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Was Dreaming Now Experiencing Reality


I wrote to this website earlier of experiences that I had my entire life because I was confused as to what was going on. I am now having new experiences, and I am terrified by what I am experiencing. I had a dream within the last month that absolutely terrified me. I was standing in the country with an unknown old man in the mountains along the highway (I live in a rural area at the moment while away at school) and we were staring at the sky and all of the sudden there were 3 glowing lights that came closer and closer. As I stared with awe and curiosity, I saw that they were burning boulders. The detail of these rocks were intense. It reminded me of lava in a volcano with an imperfect halo of blue. I woke up before the three boulders struck the earth in a cold sweat crying and terrified.

After this, I was laying in bed one night with my ceiling fan on, but I had the light turned off (there is a chain for each that can allow you to leave the wall power switch on but choose to have the light, fan or both on at the same time). I had the fan on because I was hot and I was laying there completely relaxed and heard a click and the light turned on, on its own. My bedroom door was locked and no one else was present in the room.

After that, I experienced nothing for awhile until last Thursday. I was feeling sick and laying in my bed watching the news about the plane crash in the Hudson River that had just happened and all of the sudden I heard LOUD and aggressive knocking on my door. It was so forceful that the clothing and my purse that were hanging on rods on the back of my door started swinging. I have roommates who I thought I had possibly heard upstairs above me, but I laid there because the aggressive knocking scared me. I didn't see feet or shadows under my door either which I can see when someone is outside of my door. I finally left my room and called my roommates names and got no answer. My front and back doors were still locked and no one's cars were here. They both confirmed that they had not been there.

I recently researched the history of the farm my parents live on, that I was raised on, and that I will go back to in May when I graduate college. There are two unknown graves adjacent to my house as well as an area that consists of family graves from the mid 1800s. The two unknown graves possibly belong to a mother and son who were slaves of the family. There were also Native American artifacts found on my farm dating back to 7922 BC. I am wondering (to anyone has read my previous story) if this could affect me, or if that I was born this way and the activity triggered this or something? I don't know anything about spirits or mediums.

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nkbrow01 (2 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-29)
I have taken the advice from oracle and attempted contact. The whole situation is so unfamiliar to me that I am trying to take it slowly. These things all happened after I attempted contact. I haven't tried much though because I am completely unexperienced in this area and do not know what to expect. A couple of nights ago I woke up and thought I saw a man in my closet (I know, sounds like a kid saying there is a monster in my closet) and I immediatly and yelled at him demanding that he leave when I saw the figure before I could even think about it. It used to scare me, and still does at times, but it made me kind of annoyed for some reason. Then I became embarassed because I thought I heard one of my roomates walking around, and I probably sounded crazy yelling at nothing in my room haha.

Back to the asteroids... You are right, it was the colouring that had me frightened because it seemed so realistic and I was so surprised how detailed it seemed. I could have never imagined that in my mind and am puzzled as to how I dreamed it up. The old man was calm. There was no hysteria, just curiousity.
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-23)
nkbrow01... Well several things to consider... The rapping on the door and the fan /light thing is related to the dream. The dream was so powerful that it shifted your conciousness and spirits that normally would not bother you will do so now. You have a farm that is target rich for some activity and probably will experience a little more than usual when you go back home. I don't think at this time the dream means that asteroids will hit the earth like in your dream I kind of think the old guy showed you this to shift your conciousness to communicate some type of evil.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-23)
Hello nk,

I don't think the boulders which you saw coming to earth were meant to be frightening. I realise the dream must have been of that notion as you say you were terrified when you woke up, but I think you were being shown either a symbolic drawing in of (after reading your last post and presuming that you have attempted to contact your guides with the advice which Oracle gave you) your main three guides.
Or perhaps it's an indication that there are three (now) spirit entities which you were once very close to here on earth and the "awakening" you have experienced lately is making them able to reach you more easily.

The reason I don't see these boulders as a warning of some kind of significant imminent disaster (which I am presuming is what you feel from it) is a) because of the presence of the old man and b) the colour of the boulders. (the colour thing is complete gut feeling here, so if you could elaborate I may be able to explain this further.)

It is clear that the other incidents are signs of somebody trying to contact you.

Have you made contact with any of your guides yet, if so do you know what they/he/she are here to help you with? Again if you can elaborate on this I should be able to help you further.


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