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Monsters In The Dark


When I was a child I was scared of the dark, as a matter of fact I still am. I am a firm believer in monsters in your closet and things in the dark cause I have seen them all my life. As a child I had a few scary experiences, once when my sister and I were maybe 4 or 5 I woke up in the middle of the night to find my sister playing beside the bed with our toys. We had a water bed and the heater gave off a light that was pretty bright so it was our night light. Well I wanted to play with her as well but in my excitement I had forgotten our rule. We never put our legs over the side of the bed, I never knew why but I just knew it was our rule. We had to jump on to the bed or off of it, but in my hurry to play I forgot as I swung my legs over the side of our bed my sister looked at me in alarm and said "No Tiffany not that way". I looked at her and in that instant we both heard a growling sound and then the next thing I knew I was on the floor on my stomach, I heard the noise again and looked over my shoulder and saw these glowing green eyes under my bed... And I screamed, and my sister was pissed because in came our mother and Crystal got a spanking for scaring me.

Then in another house we had bunk beds we were older but my sister was not there that night, I woke up and it was very early like 4 or 5 am. The first thing I noticed was at the end of the bed where these figures. There were two of them and they looked like the "Yo Sammity Sam" character from Looney Tunes. They were made up of this white but thick substance and did not move. Then I looked towards my door and I saw this body lying in the middle of my room made up of the same substance, but it had no features, no face and it was just lying there. I was terrified, and I watched it, and then it started to move to sit up and then it turned and looked at me and raised its hand out to me and I screamed and screamed and screamed...

When we lived in Arizona I had to sleep with the covers over my head, but even doing that it never prevented me from being woke up by something repeatedly grabbing my covers from my head and ripping them off my head. And then when we moved to NY things kind of abated but there it was like something was always watching me in my room, and at night things kind of came to life in my room. It was almost like a show, their where shoot outs at the end of my bed between the good guys and bad guys. I didn't know why they were bad and good I just knew they were. As I got older those types of things didn't happen anymore, but different things did.

But when I reached young adulthood more intense things that I could not explain began happening again, and it all started from living in this one house. I was a young mother and my son's father had had trouble keeping a job and us a place to live. His parents owned property and they had a vacant house, he and I had cleaned it out for them when they first bought it 2 years prior. The lady that had owned it had died in it and she had no family. We moved into it when my son was about 9 months old. When we cleaned it out after they first bought it, the house didn't bother me, it was a little creepy but I didn't give it a thought. But then when we moved in that was when I started to have reservations about the house. The house was huge and we lived only on the first floor, there were bedrooms upstairs 2 but we never used them, we never even went up there. The first thing I noticed was in the front door and a few others there was buckshot, someone had shot of a gun in the house multiple times and the doors had been sprayed with the buckshot. I could not sleep in the back room that my son's father had made our bed room. I didn't know why but I was extremely uneasy in that room at night and I would lie there all night and not sleep. So I began sleeping out on the sofa in the front room with all the doors shut. But I still had to take something to help me sleep, which was unusual because I could sleep anywhere at any time, I could fall asleep in 5 minutes.

One day my son was playing in his room and I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, I had a gate up to prevent him from coming in, but I could see right in his room. Like I said he was playing and then he stopped and looked up like someone was standing over him and as I watched him he raised his arms to be picked up, but there was no one I could see standing there. I instinctively ran into his room and grabbed him and walked out of the room and as I turned a doll was flung across the room. Then one night I have company over and we are all sitting in the front room playing cards. I had just dealt the cards and we were all quite and in that instant we heard a huge crash, we lived off a main highway, even though our house and all the others where set far from the road we still heard it like it was right in front of the house. We heard the slam of the impact, the metal crunching everything. We all ran out of the house, it was so loud it woke the baby. Everyone on the road heard it, they all came out with us to look for the crash, the police were called. And nothing was ever found. After that house things kind of stopped but I wasn't paying attention to much that was going on around me. There was to much going on in my life at the time to take notice.

