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Sexual Abduction In Astral Attack? 2


Just the other day, maybe two or three ago I tried to submit this story but the webs submission was delayed until yesterday. So I wrote a story a few months ago about something similar to this and its really something I do not enjoy and have no control over and I need help with it. I have for at least the past 7 years that I am consciously aware of been astral traveling during my first 2 hours of sleep. I was under the impression when I researched it that it takes longer to get to theta (or whichever) sleep stage to actually be under enough to do astral traveling?

A few nights ago I wasn't feeling well and had a headache and decided to sleep it off. I fell asleep but then I looked down at myself from an upward slanted view and saw myself asleep. My arms were numb and my fingers tingling. A presence of some sort grabbed me and performed every act of mistreatment on me possible I tried to scream but I had no voice we fought in my room I tried to get away the door was just out of my reach. It felt so real, this happened once more about this time last year. Then I just dreampt weird things after that like my divorced parents lived together and were younger looking all the rooms in the house were dark I tried to turn on the lights but the light switch was melting and I fell to my knees crying and screaming. Then my father came to yell in my ears I heard his words ringing in my hears when I woke up. I had only been asleep about 2-2.5hours total. The last time I had bad things happen to me in the beginning of astral travel I only slept a few minutes short of 3hours, is there a connection between those things happening and the timing? What causes this and how can I prevent it? I don't astral travel on purpose it just happens while I sleep. I don't know what to do?

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MysticalDreams87 (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-01)
It sounds like an unfriendly spirit trying to harm you. WanderingWayne gave you some good chakra healing advice. Follow his advice and go straight to AnneV on the forums for her input. She's very helpful and informative and will give you advice and help without religious bias.
Remember, light and love are your best defenses.
Also, when you're in the astral realm, remember that your negative thoughts actually attract darkness and dark energy to you. Embrace astral travel and enjoy it for what it is! Visit different places across the Earth, or even family or friends across the country. If you embrace it with positivity, then you will only receive positive energy from the astral realm. Also, if you feel anything negative pulling at you, then your body will immediately pull your astral body back into it.

Remember this for real life too. You receive as much positive energy as you put out. If you are negative, then you will only receive negativity.

Good luck!
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-13)
I've been reading a book by John Magnus called Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality. Sounds like he has traveled the astral world often. This is what he has to say about protection.

Prevention is always the best defense. The following exercise describes what I do to protect myself from any bad experiences. Practice it repeatedly on dry land, so to speak, so you will know it by heart as you astral project. 1. Close your eyes. 2. Move your awareness to the center of your chest. 3. Form a small bubble of foggy white light in your chest. 4. Let the bubble contain your love energy. 5. Expand the bubble until it surrounds you. 6. Reinforce the bubble with medieval knight shields, or bullet proof glass, or whatever strong material you prefer. 7. Put another shielded bubble around your whole environment.

He has written another exercise in the book and talks about fear and ways to conquer it. His philosophy about the nature of reality is a trip also. AnneV is one of the people who reads these stories before they are put on the site and I believe she has written about the subject too. Looks like there is a site for Astral Projection at the top of this page that I just noticed also. Good luck with that stuff.
12astile (20 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-09)
I don't know how to help you, but while reading this I began to remember time that I have astral projected, It was very weird not like a regular memory, It was in action, and as if I haven't done it yet... I also saw my self typing what your wrote, while I was reading the story, as if I was you for a min, I think it might have been a vision or something...
This does happen to often for me, and when I does I'm always on the computer
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-09)
Hello caveman0419
Do you believe in only one power ful holy GOD? If you do not then start believing for he is the only one who can save you and protect you against evil spirits. I think it was an incubus that molested you while you are asleep based on your last story. To tell you the truth, also experienced being raped by a succubus but for now she cannot do it again it is because before I sleep, I pray to god specially to archangel gabriel to protect me against her. You must put a holy cross under your bed whenever you are sleeping. It is a cross that symbolizes christ who was being cruxified on it. If you do not have then buy one and you should bless it to a priest using holy water. I am sure that incubus sucker will not disturb you ever again. And also if you are not a catholic/christian then ask the priest on how to pray and what will you chant while praying. I will tell you it is effective 100 percent. Good day to you 😊

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