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Telepath Abuse - My True Life Experience


I first met telepaths in late 2007 when I used to work as a bank teller at one of the famous Chartered banks in the world. I worked for 6 months then quit when I noticed that my secrets (past and present) and telephone calls and messages were being revealed and repeated back to me at the work place and outside the bank. Intimate secrets that no one else knew about were revealed to me. My dreams were also being manipulated and I started dreaming weird things. I noticed that the telepaths were my enemies cause they would make me dream that I am having sex with them or my closest friends. This I believed was a way of destroying my friendships. There are times (up to now) that I would literally be pushed off my bed.

When the telepaths take control of your mind, you can actually feel when they enter and leave your body and brain. While asleep, they get to pin you on the bed or sofa and you have to struggle to snap out. During this entire time while you are asleep struggling to snap out, you may actually hear the television if it is on or the kids playing outside the house. But you cannot snap out and wake up. The physical and mental pressure becomes just too much. At times, I literally fight with them while asleep, hurling names at them, names such as "devil worshipers; why do you only come when I am asleep?, cause you are weak; go away!".

They claim to trust in God but I believe that they are a product of witchcraft cause of the things that they do. Their victim cannot rejoice in inner achievements and prides as they try to make you feel that you have not achieved much or feel that other people are better than you. Diaries and plans become a public affair.

I thought they would leave if I left the bank but was surprised to see that up to now, I do have to spend sleepless, open and public days and nights. I also noticed that they would move in as neighbours and use me as the telepathy target practice for their kids.

How do you outsmart these psychics? The CID and police in Kenya could not help and they suggested that I try prayers. The telepaths are real. Most people would assume that telepathy is schizophrenia. How do I stop them? What could they possibly want? I have even decided to convert from Christianity into something else. Please help stop this mental torture.

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ostara8 (124 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-22)
"the telepaths"?
Telepathy is natural, I am a telepath.
It is what one does with these things that is deemed good or bad... I don't think that these tings were necessarily related, or that these people from the bank necessarily could actually do all this to you... Why would they if they could? You probably told these people these things yourself by astral travelling. Becasue when you felt stuck, half asleep, that was just you either on the way out or back in to your body while asleep... Astral travelling... That's is all. No one did that to you, very rarely is that a case of anything else. I think you need to do some research and learn a little about what you are talking about first, as you have a bit of it confused. Why do you think people would want to hurt you? Maybe they didn't like you and maybe they were powerful, but you are missing some information, and you have blown it a little out of proportion becasue of lack of understanding, that's all.
njambianita (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-15)


1. When I joined the bank, a Standard Chartered Bank employee, Catherine Olaka, made a public comment before my fellow trainees while being inducted, that is "The Standard Chartered Bank does not need X's kind of management at the Bank." Susan Ombati a fellow Standard Chartered Bank employee was also at the site when that comment was made. I went ahead to sign the contract letter since I never thought they could do much to me. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that people are out to harm him.)

2. I lost my memory one week into employment under strange circumstances. The ironical thing is that I mostly forgot the tasks that I did during the week. 2 days before losing my memory (Thursday); I tried to resign from the job for which I was later hinted to as being a garbage collections manager in a national newspaper. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that someone thinks he is famous.) I believe that I may have been drugged in the banking hall. I eventually remembered what went on at the banking hall that week. I was screamed at by a manager "work, work, work, why do you think we are paying you?", yet the schedule said that I was to be trained, they were going through my stuff, we had a party and other things. However, I ended up screaming at the banking hall which I believe was an effect of the drug they put in my tea. Some of the employees were making weird sounds at me and repeating certain actions (which is what people are currently doing in public). I considered and still consider it to be a form of mental torture as this causes me to get anxiety attacks wherever people do make these sounds or perform these actions.

3. I took a psychometric test and exit interview that was later abused by the bank. The tests are mandatory; every employee has to take them before being given a job by the bank. These tests require one to fill in personal information like the things that you like and have or even fear. The bank identified the things that I hate and fear and deliberately expose me to them. They would print T-shirts out of them.

4. I was ill. I had a cold that would not heal, a skin infection and dandruffs. They went ahead to publicize these facts by telling the public to sneeze when I pass them, scratch their noses and scratch their bodies where I had the infection and scratch their heads to indicate the dandruffs. This has been going on for over a two and a half years... I believe it is a form of brainwash whereby they expose you to certain situations and force you to learn to think in certain negative ways when you see the public doing such things. They are meant to ensure mental torture. I end up fighting with some people cause of these actions. With time I have noticed that I tend to get psychologically tortured when people even scratch their nose or backs even accidentally. These actions have left me with a mental problem that I did not deserve to have.

