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Remembering My Past Life


I went to sleep not so late it was about 11:00 P.M., or at least I intended to go to sleep because every time I tried to go to sleep I wouldn't be able to. Let me clarify that I was very tired, but every time I tried to go to sleep I couldn't because I would be awoken by strange noises usually popping noises around my room or tingling feelings I would get in my arms or legs and I think I felt like a stroke in my face (Cheek).

Well before I started to hear those noises I actually fell asleep for about maybe 15- 20 minutes before I woke up. After that every time I fell asleep, for like 1- 2 minutes, I would see a lot of necklaces that where red and red crystals and I think there was also gold surrounding this huge dark room and I would be standing there in the middle watching it all, astonished at what I was seeing. I didn't stay long there because then I woke up and sort of got this feeling, you know those kind of dreams that are a little freaky but they scare you even though there not scary, then you think if you stay awake long enough you won't dream the same thing again but then you do, so then you stay up longer hoping you don't dream that same dream, but you still do? Well that's what happened every single time I would fall asleep.

Eventually I stopped dreaming that room and it was all quiet and I felt myself spinning I think that was astral projection though but then as I told you I would here those popping noises and I would snap out of it and wake up all of a sudden, I even heard myself give a little grunt as I came back to my body. After that I couldn't even really close my eyes because then the popping noise will come back.

Hours passed by and I couldn't go to sleep, at moments I would lose my sleepiness and I would just stare at my clock, just waiting and in other moments I would be practically dying of sleep. I actually don't like being up at 3 unless someone is with me because then you start hearing voices: people laughing or calling for you or sometimes you hear 2 people having their own conversation. I actually don't remember being up the whole time at 3, but I didn't go to sleep, or perhaps maybe a few minutes or so because when I looked up at the watch it was 3:41. After that the time went faster and soon it was 4 then 5 and it was probably about to be 6 when I actually fell asleep.

This is where it starts getting weird, I saw one of my many past lives, but it was one I had seen before the only difference was the age. The one I dream this morning I was 12 and the one I had dreamed before I was 18 and I actually died when I was 18, I was a boy, and was back stabbed both figuratively and literally, by one of my friends, with a long knife, in the bright side the knife did look pretty cool they had special designs and had like rubies on them..

Well anyways, I found out more things while I was 12 in the dream. For example, I was born on August 27, I don't know which year but I remember it was during the time where houses where stacked together and where made out of plain wood un-painted. During that time there was like a fight/war going on between the rich and the poor. I was within the poor and we were fighting because the rich wanted to take everything we had and make us there slaves.

I remember the poor's weapons were wooden sticks, a few swords, and daggers and I think rakes while the rich had axes (Which were scary/sharp looking), swords, and those old fashion guns that have pointy ends and after you shoot them you have to reload them again. There were also arrows flying everywhere I couldn't really see who had the arrows but I remember I was holding a long wooden stick, not much of a defense though hah... In the rich side Only Men were fighting and 2 boys, perhaps 13--14 years old. In the poor side there where both men and women, kids not really if there were they were almost off age, with the exception of my 2 friends and I.

The fight was taking place to what seemed to me in a forest, my 2 friends and I weren't suppose to be there but we wanted to do something to help. As we went into the fight my friends didn't notice that I had stopped moving I remember seeing people being shot at lying on the floor, blood spilling, yells everywhere and I felt the urge to run back to safety and I would have done so if I weren't for the part that there was no where you could run to. So I stayed. I manage to find my friends without being attacked. My friends where fighting the only 2 boys the rich side had. They each carried an axe and where swinging them as my friends dodged. My arrival brought their attention to me, my friends where practically on the floor even though they didn't have serious wounds they looked in pain and tired.

My wooden stick was no match to their axes just with a few swings my stick was in smithereens I had no other way but fight them with my bear hands but was afraid of getting chopped up into pieces. So I ran for it as I saw one of the boys getting ready to launch his axe at me. Luckily I managed to dodge it with my sense of hearing. As I heard it coming I calculated where the axe was going to hit me it was aiming to my head, so I sort of bended my knees as I ran and I barely missed it still hit my head but not the sharp part but the wood part where you hold it from. I still fell down I think from the impact that's where I got the idea to stay down and fake that I was dead. I remember hearing one of the boys saying to throw me the axe on my leg to see if I was actually dead. I started to panic but didn't move but waited for the boy to throw the axe and when he did I rolled and it landed next to my leg.

Now I had two axes, to bad I didn't know how to really use it I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Soon we all started to fight to get the axes. But before anyone did, the poor & rich where retreating. Neither of us died and if I had run away before I fought perhaps we would have all died. (There's always a way)

The ironic part happens when the 2 boys with the axes (Don't remember their names) and my2friends and I become friends. We talked about our family's or rather they all were because I wasn't I discovered I no longer had any family alive. I was alone. After that things started to get confusing and my dreams started to switch the last thing I remember from that time was that there was a surprise attack... But I didn't die there I died I died 6yrs. After.

