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I stumbled upon this site somehow and began reading the stories posted. These have inspired me to share my own. I am twenty-six years old and from a young age I was interested in ghosts, "psychic" experiences, and the like. I am very inquisitive and curious and would read ghost stories, watch ghost shows on TV, etc. They gave me a thrill and I wanted to know more, but I had the side effect of fear.

When I was in middle school, I went to a sleepover with a girl friend. She had a Ouija board and excited and curious, I agreed to "play". We contacted a spirit who claimed to be my Dad's mom (she died before I was born). After that night, I began having precognition experiences. I would get this awful pit or falling feeling in my stomach right before I learned a classmate or good friend had had a family member die. This went on for maybe one-three months and the feeling became more prevalent and I was scared to tears. I was attending a girls' Bible study at the time, and the leaders at one meeting discussed the occult, contacting spirits, witchcraft, etc. They said that when you use things like Ouija boards it invites and allows spirits/demons into your home and to follow you. I told them about my nervous stomach experiences and said I did not want it to happen anymore. They were very understanding and did not judge me and prayed for me. It went away!

Fast-forward about ten years. I have had a personal relationship with God for many years now which means to me, that I read my Bible, pray throughout my day, attend church, and try my best to follow God's commands. I believe I have a prophetic gifting since I am obsessed with finding and declaring truth. God has frequently given me dreams, less-frequently visions, and "words" concerning people and their situations. I know some things before they happen, and other things I know before I am told. I have found though, that the less God-obsessed I am, the less frequently He can speak to me. In other words, when I slack off in reading my Bible or going to church, or ministering to others or having personal time with God, I don't get those dreams, words, etc.

I find it interesting how many people are on this site that keep these experiences to themselves. Maybe I am extraordinarily blessed because I have found that the more I open up about my experiences, the more other people share their "odd" experiences. I do not go to a charismatic church. I attend a very conservative Presbyterian church.

I believe if you trust that God will do what's best (not what is most comfortable) for you and you allow yourself to want whatever God wants for you (which I think I huge things, bigger than we can imagine), you will be happy, content, and satisfied whether you have dreams and visions or not. I do pray for dreams, etc. As they are another way He speaks to me, but they usually reveal something I need to change in my own life. When it comes to others, I take much caution because I can be quite judgmental and opinionated on my own. I do not want to represent my words or thoughts as God's.

The flip side though is that when God does call me to speak and upholding truth (I believe as defined in the Bible), I tend to make those closest to me angry. Even when spoken in the most diplomatic of terms, people in general avoid the truth because it typically means they need to change (and that they are in the wrong). And who likes that?

I am careful not to call these gifts "powers". A power or ability or skill is something innate in ourselves. What happens to me is purely a God thing, I do not conjure things up, nor do I attempt to test waters or expand my gifting. God does all that for me if and when He sees fit. I think there are both God and demonic forces at work in the world. These are not opposites because God is bigger, but Satan is extremely deceptive, powerful, and more destructive than most people think. Pride in new gifts such as these can easily turn them into something for myself to brag about. When I start thinking "look what I can do", red flags should be going up. All of the gifts God has given me do one of three things; they either strengthen my relationship with Him, or they are used to strengthen the relationship of other believers towards Him, or to reach out in love towards any person.

God has been calling me to study other religions and occult practices for the past three years now. When I began, I heard voices whispering my name, especially at night where I worked. In my case, I knew it was not God calling me (God does not creep you out) and prayed for help and spoke against them. I did not pay them much heed and they went away after the 4th occurrence.

Deja vu happens often to me, but I am not sure if it really means anything or not. A person can find meaning in anything if they look hard enough. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I believe we are all spiritual beings, but it depends on where/what (God/demons) your spirit is attuned to. I question any experiences of mine that do not help others in some way, and as directed by God. My dreams and words for others have almost exclusively applied to other Christians, rather than non-believers. Less-intense dreams or "mini-visions" when a non-believer pops into my head I take as a message to pray for them.

This was quite lengthy, so if you made it to the end I thank you! If you have any questions about anything I've posted on, please feel free to post a reply or email me at


PS Interesting side note: I have been trying to post my story frequently for the last two days. My husband, a computer geek and techie at a large company could not figure out why I couldn't post. It seemed the link was broken. I prayed that God would fix the link if He wanted me to post, and sure enough when I clicked the link that time, it was fixed!

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-07)
You are like me! Halellujah! We sometimes get put down on this site, and in life, because people don't understand us. But that's o.k! It's like a fish that went to New York, and saw the people, the buildings, the cars, the televisions and internet. When that fish went back to the sea to tell the other fishes what it saw, they said: "oh, your just a dreamer, you're losing your mind!" People live by what they experience, and don't really trust anyone who shows them something different, which is bad. We practicing christians, feel like a baby in its mother's arms: peaceful, content, loved and protected! We serve an awesome God... And when we get hurt and wounded in life, we get up and go to God and His powerful Angels, and they put oil and wine on our wounds, and we learn our lesson. See my PROPHILE for some fantastic, best selling autobiographical books, that will blow your mind! God bless! Email me.
LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-14)
Hello there!

