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Do I Have A Gift Or Am I Just Over Thinking Things?


My name is Sara. I am twenty years old, and brand new to this site. I am basically wanting to get some insight from others about whether or not I have some kind of gift or ability. I definitely believe that some people have spiritual gifts and things of that nature, I'm just not sure if I am one of them. I am a Christian, and strongly believe that God gives certain people special abilities. So anyway, let me give you all a little background information on me.

My father had a way of knowing when things were going to happen, though it was not always clear what those "things" were going to be. He could tell what someone was about to say before they even opened their mouths. He also would get vibes from places, such as a specific spot in the woods or a certain road. Sometimes the vibes were so negative that he would avoid an area all together. My father passed away when I was nine, so I never had the opportunity to talk to him about those things.

So here are the things that I experience. I have had dreams where departed loved ones have come to me. I seem to be able to tell if a person is good or bad when I first meet them. It's like I get these inward feelings when I look at people that makes me feel like I can read them, so to speak. I often know what people are going to say before they say it. I understand that sometimes it's pretty easy to pick up on what someone is about to say, but I can be sitting in silence with someone and just hear this voice in my head of what the person is going to say next. I also get positive and negative vibes from different places that I can't explain. I have seen shadow people ever since I was a child, and once heard my name shouted out when I was alone at home. I sometimes get bad feelings, although I don't know why. Usually the day after one of my "feelings" I will find out that someone I know has passed away or has been injured. I'm not sure if this qualifies as anything, but I can also hear really high pitched ringing or buzzing sometimes that nobody else seems to hear.

Sorry this was so long. I just don't really know how to find out if these things mean anything. I have felt for a long time that God has something great for me to do. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is. I don't want to convince myself of something that isn't true. Any help or advice would be amazing.

! Thanks for reading:)

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-03)
You're right that God gives psychic gifts. But the devil can use them if you go around saying: look at me, i'm psychic! Aren't I great! I'm so powerful! And then you start taking money from people and telling their future... NO! See my posts and profile for more info. Stay safe. Pray. Read the bible. Good luck. God bless!
psychicabilities (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-01)
It all started at the age of 9, I was in my bedroom at night when I suddenly seen a face in my bedroom and a pressure on me, I couldn't move. The face scared me, it was a face of a demon. After what felt like forever "but was probably only 20 seconds" the force went and I went screaming downstairs to where my mam was in the front room, she had to call the doctor out as I was having a fit. Since then I have seen things, felt things, dreampt things!. When I was young I used to have a reacurring dream, I was chained up in my mams room there was chains everywhere and there would be a lady with white hair stood in the doorway just stairing at me. I had this dream for as long as I could remember. And a weird feeling that I can't describe, it almost makes me feel like I'm as small as a grain of rice and folding in on myself? I don't know maybe someone knows that feeling, I used to get that feeling a lot since the inncedent in my bedroom all those years ago.

I'm 26 now since then my first experience of a spirit was at the age of 10, I was on holiday and staying in my friends apartment when a girl appeared in the doorway she just looked at me and walked off, when I went to see were she went she was gone. She had long blonde hair and a nighty on, she didn't scare me I felt at peace. It was around the same time I was asleep at night when I was woken up by my sister she told me to look over the room where there waas a girl in the bedroom. We both seen her and just went back to sleep. I had a few times like that but they stopped after time as I think I was ignoring it. Its only been in the last few years that I have really notived my ability to dream things that are going to happen.

The first dream I had was that my friend had died in the air, the next day I went to work to find that he had hung himself that night! The next dream I had was of my best friend, I was walking round to her house with a little blonde boy in a pram "he was mine but I had no kids at the time of the dream"anyway when I got to my friends she was not there but everyone was sad and I didn't know why, aas I was leaving my friends house there was a big wall full of photos of my friend and all the things she had done in her life, and one picture stood out at me it was a picture of my friend with a curly hair lad I didn't recognise (she didn't have a boyfirend) It was asif the photo was blown up sticking out, more in my face. So I woke up from this dream thinking nothing of it. Until my friend got ill a year or so later. I wallked round to her house, I had a little blonde hair boy in the pram, when I got to her house her mum invited me in, then she told me my best friend had passed away a few hours ago I was about to leave when her mum asked me to come and see what they had done for her. In my friends bedroom was a full wall full of photos of my friend and all the things she had done in her life. I walked home in shock and cried. It wasn't until her wake that it downed on me, as I walked in there it was... The Photo that had stood out at me in my dream had been blown up and put with the food, you would have thought I had seen a ghost! The photo was on my friend and a curly hair lad I had got her with about 9 months before she passed away. I then dreampt There was tusnimi and fires 3 weeks later japan had a tusnimi and fires. I then dreampt my nana was saying goodbye to me then she passed away 3 weeks later, a few weeks before my nana passed I was round her house when she asked me if my house was tidy, (she was house proud and I have her old house) I saaid yes of corse nana. Anyway when she passed away my house was untidy and I thought about what my nan had said and what she would be saying if she could see it, so as I started cleaning my kitchen I suddenly stopped to the feel of someones hand on my shoulder, I felt as peace and happy. I was then thinking of my nana again as I do a lot and when I walked into my bedroom got a stong smell of her hairspray up my nostriles then it was gone (nana used to use a full can on her hair when she done her hair) I don't use hair spray so couldn't put it down to anything else. Most recent dreams a few weeks ago are an earthquake in a foreign place were women wear Burkers?, well it came true think it was turkey have just had one. A baby boy is to be born into the family and I dreampt my mam needed to go get checked out, she did it turns out she got very early stage of cancer but its treatable as it been found early and today I woke and rung my mother in-law to ask her if she has been having chest pains? She said she had so I told her to go to the doctors and made her promise me she would, in my dream she had been having chest pains ignored them then had a heart attack. Something in my dream was urging me to tell her to get checked. So I'm listening more to my dreams and I'm trying to help people with my premonitions without having them think I'm mad:/ easier said than done. But if I do havve something speacial and I can help people then I want to be able to develop it to the strongest... Thank you for listening and any questions or help email me

quartz (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
i concur with kittiposte, in general terms that is. And I'm also in my fifties, so there's a bit of de ja vu for you. Let's hope the next persons not fiftyish and repeats what I have just said.
oh ye of little faith, as if you need to actually
Need to debate what gods master plan is for you... Try looking in the mirror.
kittiposte (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
I have had many similar experiences since I was a child (I'm in my 50s now). Don't think about it - just let it happen. Learn to listen and keep your mind open. Ask questions when something unusual happens around you. Perhaps an ancestor is trying to guide you... In time you will learn what things to pay attention to and what are just diversions. If you face this aspect of yourself, you will have control over it and there will be nothing to worry about.
Peace and Happiness.

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