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Troubling Spirits, How Can I Contact The Dead?


I have always had issues with seeing certain things in the middle of the night. Like spiders, or human figures. Only once have I seen a figures face and it was truly terrifying. All the other times there are black figures that slightly move and I wake up. But I see them while I am sleeping, is this an out of body experience? I have heard that black figures/shadow people are very bad, so does that mean I can only see bad spirits? How can you tell spirits from humans? I always hear stories of people seeing spirits in the day light, I don't quite understand how you can contact them. Other thing about these dark figures is that when I do wake up I am usually screaming or yelling a certain word like 'why' and other random words that I do not understand but could they have a meaning?

The real reason why I want to contact these spirits is that I had a friend of mine recently pass away and I would love to contact him. I have only seen him once and it was very vivid. I also feel that I have dreams about him, but can never remember them. Could this be his doing? I usually have premonition dreams, so I thought I would be able to communicate with him through my dreams, but it has not happened yet. He has been dead for 6 months...

Another problem I have is that I feel like I'm loosing my spiritual energy. I use to have empathy, and now I don't feel any emotion at all, not even my own.

Please help this is putting a strain on my everyday life as I cannot sleep properly and I'm slowly being labeled as a 'cold' person.

Please Help!

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AK_Scorpio (4 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
Hi Ladyrara,
I am currently developing my gift as a medium. It took a traumatic experience before I started trusting myself. You need to work on developing a positive Charka. Right now my sight and communications are very strong but my ESP testing is over 90 and all my charkas are strong. You need to get back to nurturing your spiritual side. People who start to access their sixth sense end up letting it go because they don't fully trust it. I recommend keeping a journal and right your thoughts in it when you wake up in the morning.
As far as your friend goes, you need to trust that, the person you cared about is still there. Close your eyes and meditate. Talk to your friend through thought. If you start to feel a tingling on the top of the crown of your head, than it's a sign that your friend is letting you know they are there. You may not be able to see people who have passed but you can feel them all the time. People want to believe what they see but you need to start believing what you feel. Or you will get out of touch with your sixth sense.
Practice meditation every day and try to live a healthy life style it will help you access your sixth sense.
It is my belief that shadow people that you describe are not bad. They are less developed spirits which haven't been able to fully shape their image. I don't believe they are bad and fearing can also be away of doubting yourself. If you get scared by what you see, say a prayer, you will find that you will feel better. If you have a spirit guide try to establish a connection and let them know you would like to connect with the other side.
I found that my spirit guide was always there but it took a long time before I was able to discover her name and the best way to receive and send messages to her. My spirit guide show's me symbols and one day she showed me a white card, behind it I saw a red rose. After that I called her Rose. Rose continues to show me pictures to help me answer questions and helps protect me from negative energies.

Hope this helps.

Lara_Usha (2 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-08)
Hi there. Don't worry, OK? Being fearful isn't healthy. Please try to stay calm. About losing your empathy- that might be because of your grief over your friend. Being upset can make your aura lose energy. Which might also be why you are having those nightmares. You may not be so capable of protecting yourself against bad spirits and negative energy when you are spiritually strained. So I would advise you to calm down, take a deep breath, and try to meditate. Also, take a break from your daily activities and spend time with your loved ones- it hels to rebalance your heart chakra. Hope I helped.

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