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Whole Life Haunting


Since I was little I was able to sense things. I can't necessarily see them but can sense and hear them. I can go in a house and know I have to leave. I have recently learned I'm am empath. It runs in my family. My mother chose to ignore it due to her adopted beliefs. It doesn't matter where I am, this thing follows me. It also effects my daughter in a very negative way. She just thinks I'm crazy. I can also control my dreams, although I think this came out of necessity. I have insomnia. I have since I was a child. I'm afraid to astral project for fear I might not get back or something will be in my space when I try to return. I don't like being around people because they lie constantly, sometimes for no reason. I have been hurt many times because I'm compelled to help. I can't stand the noises at night anymore and won't look in mirrors at certain times. I know when loved one die. And sometimes when something is going to happen to a stranger. My dreams come true. I hate it. I only find solace with animals. I don't know how to make the negative energy go away. It actually physically attacks me. I'm very tired. I was taught all these things were wrong. Please help. I think I can do a lot more but don't know who to talk to. People think I'm crazy if I tell them. I have been put in psych wards and its horrible. I can feel the emotions of everyone. If you tell them it makes it worse. The negative force follows me where ever I go. Apparently it has for my whole family... Please help if you can.

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scatpep (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-18)
Hey hon, you sound immensely 'sensitive' and need to work out a way of becoming slightly more 'de-sensitized' so that everything doesn't come at you. Counselling? Maybe? Spiritual counselling?
I have been shocked at the dreams I've had - or visions, always they involve predicting someone's death. I think a good word is ACCEPTANCE. If you can learn to accept that these things happen to you and to try to rise above it and not feel somehow responsible it could make life easier. I'm not being glib or making it seem less than it is, but you need to survive don't you.
CelestialJaden (39 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-13)
I can also sense things around me, although for the most part eye24 is correct, drowning out these other senses requires a bit of practice, but ultimately must be done by you. If you haven't tried meditation, I recommend trying it, when you do, imagine a very bright, white room with you in it's center, after you have that envisioned, then imagine the light slowly dimming until it is pitch black, once you have done that, imagine the room getting smaller and smaller, until there is no more space between you and the walls, open your eyes and you're done. That meditation technique will help dampen your energy, and quiet the emotions and noises, although like I said it may take some time to master it, it will help. If you are interested in continuing to meditate to help dampen the effects of energy sensing, you can E-Mail me at AdmiralJaden [at]
eye24 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-08)
im sorry to say this but you have to do that all by yourself. I had to do the same
Christina_AngeL (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-08)
Im 28 years old. All my life I have been extreamly sensitive to feeling,seeing, and hearing spirits. Both Good and (not sure if bad is the correct word to use, but it will have to do. Bad. People who don't share the same abilities as we do don't know what it means to "feel" a presence. For me, I don't get the standing hairs. I get a type of energy surge throughout my body starting from my toes going to my head. Then I "feel" them or it as if someone is standing behind me or infront of me solid. I feel the heaviness and the change in the space around me. I can only equate it to closing my eyes and having someone put their hand infront of my face. I feel the energy and heaviness. Those who don't have the ability, do not feel this, and cannot relate. I know because I've tried it on a few. I canalso sense their movement. Other abilites I have is knowing what a person is going to look like before I see him or her and knowing if I will get along with them. I'll know if someone is going to call me and who before they do, know what a part of the convo will be, I also know what a place will look like before I have seen it. Or look at a photo and pickup a name and place.
nitesurfer (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-07)
ty all very much for your help... I feel much better getting it off my chest... I can defend myself against it. But I get tired... Thats whan thing happen... I can shield myself... Its just when I do it goes for something else I love... Like my dog... She will suddenly not b able to breath... I have to physically..."put myself around her and make her look into my eyes and it willl go away"...its just exausting. Love is the ultimate bond in alll things... I know everybody lies and I swear I try to ignore it... People are people... And I really do want to help... But I have been screwed so many times... I just need a break... I talking about people I truely loved... I wanted to believe them so I ignored myself... I am always wrong in that yet I keep doing it... Ialways try to figure out y theyre ding what theyre doing... Maybe they just o care about and trust them... Anyway this is what I'm complelled to do... I can't help it... It seems I attract people who want to talk... But they also seem repellled by me at the same time like they know I know... I know I sounds strange its just beeen my expreience... I think they tell me more then theyve told anyone before... Therefore at some point I become a liability... You would not believe the crazy stuff people tell me at a first time meetingh... The other thing is I attarct other psyics. I have so much to say and there's so much more I need to say... Anyone live near huntington wv that I could talk to... Theres a lot more to the story... But anyway I can't thamk you all enough.
SnowAngel12 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-06)
Well for starters you must first set your boundaries. When I mean by that is that, you must personally have the courage and the will to say to the spirit that means harm, that they are not welcome in your area. A spirit can not come in your space unless you let it in, passed down from generation of family, or even they were there first, or a person bounds that spirit to themselves to live off on. Meaning that maybe its not you that needs to be free from it, but the spirit. There are many possibilities of what kind. Always keep your mind open to the possibilities of what kind of problem it could be. If its attacking you, you or your past generation family member pissed it off made deals, wants you dead, or wants something from you,etc.