First off, I wanted to let you know that I did receive your comment/post. I have never heard anyone put things the way you did, and I wanted to give myself some time to think over what you wrote.:) I do agree with you that there are more than the basic tactile senses we all learned in school. I've never thought too much about naming them or trying to count them, but I do know they/it is there. I call it the spiritual "sense" or side of a person, and I agree also that everyone has this.

I don't know much about auras (except that it comes close to my name, Laura:) ) or EMFs, and I'm not sure what the point is in studying them if they do exist. I will take your suggestion, though and research the Kirlian effect.

As far as music goes, I agree that different beats and lyrics and settings have an effect on people for good or bad. There is much evidence that repetitive beats and lyrics can induce a hypnotic state, but I don't think that has anything to do with EMF. I think that's a different ball of yarn.

I also agree that because people like a good mystery, "psychics" (as you put it) put on elitist airs and lord their "powers" over others. I agree that these are not powers per se, but I differ with you on your next point. You wrote, "Its all about reading patterns and how to manipulate them". For me, if God reveals something about a person and tells me to tell them, I will. But He might reveal something that I am to pray about before speaking with them, or never. Usually the revelation has to do with a Christian and a major event in their life, or some kind of sin that they are involved in. You can see why prayer can be so important before telling a person they are doing something God's not pleased with. Even when using the utmost diplomacy it makes Christians mad (which is funny if they claim to want to do what God wants only). More often though, God reveals things to me about myself (for good or bad) or Himself and His character.

You have a different view of Christianity, the Bible, etc. Than I have ever heard. My take on things is that yes, God made everything and yes, man caused sin to enter the world. This might be nit-picky, but I believe that the action of eating the fruit was sin. Every time a person acts out their decision to disobey God, it is sin and sin equals death. Every time we sin, we die a little spiritually, and sometimes physically and mentally too. Or we might cause the death of another in either of those three ways. An alcoholic parent, for example kills the spirit of a child, and Cain killed Abel. Adam and Eve's sins resulted in the immediate deaths of animals that God used to make clothing for them, and (in the long term) death of Abel. You are right to say that "sin rots".

I believe that God did curse people, but He also cursed the world. But He also blessed them, protected, and cared for them (people and the world) in many ways as well. More than simply not wanting to see His creation die, God desires relationships with His people. In the Garden of Eden God walked and talked with Adam and Eve. Once they sinned, they attempted to try and hide from God. Being holy (set apart), God cannot abide sin so anyone who is sinful (which is everybody) cannot be near God. For a time, the Law was given to people so the loving relationship between God and Man could be reestablished. Because the penalty for sin is death, an innocent being had to be sacrificed to pay the penalty. The animal (and not people as in other religions) sacrifices were supposed to be a heart-felt thing. How horrifying to watch an innocent animal be killed and burned because of your sin. It was meant to bring repentance and a warning. This is cost of sin, and those who are not repentant (since no one is innocent except the animal) will suffer death and torment.

Jesus, God's sinless son, was sent to Earth to reestablish the Law (not to abolish it), to act as a teacher about God and who He is, and to stand in the place of people as the "Lamb of God", an innocent sacrifice once and for all. The amazing and weird thing about this whole story is it is the only one like it. No other religion or philosophy believes that a righteous, creator God cared (loved) so much for His creation that He wanted to have a loving, parental relationship with them and finally sent His own innocent Son to die a terrible death so that people and God could essentially be reunited if the people so chose. (Sorry I kind of got on my soapbox, but I get excited about this stuff!)

Others would probably call me a Christian, but lately I have been shying away from that term. I do not follow what any church says. I follow what God and the Bible say. I pray throughout the day, sometimes solitary, most times short thoughts. I have "date nights" with God less often than I'd like, but they are always peaceful, memorable, and joyful times. I do attend a church and have for many, many years though I was not raised going to church. I read my Bible nightly (more or less). I do not like to use the terms faith or religion or spirituality in describing my relationship with God. Somehow, misconceptions happen and something I hold especially precious becomes trivialized or strictly defined by others. For me, the center of my world is the God of the Bible who is Truth and Love.

As far as demons go, I think they come to people for two reasons, and one ultimate purpose. The purpose is to distract people from God, and I think they do this either through terrorizing or inciting. It probably sounds pretty crazy, but over time I have come to believe that ghosts are actually demonic spirits doing one of those two things. Somewhat back to the music point, I also believe that people can be possessed in varying degrees when they allow themselves to dive into hypnotic-type states. Drinking alcohol, smoking laurel leaves (:) ), hypnosis, and pretty much any other way to drive your mind into another realm, I believe opens yourself up to demons (in fact I have seen this a few times).

I agree with you that "Fear births hate, anger, pride, and all kinds of what I call "sin" energy". But I think that sin is less of an energy and more a decisive act. Although I am close to God, I still have had some demonic attacks recently (I think because I have begun posting on the psychic website). I think the expression, "bad company corrupts good morals" refers more to peer pressure.

