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Ever since I was a little girl, I've been having small visions, or premonitions of the future. At first, I thought it was just DEJAVU, but as I got older at maybe 13 or 14, I realized that it wasn't DEJAVU. These visions are always random, too. It could be anything; a pot, a group of people, or a place. Anything. I still haven't figured out what my random "visions" mean, but I have them rarely in my sleep and don't remember them until they take place. Ive' told my mom about this, but she didn't believe me.

Once, I even took it as far as seeing approximately five to seven minutes into the future. I can't do that anymore, but if I concentrated hard enough, I probably could. My boyfriend also had those experiences like me. Once, at Christmas or sometime in the season of winter, I looked at him in the dark of my parents car and I realized that I had dreamed of him exactly the same... But as a child. Then I knew how far I was able to see.

When the moon is full, I read online that if you took a bowl of water and held it under the moon's light, you could see the future looking closely into the water. I tried it and it didn't work for me. Instead, I closed my eyes in bed and let the moonlight hit my face. That was when I imagined I was at the beach. I was starting to relax for a moment, but what I saw was unbelievable. I saw glimpses of my future. My unborn son, my wedding, and other glimpses of a brunette little boy that resembles my boyfriend; the one I want to marry. I didn't think he took it seriously, but it was definitely real.

I have had small experiences with ghosts as well. When my aunt died, me and my mom felt a huge gust of wind and it felt like she went straight through my body. It was on the day that we got the phone call stating that she had died. Before I knew, I was walking out on the lawn looking up at the gray sky as it rained lightly thinking 'Something is wrong'. Almost two minutes later, my mom gave me the news. I know, that is a normal experience for a loved one who has passed, but hear this.

Ever since I was about 6 or 7 years old, I have always felt something weird, a bad presence in a particular room. It just happened to be my old bedroom as a kid and my little sister's present room. Every time I enter, a bad, strange feeling washes over me. One day I realized that there was some sort of presence and something bad had happened. In the past, I have noticed strange patterns on the wall. The walls were made of wood and wood tends to take on weird shapes, but the patterns formed shapes of some sort of clown face and fire. I'm not hallucinating. I even brought a few of my friends in there and they witnessed it themselves. They all felt weird feelings being in there and noticed the patterns I saw.

But that is the only room in the house that is potentially haunted. I went as far as talking to the "ghosts" in the room, telling them not to be afraid and that I could possibly help them. I have no experience in helping spirits, but if I felt their presence, why not? But that night when I crawled in bed, all I could feel was fear... Like they had followed me into my room. I was terrified. I also felt if that night angel's were watching me, because I also felt something good mixed in with my fear. Possibly a few days later when I was going on a walk, I felt watched and followed. When I looked behind me though, no one was there. Maybe it was an angel, but I didn't feel any fear. I have a lot of questions of my abilities.

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