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I've been able to see, and talk to spirits starting at a very young age. However, I've been able to see one since birth.

Now maybe not the minute I was born but I do remember having an 'imaginary friend' named Jamie. Being the creative child I was, and still am, my parents dismissed Jamie as just someone I made up, to fill the role of a friend. There were never many kids that lived on my street, and the ones who did picked on me, they would call me crazy and weird, because I 'made up' Jamie.

I know to this day, I did not make up Jamie Vancent.

I would always ask Jamie why he was so cold and I couldn't touch him, and he would reply with a change of topic. When my dad would get mad at me, I would see Jamie's green eyes turn black, and he would throw things (e.x: salt shaker, coffee mug) at him.

One night Jamie got so mad at my dad, for being angry with me he started screaming and only me and my dad could hear it. That night I told Jamie to leave me alone because he scared me. This upset him. That night I could hear screams of pain from Jamie coming from down stairs, and I would hear foot steps come back up. I woke up in the middle of the night to see my closet door wide open. I had shut it. When I looked inside I could see what looked like Jamie, bloody and lying on the floor.

"Why did you make me go Taylor? Now look what daddy did to me."

And finally I heard Jamie's voice say "I'll get you."

Once my family and I moved away from that house I decided to do some re-search. It turns out before my family bought the house, a man, John Vancent, his wife, Maradith Vancent, and their son, Jamie Vancent, had lived in the house.

Maradith died in a car accident just three months after living in that house. This broke Jamie's father. John became a alcoholic, and when he came home he would beat Jamie. One night when his dad came home, he went to far. He beat Jamie to death.

John then became scared so he hid his son's body in the small back bedrooms (my room) closet. Not being able to live with the fact that he killed his son, and he didn't have his wife, he hung himself in that same closet.

I guess that's why Jamie never wanted my dad mad at me. In fear that my father would kill me, as his had done.

To this day I will still wake up and hear Jamie's voice: "Why did you make me go Taylor? Now look what daddy did to me."

And when I'm alone, up in my room (like now) I can still hear him whisper: "I'll get you."

If you have any idea on how I can get Jamie away from me please tell me. I've moved to three different houses and we've bought all new furniture since we lived in that house. So I think hes connected to me.

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XxMexX98 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-10)
Thank you MidnightBlueSwan but how do I try and reach out to my spirit guide? 😕
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-10)
Try to meditate, it works to help calm down your nerves. And as for this spirit problem, you can try to contact your spirit guide, they will help you in breaking your connection to this spirit. You can reach them (and thank you yet again birdzgoboom for teaching this to me) by meditating and calling out to your spirit guide for guidance in your time of need and desperation. But as this works for me, it may not work for you. You may need to try many different ways before you get through to them.

~The road ahead of you is faced with many challenges, be smart and agile and you will get through them all.

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