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Voices Call You To The Dark


I was writing, not because I think I'm psychic, but maybe haunted rather... But I need some advise from anyone. I have never really talked about it much to anyone but my mother, and couple friends.

I was 6 or 7 years old at the time... I can't remember what I heard outside that made me open the front door. Possible some one laughing... But I do remember like yesterday hearing voices in this pitch black that prob should have been able to see through. Anyway... The only way to describe this was it sounded so clear as if it was in front of me, all around me, or in my head... Started out as a whisper, and then as I just stood in shock the voices got louder, and more angry it seems. All it would say is "come closer". With whispers surrounding it. I ran in and my father said no one was out there but it was prob some one messing with me. Then about a month later at my dad's friends house, this happened again when I went out to start the car and wait. Same things... Pitch black, same voices or voice. Except I muttered "who is there?". When it screamed the only thing it kept saying so loud I thought the world would hear lol. I ran in slamming the door but never mentioned it this time, cause my dad would never believe a boogy man or w/e I thought at that time.

So we moved about a year later into a old farm house where even more things started happening. People came down my lane telling me they saw this hunch back figure watching me from around the corner and running bobbing up and down as they flew down the lane. Multiple foot steps walking around in the halls and opening my door. Stopping in the middle of the room, and tapping my shoulder. I fell back in shock and just layed there. I used to see shadows running back and forth in the house. Weird breathing in my ear as it seem to float away and around the room.

I'm asking for advise because I feel this thing sense 4 years ago still follows me around because after this experience when I was 7 I have had gut wrenching anxiety, and my body will go numb... I get afraid to go out. I always feel like something is watching. My mother has told me she would hear this walking in the halls like it was more then one person and thumping in the attack that just stopped when you went to check it out no matter where in the house you stood up at, then continue 10 minutes after you sit back down. What should I do about this?

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OmegaKishido (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-06)
they a spirits attractede you by fear, or maybe you have somthing they want, they could also be feeding on your, enegy.

Her's how to deal with them, we are all spirit beings as they are, but you don't realize is that when you see spirits you are no longer in the physical realm but in the spirti real, another topic for that later.

They feed on you but not attack you am I right, they feed on you maybe cause you asre meant to be very strong, spirits are able to see your enetire life design rather you believe it or not.
If you pracitce psychic abilites you can defend yourself, but if it's as many as you say I would just create a shield that was meant to posion there spirit energy but don't let them feel the efeects until it is too late, it's called programming, create a psi ball,. If they fight and lose they will die, that is why there are fedding on you, but like I said you see them cuase your in the spirit world, but your five senses make it seem like your still in the physical realm. Name's Omega Kishido I have been practicing for five, I was attacked by a poltergeist or a demon not sure what it was and survived when I was 17 at my sisters house. It means Spirit guardian, I have knowledge and I instantly adapt to the supernatural that's the reason I suriveved, but if they manage to beat you, they take all the energy you where going to possess that's why they are after you and keep following you.
They are attracted to you by your fear like that of a magnet.
What you focus on the most is what you attract the most or become the most.
amaz0n (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-23)
I don't know what to call them. Spirits, demons, negative energy. But all in all these types of apparitions are real. I've experienced them in different ways, but my mother heard the voices in the exact way you describe in the pitch black and would at times wake up to some one pacing her room or standing over her.

The good thing about this situation they can only do what you let them do to you. If you believe it can hurt you it will. If you believe it can scare you, depress you, etc it will and continues to feed off of this negative energy and also the engery of others suffering the same affliction. You have to know that you have power over it and by claiming this in your mind, with your words, and with your actions the power of this negative spirit will fade.

Mind you, it never goes away, the deeds of evil are always about waiting for our darkest moments, but remember there is a higher spirit of positive energy that can be used by us with our thoughts and our voices. So not only tell that spirit to leave you be but know it will. Expect retaliation, but that's to scare you, don't let it. It's crutial that you don't because it will be the difference of it getting better or getting worse. Trust me, I feel when they're on me, and they haaate when I help people lol so sorry you have the vision, I only feel and hear them, seeing that must be heavy on the soul.

Also, these spirits are more active when good things are about to happen, so don't let them get you down!

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