I don't know if the rich people got there way or not or if my friends survived or died... Or if I ever saw our new 2 friends or if we ever talked again to them seeing that we were practically from different worlds and when you're young you'll be friends with anyone... But then...

A strange thing I didn't mention is that every time I do see my past lives, I never get to see people's faces unless I actually see them in this life then I dream them and I get to place them on what life I met them and that's when I get to finally get to see their faces. Do you know why that is?

For example a boy in my Geometry class actually was the one who killed me in that life I talked to you about. I got a sensation of familiarity until I saw his eyes they where dark and my reaction when I saw them was that I panicked without knowing why, that's when I started having those dreams and saw that he had killed me. He also showed this weird habit of saying I'm going to stab you. Well people sometimes do/say stuff they probably said in their past lives.

Other times where I had discovered other people I knew was by their voice/attitude and the way they talked and also their appearance even though it is not the same it has some similarities. That is also something I find strange everyone who I knew either has the same style of hair/color or the same shape/color of eyes; they look the same as they did before. Is that a weird coincidence? Or does that happen for a reason?

You know sometimes I dream my spirit guides I don't actually know how many I have, I've only talked to 1 in my sleep (I think he was my grandpa) and with another when I was awake but I went in a trance even though I was just starring at the wall when it happened. I remember them saying something about this being my last life if I stay in the right path. That all I have to do is be happy and do the right thing, and be who I want to be, and that there's always a way and to not regret anything and if I do regret something to go and change/fix it.

My spirit guides where also the ones who showed me all my past lives, they took me to a road/room and there was a huge line full of all the people I had been, the scary part was that I never died naturally I always was murdered and never made it past my 20's or 40's. Every time I would get off my path, they would show me flashbacks of how many terrible things I had passed through and let me feel the pain for a while until they knew I wouldn't do anything wrong because if you just make one mistake your screwed, unless your able to fix it before it's too late.

Thanks for reading, sorry I know it is pretty long I tried making it as short as I could.

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GoldenGate (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-31)
Actually we might have up to one thousand embodiments (incarnation) or even more both in the past and in the future. But a few of us could remember that situation but only a fraction of it. And sometimes so clearly. And yes, most of the time the people who incarnate again have similar eye colors, traits (behavior), and so on. Frankly speaking, talking about our other life, they might not happen here at all, I mean, this planet earth. Some of us could remember that they also live in other planetary system, other dimension, even what you call our future. As strange as you might think, but it is true.
The things that is weird is that if we are too wicked, or dangerous to other human being like enjoy killing others, and so on. We might live again as animal, or even as plants. This is what I was told by someone. As to the truth of it I do not know for sure. But objects, whatever it is, like inanimate object, like sea shell, it has a consciousness too at some level, just like the sand on the beach. But human instrument has so much more sensing abilities that you might not even realize it. We are like the eyes and the ears of the Gods. Only that these Gods are actually our own Divinity. Ourselves.
stephaniexoox (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
I have had few similar experiences. In my dream I have premonitions and my sister has had them too. But I dream about me but I am much older like in my twenties or thirties and I am not sure where I am or the year and its very real. I wake up still tired and sore in the spots were I might have been hurt. And I have different family members that I can hold actual conversations with it is a little disturbing.
I have also woken up to strange noises. Also the dreams only last a short period of time and I am always waking up in a state of panic or fear. I wonder if maybe my past life was bad or painful and I am revisiting it because I havnt let go of it somehow, if that even makes sense.
All I know is that it is not normal and I am a little scared for my sanity
newlite10 (1 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
Hi acai! This is a great post! How do you know that you are viewing a past life? Maybe you are just traveling to different places... That perhaps your spirit guides want to teach you something by letting you play out different scenarios without the serious repercussions of actually doing these things in real life. I have similar dreams, where I am on different worlds, in a different time like what seems to be the past or future, and interacting with people or people-like beings I have never seen before.

Not sure why you do not see their faces in the dream... That is a great question. I also rarely see the faces of people I interact with in my dreams, I mainly see their clothes or the top of their head. I do feel like by dreaming the people I do not know is preparing me to pay more attention so I can find them in real life.
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
I've had similar experiences. In terms of seeing my past life. I always see flashes of moments that I'd lived. And in both I died young, one I was 22 when I died and in the other I'm not exactly sure how old I was but I know I was younger than 12. I never see the faces either, but I haven't run into anyone I recognized the same way that you have either.

I hope you gain more insight on your experiences, good luck.
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-26)
wow that is messed up you have always been killed has it always been a friend that killed you

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