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Hey, last Saturday (September 25) I stopped to meditate in the middle of the day, around 2 pm, only to fall asleep in the middle of the session, and I had a very strange dream. I don't remember there being anything visual happening during the dream nor what was said in the speech itself. It was as if I was listening to a speech the whole time while being blindfolded and paralyzed. This seemed like it was 20-30 minutes long, maybe longer. After which I woke up feeling exhilarated, full of energy, and a general sense of contentedness. I don't remember what was said, just that it was a single person speaking, that it was an uplifting speech, and the sound of the voice itself, which was well projected, full of confidence, benevolent, yet sounded like it had been edited. Nothing was out of the ordinary or out of place when I woke up. For the next couple days, my mood was unusually upbeat and it was as if there was nothing but an exuberant feeling being given off from all directions around me. This has to be by far the strangest thing that I've ever experienced while meditating. My question is did anyone else ever have anything like this happen before or did anything weird happen to anyone else that day?

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WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-29)
When meditating twice in my life I had experiences that left me feeling "up". The first time it was like falling part way asleep but it didn't feel like a dream. I felt as if I was a leaf spiraling around and down. I came through a ceiling into a room and there was a man, older than the universe sitting at a table. He was impatient but had endless patience at the same time. He was bald and in a black robe. The room was a log cabin and he was sitting at a narrow wooden table in an old wooden chair. He looked up at me and ask, "are you ready?" I didn't know what to say and trying to say what I thought he wanted me to say I said, "Yes"

He looked very disgusted with me and shook his head in such a way as to convey that I had answered about as wrong as I could.

For the next couple days I was really up and full of energy. Just feeling good.

The second time it happened was a long time after. I sat down to meditate and felt the same way, like I was asleep but not in a dream. I was two eyeballs rushing through the dark, I could feel the wind making my eyes cold and I suddenly was in a room with no doors or window. Lots of old woodwork on the walls. A rocking chair with what I call the gray lady sitting in it observing me. A "Handsome Lady" seems to fit her. She was in an old wooden rocking chair with a quilt in her lap. Her hair was very dark gray. She was not young, but had a timeless quality about her. I was about 3 feet tall, had on a shinny green jacket, blue jeans with cuffs, red canvas tennis shoes and I think a red baseball hat turned around backwards. I had huge bug eyes and a very insolent stance and attitude. She looked right into my soul and gave me a nod of approval and I knew she was kind of proud of me. She thought I was doing "OK". For the next three or four days I lived in the world as an observer, enjoying just the observation of everything and especially people. I was totally free of judgment of anything or anyone. Just living so free inside myself I felt like I was like air or something that was there interacting with the world without having any substance. It was pretty cool but I was so detached that I lacked that which I imagine we come to earth for, the attachment to things by emotion. After the first three or four days it started fading and I drifted back into the world of reality which took a couple weeks. Of course I tried to repeat that feeling which is the easiest way to keep it from happening again. It was quite a while ago and it has never repeated.

I looked for answers and was told from a very experienced meditator (TM) that I had experienced "bliss". He said he had done this a couple of times and his wife did it fairly often and stayed "in bliss" for a month at a time.

It was his philosophy, or actually the philosophy of the Transcendental Meditation Movement that this is just a huge release of some kind of blockage/residual stress that is released through the meditation, followed by (again) "bliss" which I think means something like a spiritual bliss experienced by releasing such negativity that you kind of drop yourself into the world from which we are created and it kind of sticks on you and you bring a little bit back with you.

I still kind of play with the idea that the lady was real and I journeyed through?...something, and she judged I was "OK". That I may have gone beyond this mortal world and brought back a little something from another place like a cool breeze coming with me into a hot room. That doesn't seem all that far fetched to me.

All experiences are real to those who think they are real, I guess. I try to keep an open mind so when/if something comes along I see it more for what it is, than what others have told me it should be or what I would have decided it is before hand. How heavily we are laden with the thickness of this world. I think it's difficult to let go and experience what we don't know exists because we can't forget what we are told and think.

I think you touched on the experience of "bliss". Is it just a word? I don't know. Bye.
JupiterEmpath (3 stories) (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-29)
Is there anything different that I could do to further developing my psychic senses if that's what it is? And does it seem out of the ordinary that I understood, but can't remember what was said?
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-29)
Yes, I have had things like this happen before ❤
This makes me think of spirit guides, you may be developing your psychic ears so its just muffled right now:) But seriously you know what it was more than anyone else.

Ive had this happen many times actually but sometimes there were my spirit guides talking and sometimes I was traveling time. Other times it was when I was falling asleep and I knew my spirit guide was protecting me:)

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