5. Once at work I found that my wallet had been destroyed and torn totally. I suspect that Alice, the Records management staff used to go through my stuff and was behind the tearing. I took the wallet home to keep it as evidence but it later disappeared confirming my suspicions that my keys were being picked at the office and my house visited without my consent when I was busy working. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that others are out to harm him.)
6. They have pictures of I and my boyfriend having sex. (Derived from a comment and photos made and held by Alice, the Records management staff at Standard Chartered Bank after I had spent a weekend with my boyfriend.) We used to masturbate as part of our sex life with my boyfriend and since I joined Stanchart, I have never ever walked in public without at least 2 people placing their hands between their legs and scratching indicating the whole act. I don't think they know why they are told to do that but I am the one who ends up suffering. It's like what I said before, its all mental torture. I was later sent to see a professor of psychology at the Kenyatta University, a Doctor Peninah Ndambuki who told me to stop watching pornography with my man. She claimed that she had an employer at the Standard Chartered Bank head office. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that others are spying on his or her life.)
8. They created advertisements out of my private life. I once took a brush at home and used it to scratch my back and the next week a Barclays bank ad came up with a guy scratching his back. They made an ad of a lady looking at her back, a nice and lovely ad.

9. They would use matatus with words directed towards me. This I noticed after I realized that the same matatus with words like "go home", "anointed", "home is best", "we feel nothing" directed at me passing infront of me several times within an hour. This reminded me of the tshirts they had written on my psychometric details. I got the number plates of the matatus. (A presumed symptom of schizophrenia is someone thinking that ads on television and billboards are referring to him).

10. When I left the bank they literally carried bags on their backs and told me to go home. Getting a job thereafter became a nightmare. I took interviews with Safaricom and thereafter people carrying bags on their backs followed me along the streets an indication that I do go home. They did this too in Nakuru when I took a College interview. With time I have noticed that I tend to get psychologically tortured when people even carry bags around me. These actions have left me with a mental problem that I did not deserve to have.

11. In every neighborhood that I have moved to they have spread rumors to the neighbors that I am mentally ill. They send hoods of youth to follow me around. The Banks Health and Safety Manager, Doreen Kanyua, Esther the trainee in the Human Resources department, Alice-the Records Manager or The Development Manager, Sally Oimbo, Professor Ndambuki, Catherine Olaka Alice Lutta know what it is that they are doing. Doreen Kanyua was the only person to whom I did mention psychics to at the third week of my employment at the bank after I lost my memory. But I never asked her to introduce them to me. I never applied for any research position at the bank too. I know this madness started when I joined the bank. It is wasting my time, torturing me and distracting me from my studies and my work. I also often wonder what motivates them because they have never left me yet I left the bank over a year ago. I tried ignoring but they would not back off, so I got a lawyer and we warned them twice before serving them but even the suing bit has not made them back off
I would like to sue them because I have heard that I am not the only one complaining about the bank. For the past 2 and half years I have not had peace of mind. My time, youth and energy is being wasted.
njambianita (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-10)
Thanks guys.
Half moon, I have tried focusing on myself by first leaving the Stanchat bank where they were first forcefully introduced into my life and by getting a new job. They are wasting my time, energy and youth. I have denounced them during the day and night. I now focus on my career and studies and not on them. These people literally force themselves into peoples lives. They want to forcefully gain ones respect and fear of them. They add no value to my life. My life was perfect before they came in. I cannot ignore people that literally force themselves into ones thoughts and body. Its hard. I will browse the mental shield bit though.

Iwanttohelp, I gave up on Jesus after the telepaths started claiming confidently"in God we trust". I got saved during the period but they still forced their way into my life. At times I tend to think that I am their human sacrifice which they must have by all means. That's why I am searching for another religion other than Christianity.
On the other hand, I have concluded that they are devil worshipers.
HalfMoonX5 (42 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-08)
I will give you some advice. Sometimes when you are a telepath you can actually put things in other people's minds with out trying to. This might explain how some of your secrets where revealed. I'm not saying this explains it, for I do believe there are people with power out there that are up to no good. That is why I will give you a second piece of advice. Create a mental shield. A great website for that is Third of all, don't lose yourself, remember to stay grounded. Focus more on you than them and that right there will help as well.
IwanttoHelp (1 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-08)
Wait I know! Try to buy kristal stones, they will protect you also converting to Christianity doesn't help if you are not a believer. Believing comes from the Heart not from Fear or else try to contact a medium or pyshic. 😠
IwanttoHelp (1 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-08)
Try to cast a white protective light around yourself and force them to go away in the name of JESUS! You really have to believe it or they will never go away.

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