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My name is Amber. I had asked here for help with an issues I had. Let me start by telling you little about myself. I am an empath. I have had my gift from very young. I did not know that I had my gift until last year in November. I had went through a very bad depression and no anti-depression medicine would help. I finally went to see someone and got a book about being ultra sensitive. I moved out of the house I leaved in. I instantly felt better when I moved out. I realized it was my roommate feeling those emotions. After I built up my defenses now I very rarely feel any real strong emotions. I want to feel them strongly when I want to, but now I only do it in my dreams. Which leads us to why I am writing to you. I would have dreams that are powerful.

After New Orleans, I had a very powerful dream. I had a dream where I was there with a group of people in someone that was me, but to others was someone they know. I felt the feelings of the person who I was, but it wasn't me. I don't know how to explain any better. I woke up and cried for an hour and a half. It was hard to catch my breath. I had met a little girl and her father in my dream that I can never forget. After I closed myself off now I can't fully dream and connect with people in my dreams. It makes me unhappy and unfulfilled.

The other week I had a breakthrough, but I was not completely asleep yet and this was different. I was in the trance kind of sleep where you no longer hear outside noises, but I could still feel in between both worlds. I have good control in my dreams. I can wake when I want and go back to the same dream when I want. Back to when I was sleeping. I started to switch to a deeper sleep and at the time I heard the most frightening thing. I heard a bunch of voices all talking at once. I couldn't understand them because they were all talking to me fast and at the same time. I was so frightened that I woke myself up and waited for a little while before going back to sleep.

As soon I slipped back in the time (I am guessing) when I was open to the universe I heard them again. It was only until I turned on the TV to block out my mind from focusing that I could sleep. It happen that way for three nights until I prayed for God to only have good spirits around and to stop them from scaring me that I haven't heard from them. There is something upsetting to me now. I feel like I shouldn't have told them to go away. I want them to come back. I don't believe they were bad just I wasn't ready for them. I wish I could of had only one come to me. I might have still been scared. I feel kind of lonely with them gone. I don't know why and it makes no sense to me why I would be lonely without them.

Any advice you can give me I will take and appreciate a lot. If you can tell me how to have them come back, maybe not all at once I would like it. I can feel them sometimes still but it isn't the same. I know that I am not crazy, even if my doctor's nurse said I should see a crazy doctor. As soon as the nurse heard I prayed and they left, she said it was Satan. I know that wasn't it. How can she believe in Satan attacking me, they're spirits who want to talk to me. That's why I need help from someone who knows that I am not crazy.

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Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-28)
I have ears when I sleep. I can be totally asleep and hear what people are saying. When I wake up I go I heard all that and just repeat what they were saying. My dad thinks it weird LOL. I have deeper sleeps now mostly about people I don't know I don't know what they are trying to tell me. Then I see them in real life as ghost. Some places in my dreams I see in real life after. Some people who walk past or on television it be the people who were in my draems it really strange. I recognise people from my dreams there face is so clear. I dream of colour and I can have up to 150 people even more in my dreams and they are people who look so clear. Spirits/ghost contact you when your asleep because your mind is clear and open. You heard spirits voices then it could of just been a dream or them in your head sometimes they don't know you can hear them you should of said HELLO? They would of been shocked. They say can you hear us then that when you find out it isn't a dream if they don't say anything like that it just a dream . You shouldn't of said go away to them because you have just made it worse. You should of said nicely to them " please leave ". I think you should talk to a priest and fill half of glass of holy water up put it at side of your bed DON'T DRINK IT. I don't know if it has to be on a full moon though. Also put salt on you walls someone also told me that.

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