After my father died, the music box I had, the only thing I had from him, would play periodically. And that's when I started to pay attention again. I knew it was my dad and his way of saying I am here. Then I moved into the house before the one I live in now, the Blue house, even my son who was only 2-3 living in this house remembers the Blue house, we lived there less then 8 months. At first the house was great, it was perfect for us, we really liked the property, liked the owner, it seemed to fit us perfectly. But then it changed, after maybe a month of being there the house was not so perfect any more.

At first it was just a feeling, like your not by yourself, and then things began to happen. For example the owner had the roof replaced because it was leaking, but no matter how many times those people came out, the roof continued to leak. And the leaking seemed to be exacerbated by the mood of the people in the house. On one such occasion my husband was gone and it was just me and the kids in the house it was raining but everything was ok, but around 10 pm as we were all in bed the fire alarms started to go off. I ran out of my room and go into my daughters room and it is raining in her room. Water is pouring out of the fire alarm, it is pouring from her ceiling and I panic and in that moment all the fire alarms start going off and I race through the house with my kids to find water pouring out of all the fire alarms upstairs and downstairs. I carry my kids out to the side porch and it is raining in there as well. Only after the fire department is called does everything stop.

Then my husband saw an apparition, he was downstairs watching TV and he got up to turn it off. As he was leaning over to push the button he saw something out the corner of his eye and he looked up. He saw a little girl with stringy blond hair that was hanging in her face, she had a white cotton shift on he thought it was my daughter, so he asked her what she was doing up and turned for a second to turn the TV off and when he turned back she was gone. He never told me about her until after I told him I saw her weeks later. Because he didn't want to scare me as he knew I was becoming more uneasy in the house.

I was having panic attacks in the bathroom in that house, anytime I went in the bathroom at night on the second floor, I would have a panic attack about dying, it would just hit me and I would almost be unable to move the fear was so intense.

Then I began not being able to sleep, because of the noise. It was like a million people where talking all at one, but I couldn't understand them, they were muttering... One night it was particularly bad, I just could not sleep and my bedroom door was open and right across the hall was the top of the stairs. I began to watch that area and could not stop watching, I was fascinated at what was coming, because I knew something was coming up the stairs. And in that instant a woman came up the stairs in a dark green 18th century dress, she was dressed as a lady, and she was black, she came up the stairs turned looked at me and walked into the wall, which lead into the bathroom. I was shocked and the muttering got louder, and I knew more was coming. And then I saw a hand come around the side of the wall and there was the little girl and she just stood there and stared at me through her hair. I freaked and jumped up and pushed the door closed so I wouldn't see the stairs again. And I laid there and the muttering got louder still and then the door pushed open and there was a man standing there, he was an older man, and by the way he was dressed he looked like he came from the 30's or 40's and he was mad at me. I had lost my job and my husband and I had plans to do certain things but it relied on me getting a job. Well this man yelled at me for at least 15 minutes straight about not having a job and how we would not be able to do anything with out me having a job. It got so bad I was began yelling back at him in my head to leave me alone I knew I needed a job and I was going to get one. Every time I tried to move out of his line of sight he would move with me. So I got up and shut the door firmly, but the muttering wouldn't stop... I finally feel asleep for a few hours. When I woke the next day I called the owner of the house and asked him when this house was built and he said well it's interesting you should ask because it is one the older houses in the city it was built in the 1800's. I knew then what I had seen was not my imagination, I then called my husbands mother and explained the man I had seen, I described him to her and she said "that's my father" I explained to her what he said to me and she laughed and said yep that's him. I then talked to my husband and he told me of his sighting of the little girl. We never saw anything else in that house but we began to be ruled by our emotions in that house. And so we left. And bought the house we live in now.

I will talk of those experiences in another story as this one is long enough I think.

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tigg3rxox (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-26)
Hello (: I know exactly how you feel. A few of those things happening to you have happened to me. If you want to talk, my email's on my profile:D
Just wanted to say that you're not alone.

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