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Am I Weird?


About me. A Filipino who moved to states when I was 10

(Ph) When I was about two or three, I kept telling my mom that someone is talking to her (we were in an old hotel) then she says that we're all alone here. After being scolded by my mom for numerous time, I noticed that I can't see them anymore (which it sucks)

(Ph) When we were taking a picture along with a big rock, me and my helpers were having fun until they showed us the picture we took o.o each and one of them have ghost in them. One of them in on the wall, and one is in the tree. My sister showed it to me and I saw it clearly but she put her phone in a camera mode and viewed it over the picture and she said "there, can you see it?" I got confused and scared that I just ignored her.

(America) Something happened when the school goes to camp. When me and my friend finishes the "walking alone" test aka bravery test, I told my friend that I will make rain here on the mountains and he didn't believe me (it was night that time). Then something popped in my, went down on my knees, put my hand on the ground (it was December too) and said some random words that I believed its an incantation. After that, I feel drained and ask my friend to help me walk. Then the next day, lots of snow showed up. Our counselor told us that it snowed last night and my friend was speechless:D, we're not even allowed to bring electronics and the counselor said that there weren't suppose to snow today.

I feel like all of this is just coincidence. Am I weird or is it right? And I feel something life changing will happen on my birthday? Hell?!

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Jimjeff (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-23)
14:D and I'm young to go somewhere far. I think I missed my 2 chance. One, was there a kid on the cafeteria door. He looked at me, I was thinking about giving him my leftover lunch but the insecurities popped out of nowhere. Then I left without looking, which made me regret of what happenes
AnandaHya (guest)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)
find out if the doubts and insecurity is self generated or something else. Either way you have to deal with it by building your self confidence. Don't get arrogant but just learn about the world and yourself. Find out what works and what doesn't, and you can help people by doing pratical nonspiritual things. Like listening to others and showing that you care, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, visiting sick kids at the hospital, take care of stray animals, etc.

There is always something someone can do to help, you just have to open your eyes and heart and find out what you are led to do. Many things happen in our lives because of past karmic debt (not all but alot) it might not be OUR past karmic debt. We exchange good karma with bad when we get unjustifably mad at others and act upon it by punching the person. That is way Jesus said to turn the other cheek, it is for your sake to balance off your karmic debt and eventually you will have enough that good spiritual entities will come and train you how to use your powers. However their will be negative spiritual entities trying to get you back to everyone elses level in this world and get you to give away your good karma. Learn to control your words, thought, and emotions through both meditation, dreams and daily practice among people.

Happy early birthday, how old are you turning?
Jimjeff (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)
I was trying to help people but something forced in my head with doubts and insecurity. It's like someone is trying to forbid me to know these TT-TT
Jimjeff (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)
There's one thing I have to tell you. Everytime I think of demon, I get furious then my head said "kill them" wats up with that o.o
AnandaHya (guest)
11 years ago (2011-01-22)
don't be scared of "demons" that's what they want.

Either send them love or scare them back and laugh next time you meet any.

My suggestion is to do some research and study things and try not to misuse your powers and used up you good karmic energy. Store some up by helping other people instead of just experimenting with your abilities and power. I'm sure you have innate talents, but most don't get them fully unlocked or remain sane if they don't study and have good motives such as helping others and not harming the world by careless actions and words.
angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-21)
"😁all I need is to be clairvoyant cause I want to help spiit who cannot go to heaven😢 "

Theres a reason why that spirt is not in heaven. That spirt could be a ghost but it could also be a demon. Demons are extremly dangerous (unless you know how to conquer them) and they could easily fool you.
Jimjeff (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-20)
Oh, I heard that some spirits can't go to heaven because of some reason so I want to help:D
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
The weather thing is called atomokinesis- I'm very experienced with it myself, so if you need any help, just send me an email. The thing in your room was either your spirit guide or just a spirit. That's really cool about the picture, too. What's with the spirit that can't go to heaven? I may be able to help you.

Jimjeff (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
😁 all I need is to be clairvoyant cause I want to help spiit who cannot go to heaven 😢
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
What you did with the weather is really cool. I can stop hiccups. Yay. Point is the words that popped into your head were like a spell I think, and I get them too. I'm not too strong with any of it.
The "imaginary" friend was probably your spirit guide. I have one, he's been here as long as I can remember, but I haven't always been able to speak with him. He's awesome, and so are most ghosts I've met. I can rarely see ghosts, but I still talk to them a lot. If you meet any try it.
I wouldn't say you're weird. That's how I feel usually, but you have a gift. Try to learn to use it, but be careful. As you did on the hike you may drain yourself.
Best of luck and I'll help if I can

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