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Before I tell you the story I should let you know that I am an empath.

Ever since all these supernatural things have been happening to me I have felt so drained of energy. I could get 10 hours or 9 or 8 of sleep but I'm still so tired.

I also have a ghost who likes to play tricks on me sometimes at home. Could it be the one taking all my energy? Do you have any ideas on how to get my energy back again?

I'm also wondering what this ghost was trying to do to me one day. So one night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up reading and the whole night I felt something watching me, and banging on my doors, knocking on my walls, footsteps all around my room.

Then I got to tired to stay up anymore so I tried to get back to sleep. Then I heard the banging on my door again and I ignored it. Then I felt it watching like it was right above me and I ignored it. Then all of the sudden I was extremely cold and then I went burning hot. It felt like something was on top of me.

I had to run out into my hallway so I could breathe. I'm wondering what was it trying to do? Was it trying to drain my energy? Was it trying to scare me? If it was it didn't work because I felt really calm for some reason. Was it trying to hurt me?

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Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-01)
To me its sounds like a demon is messing with you yes. The reason I don't use barriers or burn incence is because I believe that if you are truly called of Christ then you are a child of God. Through Christ we have nearly direct fellowship with God. All we must do is ask our Heavenly Father that He grant our request. Of course you can't just ask anything. I regenerated heart and mind will ask according to the will of Christ natrualy and will be heard.

My personal method is to identify my fear and what is causeing it. If it is something I truly feel is evil then I will say out loud that all angels who rebelled from God will be cast into the lake of fire and be bound by chains of darkness. Then I go on to repeat that Jesus Christ is Lord of me, Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Lastly, I pray to my Heavenly Father in the name of Christ Jesus who is the Son of God, born of a virgin, who sits at the right hand of God, and who is the final Judge and that all of creation is under His authority. Basically I just glorify God and His son while I pray. My prayer is usualy long and spoken with the highest respect for my God. He is God after all and should be spoken to with the highest respect.

I don't usualy speak to the demon itself but if I do I never curse it or direct any of my own will towards it. I command it to leave my alone in the name of the most high, Christ.

If the demon ignores you while praying in the name of Christ then appeal to the Father that you, His child, are under oppression from the evil one and that you need His assistance. In the past I have spent up to a full half hour, even an hour, praying that I would be saved from my current oppressor (s).

The thing that is important to understand about angels, demons, God, and other higher beings is that they are above us and we have no power that can stand against them. We must apeal to the highest for true protection.

Never speak out directly to a demon. Always pray in the name of Christ. When you pray, glorify God and speak of how great He is. This is what I myself do and it works. If your heavenly Father truly loves you, will He give you a stone when you ask for bread? No, of course not.

Sometimes demons are allowed to oppress us. Understand that no power can harm you unless it is given authority from God Himself.

If you can't tell I'm kind of devout lol. Just remember, God takes care of His own. He sent His only Son to die for us remember.
scta13 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
iunderstand, I have read your demons and visions story. Do you think that this ghost/s could be demons? If so what can I do to get rid of them? Can they hurt/kill you? You said that you don't use the magical barrier, or burn incense etc. Why not? I use incense and the magical barrier, sometimes it works. By the way I believe in Jesus Christ, I pray every night.
Eric-Baal (1 stories) (255 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-26)
[at] scta13

Sounds like to me that spirit that is in your house, is lost in Verse. In Verse it can feel your energy and wants it badly. Eventually it will find ways to get some of your energy.

Soon after that they are going to try and inhabit your body to draw about your spiritual pressure or energy.

I would say to try and do what Iunderstand says. Or get someone who can make that spirit leave. If you need any more info just email me at rc_Hardy [at]
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-26)
Most people on this site will tell things like, burn incense, place rocks in your room, have someone bless it, or imagine a magical barrier that protects you. I have never done any of those things and I'm not the type of person who downs experiences iv never had before. My personal method is to relate to what you are saying then give you a solution that I myself have used and currently use to achieve the end I seek. In your case you want to rid yourself of this bothersome entity I'm assuming. Before I begin id like for you to read my story, "Demons and visions".

In closing, I must tell you that I'm a devout follower of Jesus Christ. I don't know what level of involvement you have with Christ but regardless of how you may feel about Christianity Christ is real and will protect you. I'll wait to see your reply. Please think of some questions to ask me. I'm very open and I will not judge you. I hope to hear from you soon.:)

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