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Curious If I Have A Power?


I have had some sort of ability since I was 6 years old (I'm fourteen at the moment). I would hear a voice calling my name, and saw things in my bedroom usually at night, but sometimes during day as well. They were shadow-looking body parts. Usually I saw hands moving along my bedroom walls and forming on my window, like when you press your hand to a foggy mirror. This voice never left me alone and I started to see white faces, on posters, in my dreams, even on my teacher a couple of times. These white faces didn't have eyes, noses or mouths, so kind of faces without faces. They freaked me out more than a little, but then everything seemed to stop for a while. Only 2 years ago things started happening again. I started hearing my name again, and seeing shadow hands in my room. I also saw this doll that kept turning around on my desk. It was more like a mannequin, actually, and I don't know why, but it in particular scared me.

In my room, I have a poster of a tiger. A few nights ago it turned into an image of people with white faces. There were 5 people, 4 woman and 1 man, dressed up like old times, with bonnets and were sitting in very proper poses too, with their backs straight and hands gently overlapping. Because it had all stopped for years, I was terrified when I saw the faces again. In the morning, I went to take the poster down, but I just couldn't. As much as everything scares me, I very much want to understand it.

Also, I seem to have a very close connection with trees. I'm not sure if this means anything, but sometimes I sort of zone-out, and if I'm outside, I always want to go over to the nearest tree and talk to it. If I press my hands to it, feel a sort of tingle go up my arms. It's not bad or anything, just strange. Then sometimes I see the leaves forming a pair of eyes. If I snap back into it, nothing like this happens. I feel absolutely insane. I confided in my aunt, who I believe is a bit psychic, even if she doesn't think so, and she sighed and gave me a necklace with a rose quartz on it. She walked into a shop 2 weeks before, and sensed that I needed that necklace. I wear it all the time, and it seems to calm me down. I've seen shadows that look like people before, and the necklace takes away my fear. I know a little about the rose quartz, but not much. I love that necklace, it keeps me very balanced and I don't like taking it off.

I suppose what I'm asking is what's going on with me? I really feel like I'm going insane. I would appreciate some information on why I feel so strongly toward this stone, and if I do have some sort of power.

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The-Tiger-Theif (3 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-15)
thankyou for the infomation on my necklace, I would never have thought it may stop working! Thankyou your post was very helpful
GypsysHeart (guest)
13 years ago (2011-05-14)
Rose quartz is most often used to deal with strong emotions. It helps cleanse the heart chakra and eases fears and insecurities. A few years ago my husband bought me some amethyst. That was my equivilant to the necklace your aunt gave you. I know you may hate taking it off but sometimes you need to cleanse your stone to keep it working. Putting it in moonlight or in a bowl covered in sea salt overnight will cleanse it. I would suggest doing it once a month. To warn you there may come a time when you won't need the crystal anymore. It probubly won't happen for a while but you'll know when it does.

As far as what you are seeing goes, you aren't crazy. I know how hard it can be seeing all these things and maybe you even feel alone. You aren't though. People see things like that all the time. I know it seems scary but you'll be fine.
Onyx13 (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-12)
You're not going insane. I feel the exact same thing from the trees except I don't have to zone out. I feel it even when I'm thinking. I truly believe that everything in nature has a spirit or a voice and that's probably what you saw in the tree. Everything just takes practice. Meditation and shielding are important if you want to learn control. Meditation is easy (just focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths without making yourself dizzy).

Shielding is easy, too. Just imagine white or golden light cleaning your body of all negative energy from your body. Start with it either coming from above or within yourself. After you feel you did a good job, imagine that same light forming a protective armor or bubble around you and imagine all negative (usually dark) energy bouncing off the shield.

We all have psychic abilities, most people just have repressed them for so long that they've gone dormant. Regular quartz is the universal remote of energy in the metaphysical world. I believe rose quartz is for love but I'm also sure that all crystals have the ability to use energy the same way. Just remember, spirits can't hurt you and you can only fear them if you choose to. Tell them you're not afraid, and if they need help that they should just ask you for it properly and nicely so you can do your best to help.

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