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Need To Know If This Is An Empath Ability


Would love to know if any one out there that knows, can help me. I'm 23 and recently started feeling strange around certain people I know. I don't want to think I'm loosing it or could that, be it. OK here it goes some times when I'm around people I get shaky or my heart will race or I get uncomfortable around, them and some times I feel like I can tell whether a person has bad intentions or not is it them casting spells" on me and I can pick up on it? Or is it that I can feel what they feel in side.

Some times I dream of things that happen 2 to 3 or a week before it happens. My sister thinks I'm crazy so I stopped talking about it. I keep everything to myself but maybe someone can help by answering my question, do I have a sort of ability? And if yes how can I improve and learn how to deal with it? And also what these feelings mean some times I get overwhelmed with all that I feel around me.

Is there a way of stopping it? I just hope this is just not me in my head I hope some one out there can relate to what I'm going through. I feel so alone. Do I have some sort of ability? When I tell my boyfriend and friends they just think I'm just talking crazy and I'm starting to feel like I am but, some times there is things I can't explain and makes me wounder if I just have some ability.

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boricuachic (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-26)
I have had similar feelings since I was youg. I have never really knew what they are but I have always been drawn to paranormal things. I sometimes feel tightening and great throbbing in my heart chakra and when I am around ill minded people I get vibrations through my body I have helped friends identify many bad boyfriends. I have always been a good judge of character and sometimes it can be hard because I can become very overwhelmed and I just become overly emotional. Its hard to explain. I want to know more about this and how to help myself.
natural_day_dreamer (3 stories) (49 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-25)
Honestly, it's really great you took a chance and tried the internet for help. Communities like these can really help. Not too long ago I felt really similar. Alone and scared, and it made me sad to think I was going at a world I didn't understand all alone, with no back up or support. I was terrified. As if life wasn't hard enough, add being, well, let's just say simply, different, and then people you love and trust calling you crazy and silly, and it's a tough roller coaster ride. But you aren't alone, you never will be. Because even though this is the world wide web, we all stick together because though we may not 'know' each other, we know each other through the words we share and the knowledge we pass and the hope and care we give.

Back to your post, it sounds like you could be both empathic and clairvoyant, which in what I've come to find, tend to go hand in hand. Which makes sense if you think about it. We're in tune to things at a much higher level than the average joe, and empathy and clairvoyance are just that. The first thing you should be doing is meditating. Finding your center and reaching your calm self makes it a whole lot easier to be in control of yourself. The reason you make get really overwhelmed is because you're new at realizing what's going on, so you've got no, let's say filter. Your letting everything in, and it's not your fault. Like I said, meditation. Works wonders. I'd also try some visual techniques with colors. I find it easy if you find the color that represents you the best, and you make yourself a little bubble of that color. It is your safe zone and your home, no matter where you are it can keep you safe. I posted a similar message not too long ago, so if you look through my posts, you can find it easily and read what I told her. It's pretty much the same advice, and I'd type it here, but I think I'm running out of space. Sorry. Lol. So find that and read up on that, I think it might help. Good luck!
And don't give up o yourself, remember, we're always here for you.
psychicAngel (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-22)
Hi Angel45,
You are so sweet and you are in a community here where I hope you feel accepted because you are empathic.
I know its all good and well to 'advise' and I wouldn't want to sound so arrogant, but try to relax with your ability and yes, sometimes its best to 'keep your counsel, as the old-fashioned phrase goes, around people who are not accepting or criticising you for it - I think kind thoughts towards people who are like this with me and it helps me shield myself from their negativity.
I also ask my Guardian Angel for protection and my Master Guide for guidance to deal with that side of things, meanwhile I hope being on here helps you to embrace your real self more, especially in solitude/meditation. I do hope you will keep sharing with us on here about this, I think you have such courage to be open about this, because people who really understand what you are going through might help you heal and be at peace with your ability.

I think empathic ability is a hard thing to live with and master, but it does get easier with time.
I have been this way sinc I was a child & at times it caused me to feel very isolated, disoriented/lost, afraid and confused and sometimes on the outside of everything - like the glass-bowl-effect.

