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How To Read My Feelings


Not sure where to start. So first off... I get these feelings about people. As soon as I meet them, I know right away, whether they are bad for me or good for me. I know if I can trust them. Some say I am a good people reader but its more then that cause I find myself warning only CERTAIN friends of theirs to be cautious!? (it is rare I get involved in peoples business but I feel like I should tell them when I do feel negative things) I'm usually right either the person gets hurt emotionally if they don't stay away or they see what would have happened if they stayed in the friendship!

Secondly, some days I just get these feelings. For instance the other day I could not stop thinking about death, it was like weighing on me I even looked up a psychic to see if she could tell me if there was something bad happening. It was as soon as I woke up I felt this feelings then after about an hour I got a call that I needed to come home for a family emergency and there was a death.

- Another time I hadn't talked to an old guy friend in months and months one day I felt like I missed him a lot and I took one of my girl friends to this place that he would take me. While we were there. He called (this sort of thing happens all the time with him too).

- I also find myself having strong feelings about what will happen when things are up in the air and each side is equal! Or I talk about one side of it like "when it happens" or "this will happen" and then I'm right!

- I went to a psychic to get my cards read on my birthday and before I left he was telling me about how I can read what I am going to go through and he kept saying you KNOW this and then gave me all this info on courses to go to on how to read things!?

I don't what these feelings are and how to read them if they are real! Help!?

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lost-in-my-own-mind (8 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-26)
I get feelings too... And some visions... And I can't tell which are real and which are my imagination... It drives me insain... And most of the time I won't know ever because my visions are about people I have never even seen before... 😕
loveyou (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-26)
dear wonder123

Yes I do not control my feelings I can't pin point what to think about... It will just come to me one day... There is no choice in it at all...! Also are you finding it hard to tell the difference of what is REAL and what is not a REAL feeling cause when I feel something sometimes I wonder is this just a thought and an opinion or a sign!?
wonder123 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-25)
I have that feeling as well. Sometime I go against my judgement or feeling just to see why... Everytime I find out why at the end...
Most of the time I said to people I know that person is bad... They would ask me how do you know? I couldn't explain to my friend why... So everyone think I'm just jealous and wouldn't listen to me until something bad happen to them then they listen to me.
I used to help out in the ER and when I walk in ER I can tell if something bad about to happen or everything is ok.
I can tell by the lighting in the room change when bad thing happen. I'm not sure if other people see what I see. As soon as everything is back to normal the lighting in the room is back to normal.
I think this must be a sense that we have to tell us what is going on.

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