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Confused And In Pain Empath


Hey, I'm a 17 year young girl from Ky. I have this thing I can do and I want to know what it is. I can look into someones eyes or touch them a certain way and I can feel what they feel and sometimes see what causes the pain. I hate being able to do this. It's killing me. I get weak and so sick. If someone is feeling pain or suffering I have to run, run as far away from them as I can because it's double on me then what it is on them...WHY?

It's not fair. No one else in my family can do it and a lot of them think I'm going crazy or a witch. I've gotten in so much trouble at home and school because of this stupid curse. What is it and can I get rid of it?

I don't tell people cause I don't want to be made fun of or called a freak. Is there anyone that can help me? I need some advice or something. Please anyone. I can't live life in pain all the time.

I can't even look in my own fiance's eyes because of the pain he was inside. Yeah I can feel good things but my mind is attracted to the bad hurtful ones.

My life has been nothing but pain since I was 7. I want to look into my eyes or someones eyes and be able to see how beautiful they are instead of hiding all the time.

Why is this happening? Will it grow? Can my children get it? How did I get it? Will it stop? Can it be stopped? These are things

I need help with. Can someone help me? Please!

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-03)
Kaylene70, told you to call on the four angels, michael gabriel etc... What good is that, if you don't believe in the God that these angels serve...Jesus! Connect your life to him, pray and fast when you can, read the bible and psalms, and PRACTICE the bible, one day at a time. That way, all negative energy, which is darkness, that approaches you, will either be transformed into positive energy... Which is light, or will flee far from you! Can darkness effect the sun? No. So just connect to the spiritual sun, Jesus! He wasn't lying when He said: "I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME WILL NOT WALK IN DARKNESS!" HALELUJAH! See my PROPHILE for more info. Good luck!
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
There no making it go away. No amount of alcohol, drugs, self inflicted pain, or running away will ever make it stop, it will only become worse accualy. Because of the constant negativety in your life your ability to percieve negativety has been greatly inhanced. I'm 23, ever sence I can remember iv always been a person of high energy. When I was 12 I started to become depressed about things. "How much could a 12 year old possibly be depressed about?", is what people would say not realizing that I could feel their condescension and hate directed at me. I tried to kill myself when I was 14. I hated living. I started realizing that negative things were more likely to me than to others. Around the age of 16 I started being able to tell people things about themselves. My mom would always come and talk to me about things a mom should never tell their kid. She was supposed to be my support, not me be hers. In intelect I became very strong, but I had horrible social skills. Why would I want to be around a lot of people when I can see things about them I don't want to? Anyway, since then many very negative things have happened in my life and even now I marvel at why I never just ended it all some years ago. The grace of God carried me through and His word taught me how to cope with such great amounts of pain. I ask myself, "have I suffered more than Christ?". Obviously I haven't. I draw strength from Him. What I eventually have learned how to do is to separate from my negative thinking conscious mind and allow my subconscious mind to speak to me. I have read so much and have received so much advice from very smart people, iv forgotten the vast majority of it all but its all stored in my subconscious. Anyone can do this if I can. The human being is made up of 3 parts that are connected, mental, spiritual, and physical. Most of us are very unbalanced and our center of being rests mostly in one or two. The way you balance out is by using whichever one you aren't used to. I'm way out into the mental so to counterbalance myself I'll go play basketball or paint or sing. Another thing important to know is that all energy is either positive or negative. All human beings generate energy. It has been a very difficult thing for me to learn how to change my negative energy into positive. Using a negatively focused conscious mind I don't think its possible. Negative experience produces negative thought, negative thought produces negative beliefs. The sum of your beliefs builds your worldview. Negative worldview produces negative experience and the cycle begins again. Meditation helps alot, working out, running, and stretching helps alot. Pretty much anything that causes you to build self confidence and believe better about who you are (keywork believe). I'm an empath too by the way and it does get very hard. I have learned which types of people I can be around and which types I can't. My personal philosophy combines the psychic with the psychological. Its never good to only have a single support system, I build lots of them. If you want I can email you some advanced techniques I use. Water meditation is what I do, I made it up, its more a mindset or way of thinking but it really works for me. I use my phone for internet so my fingers and hands are tired now so I'm not going to type it all now. Rountree11b (at)
angelsent (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-11)
i took ESP test and my ESP level is 75/ says that I have a very high level of psychic ability. But I don't know how to work with my ability. I want to develop it as well as I want to open my third eye I think its all about chakra. I beg anyone to help me please. You can e mail me at uandmeagainstallodds [at] thank you so much
bennygone (13 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-15)

