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Empathy Or Something Else?


Growing up I never viewed myself as a normal child. I found myself to be quite different in many aspect; socially, mentally and spiritually. Often times I had an idea of what people thought or felt, without considering the fact that most people do not experience this. Throughout my life I have found to have a different connection with the universe. I am not sure what it means, or if it's normal. Maybe I'm just crazy. Can anyone help?

Here are some of my experiences.

1. As a young child I would often predict what was going to happen, prior to it happening. For example; If we were playing in a undesignated area and were about to get in trouble, I would know when to leave so I would not get in trouble. To this day I can predict events, usually a few minutes or seconds before. A lot of times I acknowledge them in my mind, but never really register them until after the event has happened.

2. As a child I had no idea of what healing is, was, or does. At an extremely young age (5-6) I would see my parents argue, and I would feel so overwhelmed by the emotions that I would sit and draw pictures of a happy family and try to close my eyes (I suppose meditate), rub my hands over the drawing and let it absorb the negativity and tear it up after to rid the bad. Then walk out and see an actual change in the surrounding energies.

3. A few years older now, I would often zone out on the clouds and envision myself helping someone or something in the clouds. Often times like they need me, and I would close my eyes and surrender my spirit to them in order to help, and I would float in the sky helping with every problem. Almost as if I left my body, and floated above. This was quite frequent.

4. I have had extremely vivid dreams my entire life, many I find relate to emotions I see from others. For example, since I was young my grandfather was an alcoholic, I saw beyond that, the pain within him that the alcohol covered.

My first dream occurred in a very frightening fashion. I dreamt my grandfather being crucified on a short cross and sill able to walk but running in pain, he was with a friend (whom I was never fond of). The dream took place in the house where I grew up in.

Then I began having reoccurring dreams of witches and evil things torturing the family as a whole, but the main focus was on my grandfather. This time it occurred in the same house but on the side. Where from that point on all the dreams regarding my grandfather have taken place.

The most recent was last week, I was on the same coroner of the house and watched him through a window, he was watching TV and looked sad, frustrated, tired, helpless and hopeless. I can say that he does in real life feel this way, but it took a dream for me to completely understand this.

5. As I grew older I began to feel extremely emotional with negative occurrences in my life. They could have nothing to do with me but for days I would feel depressed and sad. It could be things as little as watching a sad movie, hearing a sad story or just seeing a sad person. Not to mention the dream I wrote about above, drained me for days.

6. My intuition with people has grown tremendously. I can just about tell a person how they feel, when they lie and sometimes even what they think! Many are not open to hearing what is going on inside them, they tend to get defensive; hence I've learned to keep it to myself. But picking up on it has become much easier. Before I used to get very sad and depressed, almost like I would mirror what they felt and at the end of the day I would feel like an old dish rag from feeling so much.

7. I have a tendency to attract negative people with many problems. I am immediately drawn to them, able to relate to them, and have them be open with me. I am capable of looking over their negativity in order to help them. The interesting thing is that I somehow help them with their problems weather its talking or solving the problem and bring positivity into them. By negativity I mean the type of person which you see malice or malevolence, and after time with me they begin to have more positive outlooks and intentions, not to mention the energies they give off.

Can anyone relate or help me in anyway? Thanks!

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Isis-Kehpre (3 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-08)
I can relate to this sort of. Although my empathic abilitys are new to me, dreams like ones you have, spirits, shadow people and I are no strangers to eachother. I'll have dreams that I think have no importance and are rather vivid, next day something happens that one dream pops back into my head and I see the connection. More or less they usually just teach lessons.

Whenever I'm alone or so sick I could pass as hallucinating (which I know I'm not at the time) I see a man in a top hat sort of thing, he's all black and just like... A shadow sort of. We stare at each other for a total of half a minute and he seems to walk away or float away in all honesty he scares evalivin out of me and he has a very scary aura thing going on with him.

My constant companions these days is the spirit man I have named 'the man' and a little girl I named 'Dira' since they don't appear to be giving away any names anytime soon.

Reading your life story I look back at my little thirteen years of life and see I just need to keep my head up. This is life and no one said it was easy nor is it supposed to be easy. What would be the point if it was?
For my empathy, it started to make its appearance around the first time I saw my mom abused, I guess it has branched off from there. This empathy is really coming in handy though. I don't like hanging around with fakes and sorry if you don't agree with me but empathy is AMAZING for picking out the people that dislike you with the core of their beings. Thanks for reading if you took the time to. This is also my first time I actually talked briefly (although this is like 4 pg. Long) about my life to anyone. I want to start helping people with my new found gift and all of you who have shared your own stories just make me wan to strive harder for my goal. 😊
RougeElegance (guest)
11 years ago (2010-05-26)
I can relate to you...

1. I get EXTREMELY overwhelmed with the negative emotions of others. Like you,
When I see/hear my family argue (Specifically My Mother, her brother and their father arguing together) I FEEL SO OVERWHELMED.
Once, I had to do some driving to the city where we were going to go shopping.
My mom, her brother and their father were all in the vehicle with me. I have to say that that was one of the most powerful negative energies that I've ever felt. I wantedto burst out crying and run out of the vehicle all the back to our home. I pleaded with my mother to drop my Uncle off back home because I knew a very bitter argument was brewing, but she reassured me that they wouldn't argue. That drive to the city was incredibly scary for me because of the anger, betrayal, hate, and many other negative emotions I felt in there (even though they were quiet, I felt like their emotions were bursting from the seams.)
This is just one of the stories. When I get overwhelmed with negative emotions, I get "cranky" and angry at them for feeling that way. The worst is actually crying from the emotions, because it's like it's pouring out of me.

