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Still Wondering About My Life


I really am not sure that I'm psychic or not.

Throughout my life, I've been wondering why I'm so different. I would see an image in my dream and within few days it happens just like in my dream. Everywhere I go I see people I never seen before, but in my mind I feel I have already know these people.

I can sense other people's energy. I can also sense when bad thing will happen as well. When I look at a person it feel like I can sense a person soul and know their feeling. So, most of the time I spend talking to people help them let go of their feeling.

I think over time I block out these energy because I really don't know what to do or how to handle all these thing.

I'm still trying to understand these things but it is really hard to understand this since I keep this as a secret to myself and no one in my family knows this.

I've been told that there is something interesting about by other psychic reader or other people who is psychic. Sometime I wonder why I'm here. There been many time that I came close to dying but still remain alive. There been time that I can hear voice and see ghost when I close my eyes I can sense the image of the spirit but can not see them. I can hear them and ghost have attack me before. It's hard for me to understand my life.

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