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Can 2 Persons Have The Same Dream And Get Wounded?


It happened last weekend. Due to the typhoon we were not able to go out to have some fun. I just told my friends to have a movie marathon. Then by 1:00 am we decided to sleep. Since my friend's room is a studio type, all of us guys slept on the floor while the girls slept on the bed.

It started when we're all sleeping. There is only one part that I can remember in this dream. Me, and my girlfriend Mirage and my friend Tuscany were on the stairs, and trying to escape something. When reached the rooftop. There is a chopper on the helipad. Mirage said "Hurry up before it reaches us!". She took the pilot's seat and started to operate the chopper. Suddenly we heard a noise like something heavy fell on the ground and the chopper's engine halted. I looked outside and I was shocked to see that the chopper's tail has been ripped off. I immediately told them to get out. We ran away from the chopper, we don't what happened but the chopper explodes. The explosion is so strong and some shards flew towards us. All of us are lying on floor, wounded...

I can no longer remember the next part. When my friends wake up in the morning, they noticed that me and Mirage are still asleep. That's weird because the two of us usually wakes up an hour before they do. When the two of wake up, Mirage suddenly hugged me so tight and she was crying. "I thought I lost you!" she said with a stuttered voice. I am confused with what she said. It took me some time to realize what she means. She then looked at my leg, I don't know how that happened but there is cut in my leg. I asked her "What's your dream last night?" "Something about a chopper and an alien, why?'" "Then the chopper explodes when we are running away from it." I added. "H-How did you know that?" she asked me. "That's my dream last night." I replied. We looked at each other very confused with what happened. Until now we still can't figure out how those things happened.

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Earth_Fire_Water_Air (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-10)
your connecting with another person. Its very dangerous because if you keep it up, you may die like I nearly did. I was drowning in my dream with my best friend, when I went to school, I asked "what did you have a dream of?" he had the same nightmare as me. Its a very easy way of dieing especially if there's a guy with a gun involved. Maybe you should focus on your energy, not hers. 😁
MytaWolfChild (7 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-10)
Personally I think maybe this person is your "soul sister" in a way. A couple times I've had the same dream as a friend of mine, and we're very close, to the point that we almost always know what the other is going to say next.
It's kind of like a soul mate, except friend wise. Sometimes I think that this person may have shown up in your past life and will in your next lives, because your souls are intertwined.
HalfMoonX5 (42 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-08)
It could be that you are both starting to develop your psychic skills. Me and my friend have the same dreams all the time. I think you have a very strong connection with your girlfriend, its rare to find it with someone. With this same friend thatI share my dreams with, its like I don't have to ask him which way he's going to go, or to come over to where I am, I just knows, and he just knows. Its a very interesting thing.

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