2. I've had dreams all of my life as well. I believe that I had a vision once as well.
Here is a dream that I had a couple of days to maybe a week ago: I had a dream of an old wise person. I went into the room that that wise person was inside of (that was my grandparent's room where I used to sleep when I was a little girl. My grandma passed away years ago though, and that's where most of the negative feelings between my mother, her brother and their father originate).
That wise person informed me that I had the power to take out the bad spirits/demons/badness out of people and I think we prayed (or I was just "enlightening" or that wise person was just helping me accumulate the powers?)
When I left that room, I saw babies all committing bad acts and crimes against each other and I felt the anger at them for doing those stuff. However, I stopped myself from developing that anger because I knew that it wasn't going to help me help them. Once I got it together, I put my hand on their forehead and took the bad spirits/demons out and there were innocent again.
I still don't understand that dream, but I know that it is important.

3. Alose, I've been remembering a lot of my past lately and also my dreams. I feel like they are important. I don't entirely understand most of my dreams, but I keep them in my memory.

4. I think that what I'm about to tell you right now is important.
This happens when some of family goes for a grocery shopping trip or a shopping trip and I'm home alone.
I'm sitting in my room, dining room, or living room and I swear that I HEAR THEM walking on our sidewalk path, walking up the stairs, talking to each other and walking through the door. Sometimes I even hear the vehicle's doors open and shut while sensing them walking towards the door. I run to the door or the window to see if they're here, but they're not. I feel a little "weird" after that and wonder what just happened. Ten, a few seconds to minutes later they actually get home repeating what I hear and sense.
They don't call me beforehand to tell me they're almost home, so it's not as if I know for sure that they are coming home
I'm actually quite pleased with that happening because sometimes I think that "they're" just telling that my family is coming home.

5. I see black shadows and white shadows all over my house and around me. I saw actual human-like figures as well in my life-time (I'm 17). Once, I was in my room doing schoolwork and I felt this INCREDIBLELY STRONG EVIL in my room. I was panicked, but I stayed where I was to see what was actually happening. Then I heard a child laugh or cry. That child was sitting beside my desk, back to the wall, wearing light clothes with it's hands in it's mouth or somewhere near it's face. I ran to my sister (she's 10 and we both share experiences of those figures and shadows. We're very close) and I told her. I was crying and laughing hysterically at the same time.
Another time was when I was sleeping with her because she was scared. I couldn't fall asleep in that bed because of the senses of strong auras I felt in there. As I was laying down, I heard footsteps of someone leaving the room, so I looked up and saw this blonde long haired 7-ish year old girl walking fast towards the door. I panicked and looked back down, listening for the footsteps, but I didn't hear any. After that I felt this strong (black, evil) aura beside my bed. I was shaky after that, but eventually fell asleep.
There's more too...

Sorry for this long post, but this is the first time that I shared these things online. I do relate to you and find your #2 and # 4 experiences incredible.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-26)
Hi Peachflower
Nice story. I know what you're going through, and how confusing it can be sometimes. Don't worry, a lot of people here will be able to relate; you're not alone!;)
I have a lot of strange people approach me on the street, and I don't know why, because I can't help them. I look around and think 'why, out af all the people they could approach, do they come to me?!'
I'm usually pretty good at blocking my empathy, but recently I haven't been getting enough sleep, and being in a room full of people is near unbearable! I just feel so bombarded, I can't think straight! And I'm a real social butterfly, too! ^^'
For the empathy, I recommend sleeping properly and meditation.
You seem like a nice person, and I think you have a gift. Peace and blessings
gothictiger212 (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-25)
that was a very interesting story and I can relate to some of it. I feel depressed after a day of school because I try to help with so many problems, I can't deal with it all and mine on top of that. I meditate when I get home and I try to release the thoughts and worries for alittle bit. It helps. You know what they say: misery enjoys company

Blessed be, Latte'
yoshimi11 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-25)
Wow. I can definitely relate to you. I come from a dysfunctional family as well and the negativity that I experienced was very draining. Even outside of my family life I naturally found myself drawn to the people that had a lot of problems. I had a really rough childhood as well as adolescence just because problems seemed to follow me everywhere. It's good that you've been able to keep your mouth shut sometimes and not keep trying to tell people how they are. That one got me in a lot of trouble back in the day. I've made a lot of changes in my personal life and had to seperate myself from the negativity because it was really starting to take a toll on my mental health. Being an empath can be really rewarding but at the same time it can make our lives extremely difficult. I have found that meditating has helped me quite a bit and also spending time outside. Empaths are very caring people but we need to remember to do things for outselves too. It's easy for us to become martyrs to people that don't return the love. It's great that you're helping people but just be carefull to not try and help people that don't want it. I spent years of my life doing that and although I did see positive changes in them it actually caused a lot of negative changes in myself and I missed out on quite a bit.

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