What kind of emotional - psychological distress do you suffer from?
Please, specify what you feel.
How do you think others see you?
What kind of help do you need? (Psychic or Psychological)
What do you need help the most with?
What are the pros or cons of being gifted?
What is the worst of it?
How long have you been aware of your abilities?
Other information you would like to add?
How old are you?
Are you male or female?

We really appreciate your cooperation on this matter. The Information obtain from this study will be used to understand and to provide help and support to people who suffer from emotional/psychological distress due to their psychic abilities. We assure you that all the information will be taken in a serious and professional way. Please send your information to: scaredpsychic [at] Thank You.
Onyxblade (3 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-07)
I know how you feel. Empathy really sucks sometimes, doesn't it. Just draw comfort in the fact that you aren't sucked into people's memories when you look them in the eyes... Some of the things I have seen... I can't even describe.

Like Lasker said, try and form a white glittering sheild around you. Maybe mix in some pale blue to stay calm.

And focus on love. Think of when you and you fiance met, when he proposed. Imagine your wedding. Go back to when your children were born, and you looked them in the eyes for the first time. Hope this helps.

TheLegendaryDreamer (1 stories) (20 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-05)
To answer your question: This happens because you are an empath and a healer. Because of this, your energy system has to drown out the negative energy in the environment (I have experience from this too) and because you can not handle it yet, you feel the full brunt of it.

This happened to me, too, last night, because of the presence of Tammy (someone in my life who often feels the most negative energy in the family. Because of this, she had to move out).

After the experience that I had last night, because my energy system was ready, I felt a massive tingling in my hands. I felt dizzy, and because of all the positive energy my system was generating, I could literally not stand up because of it. It looked like I was physically ill, but in my mind, I felt better than ever.
The positive energy was almost enough to pull my soul out of my body, hence the dizziness. I'm still feeling it now.

But, if you realize this, you will heal. Anything that is viewed as a curse can be turned into a gift. Trust me! I have this same condition. And I'm fifteen years old.
123hope123 (8 stories) (124 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-05)
Well your not a freak. Sounds like you are an Empath. I am an Empath to but I am also Clairvoyant. I get theer feelings like sadness happiesnes and all of that. So I know what you mean. It cna be annoying. But think of the happy things and do not think of it as a curse. Try to help people with it. 😁
valkyrie (2 stories) (40 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-04)
youre not a freak. Where I'm from, everyone I have told has been great. Like its completely normal. It surprised me. I think the reason youre attracted to the pain is because its calling out to you. Some of us are healers. Its our job to find the hurt, the pain, the anger and take it away. Go to borders, they usually have a lot of stuff on this kind of world we find ourselves in. Metaphysical section.
lostnscared (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-04)
Thanks to everyone. I'm so scared. I want to get rid of it in a way but in a way I don't. People think I'm crazy when I tell them so I stopped telling anyone. My fiancee' knows but he kind of gets mad when I read him... I tried to explain that I can't but he says that I need to control it. I tried the white candles and calling the 4 angels but it didn't work. I don't know much about crystals and rings. I don't have a credit card so I can't order it. My family thinks I'm crazy so they won't help. Where I live there is no stores to buy these things unless you can get them at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or a bookstore. Someone on here said to get a book and read, what kind of of book do I need. Whats the name of the books I need? You can add me on yahoo to help I can't get on here much. Dark_daughter92 [at]
Who_Am_I (3 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-03) are describing exactally how I am... I think like me... You are a sponge for negative energy... I used to be like that when I was 17... I used to do drugs, skip school and ran away just because of all the tension that goes around in my life... I know exactally what you are going through... I can see what people are thinking when I look at them... I can see how they are and a lot of the times... Their pain...

