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I can not say specifically when it started because a lot of my life has been a blur. I Do not know exactly how to explain it, the feelings but they feel intense and real. Sometimes I think there is someone following me but nothing is there, at least to the naked eye. I sometimes feel like I am someone else and I am feeling emotions that are not mine. I lay down and there is that state between being asleep and fully awake and I will get an intense surge of weird energy and I will sit up fast and scared. I remember when I was young always having this feeling that someone was watching. When I walk in the woods near my house I feel things I can not explain. I have not seen anything specific its more I feel intense emotions and feel like people are around me even when I'm alone. I was in a car accident and I should have been dead. Where I live the roads are not heavily traveled and a car just happened to run out of gas and a man saw sparks and pulled me out of my car before it blew up. Was that luck or am I being watched by someone I lost who was dear to me or someone else. Am I feeling them though I don't see them or am I completely loony? Even this story is confusing!

Amy L. JohnsonX

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empa73 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-20)
almightyamy, hello... I'm pretty new to this site and I have a lot to learn, but to me it sounds like perhaps you have become more open to your spirit guides, perhaps because of your accident... You never say in your story whether your "feelings" are just strange and new, or bad feelings... I would suggest when you get these feelings to use your inner voice to call on your guides... Also you said when you are in the forrest you feel things more as well, this makes a lot of sense since to me as when I am in nature I find it easier to meditate and can feel the earths energy much more when there are no people/ man made noises to destract the mind... Nice to read your story 😁
Aisatsana (7 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-16)
That sounds similar to empathy, which simply means your more receptive to feelings and energy than most people. You can feel whenever a spirit is near, but you can't really see or hear them unless they make themselves known to you themselves. You can also feel the feelings of other people quite clearly as well, maybe even going so far as to know the gist of what that person is thinking at the moment.

Hope this helped you.

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