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Can A Dream Affect Reality / Life?


I would like to share my experiences regarding my dreams. For the last 7 years I had experienced some vivid dreams that has a connection to each other. These dreams have some things in common: very gloomy sky (grey to dark grey clouds cover the sky), very minimal sunlight, colors are somewhat very pale especially vibrant colors, the colors black and white stands out wherever I look, and the dream starts with me flying over a place.

The first dream I had was on 2005. In this dream I was flying over a place then I was warped to another area and then to another. It happened around 20-30 times. The sky and the surrounding is very dark and covered with thick clouds, I thought it was night time but when I look at my watch the time is 2:20 PM. The entire place below me is on fire. Screams and cries are echoing in the entire place, my sense of touch started to feel the heat so I rushed towards the giant firewall (I mean literally it's a wall of streaming high speed flame in an updraft motion). I managed to pass through the flames with only a little pain and arrived at an unknown place. All I saw was a giant statue of an angel that looks like Archangel Michael. I tried to move forward but before I could even move, a creature appeared above me. It charged towards me, I can't move due to extreme fear. So I closed my eyes and luckily when I opened them I am back in my bed. That's when I start feeling weird. I can't be more specific with that feeling because I can't even describe it correctly. Regarding the creature that appeared in my dream, I can't describe it because I can't remember a single detail about how the creature looks like but the fear I felt is really extreme that it took me several days to recover from it.

Then second one was on 2006 when I was on my first year of college. I moved away from home in order to study at a high ranking university located in North City. In this dream I was inside a library together with a man. In one of the walls of the room I saw a map, deep inside me something is telling me that a certain place on the map is familiar to me. Even though the man is only a few steps away from me, I can't see his face. He started talking about something but I can't remember a single word except for some sentences. He said "Stay here in North City until 2013 it is for your own good." He gave me a folder with an exam paper inside. I carefully looked at them. It says "Midterm" and 90 on the "score". The handwritings are obviously mine. He then said "That's the result of the exam you're going to take tomorrow." Then during the exam I'm actually sweating profusely because the questions are the same from what I saw in the exam paper that the man in my dream gave me. The day after the exam our professor gave us the results. I actually fainted when I saw my exam paper. The score is 90. Exactly the same with the one in my dream.

Then last year 2011 I had the most vivid dreams. It was February when I had the third one. I was flying again. I looked behind and I saw an elegantly decorated sword, a machine gun and an assault rifle strapped in my backpack. And on my right hand I was carrying a heavy bag. After some time I reached a place that is somewhat familiar. Then I remembered the map that I saw in the library before in my other dream. My heart start to beat so fast so I decided to land. I'm sure I aimed for the vacant parking lot in the middle of the town but suddenly I found myself in the4 way intersection outside the town - near the town's entrance on the south. But before anything else I will describe what the place looks like based on an aerial view. The intersection where I'm standing is in the middle of the map, there are also a road sign. The town is located north, far to the west is a mountain range (the road sign says there's a mountain resort over there), to the east is a university (that's what is written on the road sign, but even though it is just a school it is very huge since the total land area covered by it is bigger than the town), to the south is some kind of ruined city. The atmosphere is very depressing just like how I described it in the first paragraph. The temperature is fairly low I think it's about 12 degrees Celsius. It is very quiet, I can even hear myself breathing.

I went south because my mind tells me to head there. Then when I arrived at the ruins, I was terribly shocked to see a giant statue of Archangel Michael (it was the same statue that I saw in my first dream), the same statue in my first dream. While walking towards the base of the statue, I heard a voice from a far telling me to go back. I didn't pay attention to what it said because I want to reach the base for no reason at all. As I approach the base, I can already see some writings written on the ground. But after taking another step, I found myself in the intersection again. This time I am being forced by my mind to go north, to the town. Upon entering I noticed that the building designs are something that I haven't seen before. But the possible closest match is the old buildings in England. I was growing tired of carrying the heavy bag and my backpack because it is becoming heavier every single step, so I decided to check what I am carrying all time. I opened the heavy bag first, it is full of ammunition of various caliber, then my backpack. Inside were several clothes and a laptop. So I left everything except for the sword. I brought the sword with me, I don't know why I brought it with me. People don't seem to notice my presence. Suddenly a voice calling my name came from behind. I wasn't able to turn around because my body was frozen stiff. I recognized the voice, it was from the same man who showed me the exam results in my dream before. He asked "Why are you here? How did you find this place?" I replied "I don't know". He then said in a very angry voice "You'll compromise everything. Leave immediately." Despite him telling me to leave, I don't know where to go so I proceeded to the north of the town where I found a traditional European stone house covered in thin moss. It started to rain very hard then a girl wearing a 15th century European dress around the age of 14 appeared out of nowhere and is walking towards the house. I followed her, until we're inside the house. Then she turn around, upon seeing her face I was speechless for a moment. She's so beautiful, her beauty is something like I've never seen before. She looked at me from head to toe and then stared at the sword that I was carrying. She started talking "Why are you here? Go back it's not yet time. Never enter this house again if it's not yet your turn. They will kill you if you insist on entering." She pushed me then the next thing I knew is that I'm back in my room. What actually puzzles me during that time is that my shirt is wet in the chest part where she pushed me, and I wasn't even sweating when I woke up.

