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Deja Vu Or What?


I wanted to write this to find out if anyone has the same thing or knows anything about what it could be. So I often have like images/speech, that I have never seen or heard before played out in my head, I often zone out and have a completely random conversation between other people I know (I am not usually involved in speaking but I have been once or twice). For example I had a kind of deja vu the other day when I watched two people have a conversation, I had that eerie feeling that I have seen the exact thing before and I can foretell the dialogue perfectly, and the times when I am in the vision I say the same thing too (confused?). However I also have dreams of things (conversations mainly) which eventually come true maybe the next day maybe in a year. I took a test recently which showed me my skills in clairvoyance were rather developed, I know quite a lot about auras and chakras etc but I really don't know what these visions are caused by, also whenever I have a vision it always happens without fail which is sometimes unnerving as sometimes they arent always good e.g. Someone dying. So to some up I was wondering if anyone knows what this is exactly, or if you yourself have experienced this:)

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love_true (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-20)
huh me too psychology has been my thing before even I realise what I can do.

Well I don't 'see' their vibes but dealing with the others' feelings must be hard to live with. I know because sometimes I happen to feel someones' emotions all of a sudden -especially when I'm in class- and it gets me crazy.
How old are you?
cipriano (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
I know I thought I was a loner on this, its good to know someone can relate.
Sometimes, I get strong thoughts such as numbers, feelings etc which will usually turn out to be correct, if not then they are almost certainly mentioned later on,I've never really delved into the whole thoughts thing as I usually can guess what they are thinking from a kind of 'vibe' I get when I see them, such as happiness, depression etc, but I suppose I've always been good at psychology 😊
love_true (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
well its good to finally find someone who can do almost the same thing with me. I mean I can hear conversations being made by people I sometimes know,too, and I also can hear someones thoughts -actually their subconcious- when I calm down and think about nothing.

Yet, it has never happened to me a convertation I have heard in my head to happen in "real life". I have had deja vus many times and yes I know what will happen next but I have never considered the possibility that these deja vus and my clairaudience are kind of linked.
Can you hear thoughts too?

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