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Premonition I Don't Want To Come True


As most psychics get premonitions, I do too. They usually come true within the next few weeks.

Anyway, I've been having these dreams lately that I'm doing everything I can to prevent from coming true. Have you ever had a dream that something bad happens to someone you care about? I'm sure everyone has. Well I've been having recurring dreams about a situation like that lately.

The first time this occurred was when I was dreaming that my high school was transferred to a catholic school. My best friend decided to pull a prank and after that he was caught and sent to the principal's office. His sentence was for him to be sent away in 3 days (I don't know where). The day he was leaving I remember finding him and crying as I was hugging him. I told him he was my best friend and he said he loved me and kissed me (not the important part). But he was leaving.

The second dream was he was moving to Glouscester County and didn't tell me. All of my friends were saying goodbye to him and finally one of them told me he was leaving, moving away and we'd never see him again.

The third dream he was going away and I had no way of contacting him. I threw a fit and tried to prevent him from going away. On AOL Instant Messenger, his away message said "psycic" (purposely misspelled).

The others are very brusque and I am not really able to remember them.

In easier words, the dreams were of him leaving, moving, just going away. Forever.

My question is, if the dreams are recurring, does that mean they'll come true?

If I can get answers I'd be so thankful because I don't want anything to happen. Thank you for your time.

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pandalady (1 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-30)
Mate, I have dreams like you, and good or bad, if you dream it more than once like me, 50/50 of time it will happen.
Don't dwell on it too much, might not happen.
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)

Two words - karmic liability. People design lifepaths for themselves before birth detailing who they're going to meet, when. Who they're going to say goodbye to, when. It's a very harsh law, especially if you don't understand these things. Seems, right now, you don't.

You get these precognitions, that's wonderful. You get a chance to achieve closure inside before it happens. You can try to stop things, you might even succeed, but it will be bad for you if you do and it will be bad for the other person, because that's not how you planned things to go. And the person's Spirit (higher self might be a term you're more familiar with) will keep on trying to draw the person back onto the path that person should be on.

I lost over a decade of my lifepath because I was sent to boarding school - my behaviour was not in that narrow cookie cutter shape of 'normality', it was thought I had 'problems' when in fact I was just had a very developed Spirit that just didn't 'get it' in a lot of cases. Didn't understand bullying, didn't get social dynamics in a lot of cases, because I'd gone past that stage of development a long time ago. I'm okay now, back on my lifepath now, but it' not nice being forced from it. Bear this in mind!
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-19)
Thank you PsychicHecate.

Well my best friend and I did have a huge fight and he didn't want to hear my side of the story, he wanted to forget we've ever met, etc. (typical teen drama).

I've come to realize that in the dreams, him leaving was like him leaving our friendship, and me trying to stop him with no luck was like me trying to talk to him and he didn't want to hear it.

He knew these dreams were coming true because I told him. We're better now, but I really feel like those dreams put me to the test; maybe to see how hard I'd try to not lose him or something.

But thank you very much for the advice. 😊

Taylor ❤
PsychicHecate (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-17)
If you've had dreams that have had things happen before then what you have is precognition. The more you have of one particular dream, is usually a sign of the more likely hood of a possibility of a situation happening more than any other.

If it is not your life that you are dreaming about then it is not your place in my personal and professional opinion for you to interfere in another's life path that is overstepping your reason for being here.

It doesn't matter whether it's friend or family, you have to let people make the right decisions for themselves. You can't make up your mind to interfere directly unless your meant too.

In this instance if all your efforts don't seem to be working on this person to stop them from the situation, then you need to realise that their is such a thing as fate and destiny and that this may just be the path that this person's life is meant to go.

You should never use the psychic gifts you are given to give you an advantage over others in your life, that is wrong in my personal opinion. Sorry if I seem too blunt or harsh but I believe in giving the straight up truth to people no matter what.:)

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