The Fourth was on April 2011. I was flying over that town again. I aimed for the intersection as my landing spot but I found myself standing in front of that house from before and it started raining very hard again. My feet started moving on their own toward the house. The girl I saw last time is nowhere in sight. The door of the house is open so I entered. I searched every place of the house but I didn't found something unusual. Suddenly my body started moving on its own, it moved toward the backdoor. I tried to open it but before I could even lay my hands on the door knob, somebody stabbed from behind. I can't breathe during that time and I thought I'm going to die. The pain is really very realistic. I fell down on the floor, a moment later the girl appeared she covered my eyes with her hand. When I opened my eyes I'm back in my room and my shirt is wet where I was stabbed. 5 hours after waking up I had a fever, at first it's only mild but it went up to 40 degrees. It took me 3 days to fully recover because when my fever went down I became very weak. I can't even stand straight for 1 minute.

The fifth one was on May 2011. I found myself on the sidewalk of the busiest street of North City. In front of me is a convenience store. Beside its entrance is a stairwell leading to the offices on the upper floors. Then I saw the girl coming down from the stairs. After coming down, she stared at me and said "See? I already told you before". She vanished afterwards and I woke up after that. She must be referring to what happened in that house in my previous dream. Later on that day I went to the same place I saw in my dream. I'm curious, what is she doing in that place? After passing by the spot where she was standing in my dream, I felt very dizzy. I sat on the stairs and closed my eyes. Several minutes pass but the dizziness didn't go away. I decided to go back to my apartment to rest. The next day I went to the same place but I didn't saw anyone who look like that girl.

Last August 2011 I left North City because I'm running low on cash. I had my interviews on every possible company in the city but I wasn't hired. I had a competitive academic background since my average is A and I had attended numerous seminars, trainings, and workshops relative to the position I am applying for. I went back home. I told my parents that I will be staying at our house until I find a job.

Right after arriving at our house I felt something weird, like someone or something is watching me. On my first night back at our house, I had this dream, I was on that library again, the man and the girl are sitting right in front me across the table. Just like before I can't see the man's face. The man was the first one to speak "Why did you left North City? I told you before to stay there until 2013". Then the girl said "Your punishment is waiting for you". I had no clue what she was talking about. But something terrible happened on the following months. First was on October 2011, my favorite dog suddenly fell ill and died, it happened only in a day. Second was on November 2011, my aunt died from complications on her lungs. Third was on December 2011 my uncle died from a heart attack. Fourth was on January 2012 my other uncle died from multiple organ failure. Fifth and the most recent was March 2012, my mom and dad had a fight and they separated. My dad went back to their house while my mom stayed at our house since it was hers on the first place. They haven't talked to each other ever since. On my side, my application is always rejected every time I apply for a job. Right now I earn money by helping out at our grocery store.

I also had dreams before about the university and the mountains but I didn't find its meaning to be relevant to this topic so I didn't include it.

This post is a summary, so some things might be unclear to you so feel free to post a reply so I can give you more specific details. Well I still have questions in mind. Is reality connected to a dream? Can a dream affect reality/life? They are not just images that "entertain" you while sleeping, right?

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inipu333 (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-15)
I think its very obvious that your dreams are clearly affecting your reality. You have to understand that what happens within your dreams is serious, and can effect you in your material existence. If your dreams haven't convinced already I don't know what will. All I'm saying is we both know that you know that you need to get your butt back up to north city! What are you waiting for, also why the heck do you keep going in that house lol you are soooo stubborn and not a good listener:) go to north city and keep us posted! Goodluck 😊

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