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I Feel That I Could Be In Danger


I have had many things happen to me and now it is getting harmful. I have always been empathetic. A girl in my class was finally blessed with pregnancy. We all touched her stomach for good luck, but when I touched her I started to cry and left the room. I lied and said that I was just very happy for her, but I felt that the baby was dead. A week later we heard that she had a miscarriage.

I have been physically harmed before. I will be lying in bed and all of a sudden I can't breath. I can't move or even speak. Paralyzed and unable to breath, just move my eyes around. It felt as if I was being held down. After a minute or so when I seriously think my heart will just stop, I am released and I scream in fear.

I usually see a book in front of someone (it will be decorated however they would presume it would look like. I can tell them what they think specifically. EXAMPLE: I talked to a psychic about my ability and said that I can see a book before him within my mind. He asked me what it looked like. I told him exactly the texture, color) If the book is open then anything involving their past or present issues can be viewed and writing inside my head. My teacher was working on my arm (we are massage therapists) and I started to cry because I knew that her lover died to save her, that she owned a large rose quartz and red wicker hat. I just need help to control these things. I can't use the ability when I want to, but it will come all the time. I don't want to be harmed, I just want to have this under control.

I have had a ghost follow me home before because a psychic had told me that I attract spirits like a ball a light that attracts bugs. I was able to tell how one of my friend's friend had died without having any knowledge because I felt the presence of that person. I really think that I need help. Whenever someone comes to me and wants me to read them or tell them things, I can't do it. But then it happens all the time when I DON'T want to deal with it.

If anything, I need to find a way to protect myself from the thing that is holding me down and almost choking me to death. That has happened 4 times that I can recall.

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dragonic_sacrifice (3 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-12)
I just realized that I posted this thing twice. So I am sorry for any confusion or inconvenience for anyone.

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