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Am I Psychic Or Am I Just Going Crazy?


My name is Erika. The reason I'm typing this is because I want to know if I'm psychic. Sometimes I think I might have an ability but sometimes I think I don't because nothing happens a lot like some of your stories.

When I was small I used to get these feelings. I felt like if something good or bad was going to happened and depending on what I felt happened. I don't get them often any more. Another thing that happened to is that when I go to some places I get this feeling like if something is by me when there's nothing. I don't get those feelings everywhere but I do get them and a lot. Also ones I was cleaning and I crashed into something or someone, I don't know. When I crashed I was mad because I thought it was my brother and curse. Then I moved to the side and kept on cleaning. In like two seconds I had a feeling that told me to turn around. I did and when I did there was no one. My mom was cleaning with me. I went and asked her if someone came. She said no. So I told her if she crashed into me. She also said no. I got really scared and I'm still scared because up to now I still don't know what I crashed into.

The thing that got me thinking the most is that one day when I was small my mom took me to my aunt's house so she could baby-sit me. My mom took me there like at 6 pm so my aunt told me to sleep in the couch. I went to the couch to sleep but couldn't. When out of sudden I hear a voice. It was like a sweet voice. It called my name and said to help her/him/them. At first I thought it was my cousin but the voice that called me was different from my cousin's voice.

If you think I'm psychic or have an ability can you please answer the following questions.

1. What's my ability (s)?

2. How can I improve it?

3. Any other advice that you think I will need.

If you think I'm not psychic or have an ability can you tell me why these things happen to me.

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bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-26)
to Everyone,

Can anyone help me find weirdo101. Weirdo101 is very scared and alone, I really want to help, but I can't do that if weirdo101 doesn't email me. I will not stop until I have found him/her. If you find weirdo101, ask him/her to email me at ravengirl_90 [at]

I feel like he/she needs me,
dundypeepstrafficcones (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)
I get these vibes as well. Telepathy, Crystalline, and a death psychic. When I meet someone for the first time, its like I already know where they come from, if they are good, bad, or good with a lot bad things happen to. Whenever I was in school, I could always tell what people were feeling even the teachers. Sometimes around certian people, I get stronger vibes like something is going to happen to them.

I got the same thing as you did. A flame over my head, something on my shoulder, and then says " go to them, save them.". Its not happy or sad or angry, its just not a human emotion. One time when I was 16 the vibe was so strong that when my guitar teacher walked into the room, it was just us. I asked," somoneone died... Someone in your family... Was it your sister?" he looked hard at me, and he couldn't speak.

I can also sense when someone is at the door, when the tv is on mute I can still hear it, if I am in the dark and someone else is in the room (or entire house) immobile, I can sense them even in hiding.

Now that I am older I still get vibes all the time. Only time I get clariovoyance is something bad is about to happen. I also have massive dreams, endless, really long, and I remember them.

You share some part of my abilities.
I am crystalline instead of psychic though because blue/peircing eyes, pure soul, and some pyschic abilities.
sapphire120 (4 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-19)
oops I forgot to write one thing ummm... In my whole life I had a dream and camed true and also I had a strong feeling an started thinking about it and thopught about one thing and what I thought I felt came true!
Tiffany006 (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-19)
Everyone has an ability, its just if they are willing to embrace it that makes a difference. It sound to me as someone is trying to just make contact with you. Nothing to be scared of, they just need your help. To hear them meditate, ask your spirit guide before hand to bring the message to you. This way it's a message you can trust and your not dealing with a spirit you don't know.

To improve it keep meditating and really listen to yourself. Your mind, body, snd soul all work together. Trust your impressions.

Good luck with your journey!

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