All I can say is you are not alone and yes, there are ways to manage it, cope with it better and for me the start of this was allowing it to integrate in my life, rather than resisting it and by doing so, I found it was less of a 'problem', more of a help ie it now serves to guide me... If I get those feelings you describe, that I so relate to, of discomfort and unease around certain people, I know it is a tool to assist me and now I open my mind to it and explore why I am getting these feelings and carefully explore the feelings in an objective way - took me some practice to get this bit specifically - then link it directly with that more every day, more commonly accepted element of ourselves: intuition - I now know to stop and pay attention now, rather than being distrubed by it and often, previously, ignoring it and I act on it, much like an instruction eg I used to get odd feelings about a person, sometimes like an alarm bell going off, and would think: but he/she seems so nice! Then I would 'go with it' - not now! Because I don't need to waste energy going there anymore, thank goodness:-) - and get confirmation by something they said or did that that feeling was there to guide me to be on my guard, stay clear etc ie let positive, kind people in to my life and keep negative-energy people out. That ended up applying to my spiritual development and work, so I knew when to recognise negative energies and spirits and keep them out.
Of course, it doesn't always mean something negative or a warning, but I found the more I learned to be objective each time empathic intuitive feelings flooded in the more I could see how special and clever it was that my Master Guide was communicating information emotionally through my chakras about other people and sometimes I was getting direct emotional/spiritual information from them and their Master Guide. That's how it all came to light for me.

I also still find, if on occasion I am confused and overwhelmed, especially in public places like crowded supermarkets where I pick up lots on lots of different energy and thought patterns (I filter out some and pay attention to others now) that on occasions when I might still need it, I can deal better with my empathic ability and clear my aura and psychic space with a quick mental call for help from my Guardian Angel (very powerful and you don't even have to know them or have seen them, they are always to hand for you:-)), then I vocalise my need for help with a specific request in my head to my Master Guide, who is always already in tune with the situation because they are there for my - your - development to help you learn all the spiritual lessons you need to grow as a person and develop your abilities - and the clearance comes.
I don't always get the same feelings each time and it takes time to feel better each time, but the repetition of this practice is as big a part of successful progression as anything else!:-)
AJBENN123 (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-20)
doublemint I do understand what you are getting at I am an empath myself when I go to church I get really hot it is either my empath ability or my ability to get info abuot people when I touch them. But whe we shake hands as a sign of peace the hottnes goes away and I feel btter and really like me again.
Artsy1 (2 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-20)
Others don't understand how challenging being an empath can be. I too get the same feelings from people. I had to interview people for a job at work and it is interesting how some people I can sense are truthful or lying or have something to hide. When people lie, I tend to get a numbness type of feeling, almost as if I'm confused but have nothing to be confused about. I know what you mean by you may think it is a spell or something. The best thing to do is to learn how to shield or block these things. As for being labeled crazy... You are not and to me crazy is a people that don't accept you for who you are.:)
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-20)
A lot of 'empaths' tend to intuit and absorb others energy which causes us to become overloaded, anxious, or exhausted when we don't have time to decompress in our own space. As an empath, crowded areas like the mall drove me nuts. To many emotions bombarding at once that were not my own. You have to learn how to set boundaries by defining your own personal space. Example find a room were you could calm down for about an hour alone to do a little meditation. This will help you desensitize by getting rid of others feelings plastered all over you. In time you will find yourself in a better frame of mind and filled with lots of energy.
AJBENN123 (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-19)
i agree with sugar and spice you do have empathic abilaties. I to have had lots of paranormal times sonce I was young like 8 and 7 where the years I first found these wierd and mysteryies abilities
AJBENN123 (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-19)
and also a lot of people will think that I am a lot younger than you but I am really experinced with my powers you are very gifted and I can relat to your powers I have had a few friends and me that have felt the same things you have.
sugarandspice (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-19)
Being an empath is a blessing and at times a curse. I also have what I believe to be empath abilities. I can also sense a bad situation before it happens. I have had experiences with the paranormal since I was 5. I also felt like I might have been crazy. But I know now that I am not. And neither are you. But I must say to be very careful with this ability and keep yourself positive and around positive people. Sometimes if people are negative and have ill intentions, feeling what they feel can seem like a curse. But it is simply there to let your gut feelings guide you. Having empathic abilities can also work with the energies of everything you encounter if you can hone it. Its kind of a trip, honestly, but also definately something you should cherish.
AJBENN123 (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-19)
you can never stop it it is always there. And also meditation will help you and keep you well in tune with your powers and you will be able to use them correctly if you do meditate. Also everyone has an ability I believe that everyone has a deep connection with nature. So you really do have a power and that power is a little empathy and a little cloarovoant I am bad at spelling but yes also that.

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