E-mail me... I can help you form a shield around you... I am working on mine but I think you need help controlling your abilities...

Sonia_elmejjad [at] email me I can help you
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-03)
Im so sorry, I know where your comming from honestly. What I call my boyfriend is my anchor, he kind of dulls my empathy so its harder to read peoples emotions. I know him so well that my mind automatically connects with his when hes near and for some reason, I can't read him but he can read me. There are methods where visualization come in handy, like picturing a shield between you and people to keep your emotions to yourself, Its moderately effective. I also use quartz,amethyst, apatite, and moldavite crystals as well, I program them to shield me from emotions and use them as a necklace. It gets easier to deal with also if you know someone whos a psychic and can teach you how to cope with it. Hope This Helps

Blessed Be,
Tess ❤
kaylene70 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-02)
I agree being an empath or even having that ability can be very scary and is definately an ability very hard to control. It still at times does get to me. But the one thing I have found to work for me is finding time 20 minutes at the least and I use 4 white candles and a lavender incense. While sitting in the center place the candles in each direction. When you begin to light them start with the north and end with west. Call upon the 4 archangels in this order... Uriel (north) Raphael (east) Michael (south) Gabriel (west) After you call them and welcome them tell them what you want or ask them for protection. You will know when they have grounded. I feel a tingling in my face like a feather or string tickling sensation but everyone is different you will know tho. Then after you do that visualize a white pure light around you like a bubble or orb. Thank and dismiss them and begin putting the candles out counterclock wise. I do this when I wake and when I go to bed so negative entities or energies cannot interfere with my sleep and I protect my children just the same with the white bubble around them through out the day.

Best of luck if you have any other questions feel free to ask
Nguyenkid (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-02)
Confused and in pain completely describes all Empaths.
Here's what I do... These things are utterly weird but they work for me...heh?
1. Point to your temple and say " delete" as if to delete that specific memory, emotion or person. Kinda like psychology...
2. Change. If you are in pain cause of the way you are then you should change, right? If your an empath, you can basically make another personality that can handle pain.
3. Test out contacts? It's a theory but try to wear glasses and see if they work?
4. Adapt. Have you noticed empathy works less on family members? Because you've known then for a long time, you have no need to use empathy. Try to feel all of your fiancée's emotions.
5. Talk to yourself. Reflect on your day. Empathy is part of your mind. If you can understand yourself and it's weak point you could control it better. Trust, faith and everything else.

Hope something helped!
Anaghia (guest)
15 years ago (2009-12-02)
Empathy can be kind of hard to control- I know from experience.

Maybe it's because your heart chakra is too open? That's what it was like for me. Whenever I felt something, I noticed that I felt it in my chest the most- where the heart chakra is.

What I did- and you can try this too, it really helps- is whenever I took a bath or a shower, I did this exercise I read from one of my books to balance out the chakras. With my hand on my root chakra (on the lower back) I washed and rinsed specifically where my chakras were, and I washed them with my hand in a circular motion while thinking about the color that belonged to that chakra, all seven from the root chakra and up.

If you don't know about the chakras, look up a book or website about them to get started.

Good Luck,
~Anaghia ❤ ~
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-02)
Empathy seems to be rooted in the hands, eyes, and forehead.

One method that seems to work for hands is wearing a ring with an amethyst crystal. This crystal and metal matrix will collect energy to the ring, as opposed to into your own energy system.

Another method is to hold a quartz crystal in your dominant hand, and think very hard about being protected from absorbing from others. Your own energy will flow into the crystal, and it will do what it was programmed.

Shielding techniques involve creating a psychic shield around your mind, where you imagine a shield of white light surrounding you. This method is described, but is actually not easy to pull off.

Rings, gloves, and crystals are more accessible for people just starting out.

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