", and stared into nothing like I was dazed. She said, "Omg, don't do that." But I was serious. I took a lucky guess and said, "It's your uncle." She was like oh my gosh your scaring me because he died this year and he used to live in the room next to where we were. She was his favorite niece. She said that at his funeral, she saw him across the street waving to her.

Later that night when we couldn't sleep, we were hearing things and we all heard her mom yell [her cousin came over]. We went to her room to see what happened, and she was sound asleep. She never talks in her sleep either. We ran to the room.

Anyway, there's many, many more stories I have, but this is all I can think of now.

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