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Weird Weather


My story is about controlling weather.

I am 16 years old and live in Melbourne.

I'll start a bit earlier.

All while I was growing up, I've always felt weird presences around my house, and hear weird noises, but I dismissed it as nothing. But it got to me after a while, so after thinking through of what it could be, eventually I started thinking that it was a ghost, so when my best friend came over (she is a psychic) she could see a little girl standing in my hallway. Well, that was basically the start of it.

After that, I was much more into paranormal things, like ghosts and psychics. I eventually got to the thought that everyone has some kind of psychic ability to some degree, and I was curious as to what mine was. I started asking my best friend if she noticed anything about me that fitted that description, and she said to me that whenever I get angry the wind starts to blow around really hard. I was very intrigued by this, so I started to try and notice weather patterns and if they had anything to do with me at that moment. And it was true! When I got angry, the wind picked up, and when I was happy it was always bright and sunny. I started to practice these things, focusing it off my emotions and trying to decide when the weather would change. Eventually I could decide when the weather would change, and for an example I will tell you my most recent experience.

Just yesterday, it was raining really hard while I was in the last class of the day at school, and it started hailing outside and I could hear thunder. Well, my best friend is horrified of thunder, so every time it sounded off she jumped, and she told me she was afraid of going home in this weather. So I concentrated, thinking to myself that it would stop hailing. And about 5 minutes after the final bell went the rain cleared up and the clouds started parting.

I have been practicing a lot, and it has taken me a while to do stuff like this, but the weather is still tied very strongly to my emotions, so even if I'm still depressed or something, dark storm clouds start gathering overhead and thunder starts cracking, even if I try to get it to stop.

Anyways, that's basically it. I think my power is one to control wind and storms, seeing as I've tried fire on gas stoves and matches and also tap water and the plants in my front garden, but nothing else seems to have much effect. Only my closest friends know this stuff, as if I told anyone else they either wouldn't believe me or would kick me out of their life. My friends are still my friends, but they are always wary of the mood that I am in, which makes me laugh every time. Anyways, I just felt like sharing, and if you had any similar experiences I would love to hear from you via email or comments, as I've yet to meet anyone else that has power of the same caliber. Good luck with your psychic endeavors!

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bluebubbledlight (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-28)
I myself to me it seems as though the weather DOES go wit my emotions like at like 2 in the morning it was raining a little ok right? Well then like a half hour later I was mad and sad like REALLY mad then out of no where it started STORMING like really bad then next thing I know I get over that feeling look outside and the storm stops but its still raining but only a small bit. Is this anything strange? Because I'm not quite sure
aero_mind (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-25)
typeo: I ment psychic* not physic... But yeah my aunt haves a thing that she knows what people are gona do, or what's gona happen to people... So yea... It may run in the family
aero_mind (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-25)
i THINK I control weather too... When I want it to rain, it rains... When I have a intents thought, the wind around meh blows hard... And if its a sunny sky and I want clouds, clouds come... I don't like messing with it... I get scared... But I think, I'm not 100% sure... But like a hour ago I was listening to a song that made meh feel something, and it started to thunder and rain... And my dad says he's family is physic... When I was young I would have dreams of the future... And when I was older I got di-ja-vu like every day... I don't kno, I need help... I'm new to this...
ohlala_lola (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-13)
i can do that with wind but that's about it... I always though that it was just noting unti lately now its just wierd
trilmil (7 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-08)
i can control the wind and move clouds with the wind. I found out because I was getting mad and acting like I could control the elements and when I got to wind a bunch of mulch and sand flew all around me and at me. It hurt badly but now I can control the wind much better!
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-08)
Hello icy depth.We share some things in common.Please read my story about controlling the weather and I would glad to read your comment and reaction.Yes I think it is possible to control the weather based on our emotion.Some people say that mixing together with the four elements can somehow control the rain,electricity etc.Someone here on this site called it atmokinesis good day 😊 😉 ❤

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