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Feeling Physically Drained By An Endless Void


A endless void, draining the life out of me. What it is, I do not know. I wake up feeling exhausted, I go to bed feeling exhausted. I feel like I'm on the verge of passing out during the day.

I can physically feel it draining me, almost sanguinely. I feel as if I hate everyone and cannot keep a relationship more then a month. I constantly find flaws and bad traits in whoever I'm with. I have premonitions and disturbing visions. Listening to music used to help me feel rejuvenated, but now it doesn't help me anymore. I'm worried that there's something following me. I constantly feel as if I am not alone when there's no one else in the room. I've felt a light touch on my shoulder only to look and see no one was there. I have people introduce themselves to me, in my head. I brush them off as my rpg characters but I do not believe they are. Devine is the latest one, he is a spirit from the 1920's.

Can anyone please help me with this?

It's starting to physically exhaust me and I wake up and go through the day feeling like I'm going to pass out any minute. I do not have any chronic diseases or diabetes either, I went to the doctor about it and he said nothing was wrong. I'm worried for my life's sake.

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Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-16)
Where does your hate come from? From other people or from inside you? Do you fear the future? I think these would be some good questions to ask yourself.

Lyro and Adaryn7 had good things to say. In addition to what they said I would like to add that I believe the spirit is trying to draw you away from positive human interaction.

When the body dies, it turns to dust. When the soul dies, it turns negative. When the spirit dies, it separates itself from both the soul and body. Your soul has turned negative. That's what is causing you to feel so negatively and tired. Your spirit is beginning to separate itself from everything. That's why you constantly think negatively.

I hope this isn't offensive. I know what you are saying, I understand. I relate to you. Thats what human interaction is all about, positively relating to one another. I have a story you might be able to relate to. Feel free to check it out.

You should never be afraid of your own feelings. All things in moderation. Practice trying to generate a positive experience. The type of experiences that happen in our lives shape us. Learn to shape experience instead of experience shaping you. Don't be a stranger.
DreamOfWaking (4 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-16)
Ahh I believe I might be a psychic vampire, but I'm constantly around people who are fighting; mainly my parents and I think the negative energy is draining me instead of feeding me...
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
Do you have a psychic vampire in your midst? From what I know about psychic vampires, they are beings (can be human) that need to draw energy from others. Spirits, particularly those of low vibration, I've heard, need to do this to be able to manifest--often the person isn't aware of what's happening, they may just feel a little tired/drained.

As for people, it is rare for a person to be a psychic vampire, but some people do have deficiencies in their energy levels, and (wittingy or unwittingly) draw energy from others. There may be a person you feel drained/tired around, and likewise, they may feel really energised around you. Usually they aren't aware of what's happening.

However, if your level of energy is constantly this low, then you may have some low vibrations attached to you. Do you know when this all started? Were you going through a difficult period of your life? You do not have to answer this question, but if you have an addiction of some sort, you can draw lost souls, sometimes former addicts themselves, to you. Remember, like attracts like and if you are drawing negative vibrations, then you must be emitting them, too.

I read a good article about attachments recently, and I will post it here for you. This woman knows what she is talking about, and I hope this helps you.


Peace and blessings, and please let us know how it turns out

Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
I know the word isn't used widely but I'll introduce the idea here. It could be a dark spirit that's with you. I had something similar as to your case. I think you have to emotionally fight what its doing to you. If you're tired as much as you want to sleep, if your sleepy at odd hours like during the daytime when you should be awake do what you have to to stay awake. Don't go with the feelings that come with the "dark spirit" that might enforce its energy.
That would also apply with the anger or dislike of everyone, instead of finding the negative things use your energy to only see the positive sides of people around you, and just practice daily. Walk outside, or when your in a car just look at people and find something positive about them like, "the coolest hair" or "they look intelligent." and eventually get to doing that with the people you have relationships with.
Well I wish you luck and I hope this helped a little.
supremedudeiou (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-10)
something fishy is going on! It seems most people are getting this feeling
DreamOfWaking (4 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-10)
Hmm. That's odd. I personally think Devine is draining me unintentionally, but I'm not for sure.
supremedudeiou (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-10)
i have been feeling that too like I drain it helps to keep all lights off except where you are. Sometimes I feel like I will pass out and once I slept 2 days back to back because I was so deprived of energy when I loose energy I eat to gain it back but I am able not to pass out because my heart beats very strong and fast to keep my energy level up.

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