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Empath Experience In My House


Since I was approximately eight years old I have experienced strange things, and to this day I am unsure if it's a spirit/ghost, me, or a combination there of. I have dreamt of things to come and the most recent being November of 2008. I had asked my fiancé to drive me home because I chose to partake in a few beverages with coworkers after work. Approximately two miles from home we were struck by a vehicle which resulted in my car being totaled. The occupants of both vehicles sustained minor injuries, but I had dreamt of the accident prior to it occurring.

A truly notable one was the first time I kissed my fiancé. Let me just say that prior to meeting him I never planned on marriage, children, or occupying a home with any other human being. Our first kiss which may sound a bit cheesy sent shock waves through my body upon contact. I felt overwhelmed with emotion and saw a home, a child, marriage, and death. It's needless to say I didn't talk to him for approximately six months post kiss. He is the only one I have felt this intensely with and when it comes to people in general I typically make it a rule to avoid contact because I don't like the feeling I get from most of them. Most people feel of deception, deceit, foul, and dishonesty. There have been very few people whom feel warm, or any other happy word.

As a child and to this day I have felt the presence of something around me. As a child I was not bothered by it and felt as if it meant no harm, but today what I feel is different. I don't know if this something I used to feel got transferred elsewhere or if it's a new thing. Nowadays I feel uneasy, I smell things that nobody in the house can smell. Often the smell is so intense that I vomit or need to leave the house. The smell appears to be centered in the stairwell between the first and second floors. This place is also where I feel a presence or see a shadowy figure. The smell can best be described as rotting flesh, or rotten potatoes (I've worked around bodies, and rotten potatoes in my personal opinion are as close as you can get to death).

While sitting on the couch with my fiancé and attempting to explain it, it sounded as if someone was stomping across the second floor heading toward the stairs. I immediately started to shake and demand that we leave the house; we stepped outside and sat on the front porch until my feeling went away. Although I do feel uneasy around this entity or whatever it may be it has not attempted to harm me physically. One day prior to work I was in the shower with the radio on an old rock station. As the station began to crackle I saw this shadowy figure move passed the shower. The station continued to crackle and I stated aloud "If you don't like what's on change it". The station didn't change but the crackle stopped...

If you guys wouldn't mind please provide me with some feedback as to what may be occurring around me.



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PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-12)
Speedbump, sounds as if you are answering your own question? Smells like rotten potatoes:dead! For you stated that you worked around deceased. The dead plus the creaking floors can scare us and make our minds go hey wire. I my own episode this week while staying 2 nights in a haunted Castle with a load of dead, only there was knocking on the walls and doors slaming. The trick is to remember they are just people without a body. Some have unresolved things to say. Some need healing because at the point of death there was fear/pain/guilt, some are very angry and they did not separate from their body in a proper manner. Its just my opinion you have a hitch hiker that feels bad/angry, giving off neg vibes that feel dark. He could use help crossing over. Bless

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