"Experience produces thoughts, thoughts produce belief, and the sum of our beliefs builds our worldview." I think I can agree with you there, and "The way we view the world determines the way we respond to things around us." I definitely agree with you here. "Most people have a shallow and self-centered worldview that was given to them by some other shallow person" I agree with you somewhat here. Most people do have a shallow, self-centered worldview but I think it is because of our human nature. Babies do not have patience or any thought for the mother who gave birth to them. Toddlers aren't real keen on sharing, and I know that I am far more prone to make my hubby get out of bed at 2am to care for our kids out of my sheer laziness and self-centered desire to stay in bed.

The way that I try to break away from all that is by trying to live my life according to the Bible and through prayer (just talking to God, nothing ritualistic). The more closely I adhere to these practices, the more God trusts me with dreams, visions, and other supernatural experiences that reveal things about Himself, myself, or others for their benefit (not to wow them or prove that He is there kind of things like the elitist physics do).

Ok, so that was a whole lot longer than I meant for it to be. Likewise, if you have any questions or would like me to elaborate on something, please feel free to post again or reply to this email. Thank you, also for taking the time to write me back!


Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-04)
Hey, I was responding to a comment you left on another persons story asking me about my worldview and what I mean by being a "devout Christian". This is going to sound really odd but my whole life things just seem to make sence when I think about them. The main points that I justify by belief in all things "psychic" is that the word psychic, to me at least, means every sence beyond the common 5. Using this definition for what psychic is means that we all are psychic and instead of just having 5 or 6 sences we accualy have way more. You can't feel or sence emotion with any of the 5 common sences but people still believe in emotion. Generating a memory and the feeling you felt during that time in your life is a kind of 6th sence aswell. Id say we have in excess of 20 sences. Also, all humans generate what's called a electro-magnetic field, EMF, that carries its own frequincy. Some people call this EMF our aura, I would agree. Look up the kirlian effect for empirical evidence for the existance of "auras". The same way we hear music and based on the type of music we hear, feel accordingly, I believe that certain people can be sensitive to the signals and energy that flow more subtly such as emotions or thoughts. When we think electronic signals in our brain increase and thus increase our EMF, it only makes sence. Way back before the Bible was mass produced only certain privaleged people were allowed to read the Word of God. These elitists used fear and ignorance as their tools to reamain in power. People claiming to be psychic do the same thing. Many people use fanatical terms and claim to have power but all this psychic stuff is really way less mystical than the elitist "psychic" would like for us to believe. I often have conversations with my friends about their lives and tell them things that I could never have known, things their parents don't know about them, even things they don't even know about themselves but I use no special exclusive powers to do it. Its all about reading patterns and how to manipulate them. Please understand I'm being very vague here so if there's anything specific you want me to explain in depth just let me know, I'm kind of pressed for time but am still trying to give you good thought out info. About my faith. God made everything, man caused sin to enter the world, man became cursed, God gave man law but with the law came death, God does not like to see His artwork die, God sent Christ to save us from death, there was no love under the law only condemnation, Christ brought love back to mankinda so that we could again have fellowship with our creater and heavenly Father. The center of my faith is love, without love I have no faith. Without my faith I would die, if not by my own hand them by the hand of another. I know for a fact that my Savior lives because His Word has proven itself to me, plus the fact that I should have died like 200 times. Fear births hate, anger, pride, and all kinds of what I call "sin" energy. Evil is attracted to this sin energy, this is why people are often oppressed by demons, their sin attracts the demons. Every heard the expression, "bad company corrupts good morals"? Sin rots all it comes in contact with, this is why sin leads to death. Our human being is made of or 3 individual parts that are all needed for the human being to be complete, the union of the 3 makes us who we are. The physical, mental, and spiritual. Must of us in western society are centered either in the physical while a few are centered in the mental or spiritual. Each part has its own senses or reseptors that pick up energy/signals. The vast majority of us all are only able to interpret very simple and shallow depths of these signals or energys. We never spend time opening our awareness to these reseptors. For something you see in the physical world, emotion is generated, then after you feel you think, then after you think you do. For some this process happends very fast, for others it happendes slower. Experience produces thoughts, thoughts produce belief, and the sum of our beliefs biulds our wordview. The way we view the world determinds the way we respond to things around us. Most people have a shallow and self-centered worldview that was given to them by some other shallow person. I have learned how to break away from this false structure that only exists in my mind and fully absorb all that is around me through accessing my subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is all the things we are currently thinking about. Our subconscious mind is everything we arent thinking about. Everything we have experiences is stored in our subconscious mind, all thought, feelings, and physical experience. Our subconscious mind is huge. Combining our subconscious mind with the biult-in knowledge of God that all human beings have we are able to access a very large amount of truthful info. Again, I'm sorry for being so vague and saying all this really fast. I did try to speak clearly and in a way that makes sence, I hope I answered any question you might have had. If I haven't don't be afraid to email me or comment on my story. Rountree11b (at)
shahidutz (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
if you believe and faith on God, he gave us gift as you received and as I received.
laurenpottsv (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
Hi Loura friend
I do agree there is some similarity to the events. They one UFO was extremely bright but was also huge. I ruled out the orbs because I thought they were small?

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