First you must not pretend its not there and ignore it. Pretending is only a temporary solution. It thrives and lives off of fear. The more you are afraid, the more it has control over you. A spirit only needs to scare you to get what it wants. If you notices this and actually see what they are doing to get to your fear, you are already one step ahead of fighting them off. The mind has many abilities and powers, and how you use it could be to your benefit or your worse enemy. To conqueror fear is to face it. There are many ways, and each different from each person. For me, I use a bit of humor. I dress it up in funny clothes or something that makes me smile and laughs. If you can influence your fear and shift it into a positive energy or thought, the entity or spirit will have less control over you. The negative side of this is it will try harder, but if you can slightly influences your emotion when you are afraid, you can do a lot more than you think. Practice, patience, and will is the key to starting something. You must always remember though every action has a reaction and the consequences is either good or bad.
This is only a starter though, this won't always solve questions, look around this site and you be surprised at the things you learn. From shielding, protection, and fighting back. Nothing will come in a finger snap. Everything takes time to learn.
GYON_BJ2 (2 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-06)
i am new to this site... But I have read a lot of people comments in out of all those yours caught my attention... Ever since I was a little girl I always since things... In also I never be able to sleep at night I always wake up at 3am or around 3am, in my dreams come true a lot, my family always said if you tell your dreams they want come true but mines still come true... Also my dead grandmother visits me in my dreams a lot, I always know when she visit me in dreams something is ready to happen in my life... In I also don't like walking past mirrors for some reason... I don't know why... But now I know that I am not the only one that do that I feel better... In some times if I sleep on my boyfriend side of the bed I get bad dreams or I feel so bad when I get up in the morning... I also astral project some time with out trying... But I don't go all the way through with it because I am scared of what I might see... I don't like being in the house by my self because I always feel like some one is watching me, or that a spirit is around. I don't know what type of psychic powers I have I just know that I have some I also feel people energy... I just comment hoping to make you feel a little better... In to also to get some answers to my problems too.
raiona (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-05)
I have been through most of the stuff that you have experienced. You ain't a nutter and next thing you have to do is accept your gift and embrace it. Because what you can do is help a lot of people later down the track. But first you have to heal yourself from negative stuff that is sticking to you. Pretty much now you are a walking magnet you attract all the bad energies from other people that's why you are drained some days or most days. Also spirits can drain our energies.

Also people who lie can have a mental affect on you as well it happens to me I get frustrated when a person lies to me its a hard gift to handle.

If you can learn about white light while meditating also managing yourself like embracing your gift not getting too frustrated with it. Your body will self heal itself and emotionally you won't be so drained of energy. Sorry in a rush be good
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-11-05)
There is nary a deeply empathetic individual that doesn't go through what you go through. It is incredibly easy to see what is wrong with this world. The lies, deception, shallowness of most societies. It is also very difficult to get out of a negative loop. You're deeply unhappy because of what you see, you withdraw from society and bond only with the pure (animals) but yet like the rest of us, you're forced to be in society. I totally understand and have been there myself.

So what does one do? What we tell ourselves is a story. It's a story we believe whole heartedly but sometimes that story can kill us. To be happy doesn't mean you have to be obtuse. It means you've got to create a new story for yourself. Much of our stories come from a negative judgment of something that is actually neutral. Your dreams come true and you "hate it." Mine come true and I love it. People tell you lies so you can't stand them. I see those lies too and know they are either ashamed, afraid or need help and I love them for that and maybe I can help them (have we not all lied at some point even for the dumbest reasons?). The negative energy that is attacking you is you. You are those thoughts. Our thoughts attack us more than any person so we've got to face our thoughts. Are they helping you expand or breaking you down? The negative force follows you everywhere you go because you are everywhere you go. Do you understand this? My positive force follows me everywhere I go because I don't leave "me" home when I go out. Your daughter is affected by this because she is with you. If you changed, she would change. And will the world keep being a place full of strife and will people keep lying? Of course. But how you react to that will be different. And so what if someone lies to you? It has nothing to do with you but with them. If the world if going to hell in a hand basket, don't add to that. There's enough negativity already out there.

You are going to die like the rest of us, and sooner than you want to think. And this person who is living in this body of yours is going to be the same on the other side. You won't magically become this happy person but could easily get trapped in the lower realm and suffer greatly. This is your wake-up call to start taking responsibility for your thoughts and let go of the opinion it's some force following you around or other people you meet. And even if there was a force, it's attracted to the very thing you are. Change who you are, and it will have nothing to cling to.

I feel the emotions of everyone too. Imagine a teacher in a classroom with a bunch of hormonal children running around. Should she start crying, pulling hair and have a few tantrums? No. She should recognize that their emotions are not hers. She should see that these children are doing exactly what children are supposed to do and to have some control over herself and if she can't then have her own time-out.

Time is quickening here. This is the very moment to work on yourself. It will get increasingly difficult if we all don't do this. There is no better time than this instant to get going and start doing some very difficult but necessary reflection.


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