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I went to a psychic medium last night who is well renowned. I told her my Mum had passed away 10 years ago when I was a teenager and she told me her spirit had come through to her.

Then all of a sudden she completely freaked out, so much that the colour drained from her face. I shot out of my chair to run out of the room as she looked so terrified and it was frightening me. She told me not to leave the room and I had to ask her several times what on earth was going on as she was speechless and could just repeat 'oh my god, oh my god'. She finally told me she had asked in her head for my mum to show her a sign and she saw the strongest flash of light immediately on the wall behind me. She said it then remained and it was a 'tic-tac' shaped light. She checked around the room to make sure there were no reflections and said it was impossible. She then asked for another sign and a ladybird appeared on the wall under the lights of the cooker hob (which had previously sat on my friends shoulder during her reading). The lights on the cooker hob then seemed to be streaking downwards which I put down to the ladybird moving underneath them and reflecting but whenever I looked directly at it the lady bird was completely still. She said I was going to see an oval shaped light at some point very soon and it was my mum proving she is around, which I was begging I didn't want to see!

She kept asking me not to leave her alone. And was then saying it was amazing and like nothing she had ever experienced before. When the reading was over she wasn't sure if she could carry on reading for anyone else (it was a group of us having a reading) and refused to be left in any room alone at any time. She said she wouldn't read for me one to one again as it terrified her.

Now I am so incredibly scared as I do not want to experience any kind of lights that she mentioned I was going to see when I'm on my own. I am also worrying that it was something bad she saw as she was so afraid but perhaps didn't think she should tell me?

Have any psychics/mediums out there experienced the same thing before where they were scared to read for someone or was that intense as she claimed? She said it was the strongest connection she has ever experienced. I am so paranoid there is something she is not telling me and it was something awful she saw!

Also, what has scared me even more is that after I left the house I had the reading in the ladybird died! My friend put it in a cup and when she looked this morning it was back to life!

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-12)
Late for your story, but still I came across it tonite... The egg shaped light on the wall from knowledge of it is a light of energy with the spirit energy trailing along with you... A famous psychic described the same light that appeared to be on the side of her after a favorite very much beloved aunt of her passed away/over. All knowledge of truth comes from the light, whether it is partial or full knowledge, the truth is always with the white light. So a good thing is that the light is white, truth lay there. You see if truth sees deception, the truth will either be a learning for the deceiver or sometimes cause a fright. As long as you stay with love for all in all, unconditionally accepting others, but being careful not to fall prey to deception, you are faring well my friend. Also be careful never to offend anyone, by word or deed, they are too worthy of compassion.

Light & Love across the miles,
Joni ❤
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-06-14)
My friend, niccam1608 a person who have died their soul no longer belong to this earth. They shift dimension to where it should belong. The spirit that's always been following you wasn't your real mother - sad to say. Because spirit (not a human soul) is able to change form to many forms. This is one of the gift that God gave them. Every beings have their own advantages and disadvantages.

That spirit has a good vibe that's why he is following you everywhere because you yourself is good as a person.

The difference between an angel and a spirit: Angel
Is made of light while spirit is made of fire. If you would like to know, human is made of soil. But human is the most perfect being that God ever created because we've been given knowledge and highest status than any other God's creation.

There are 3 types of spirit:
1. Have wings
2. Snake or tiger creature
3. Human form (they are walking just like human)

Spirit world is similar like human world. They have to eat (they only eat smells though), they have work, they have marriage, they have king, they have queen, or better yet they have Kingdom which is too big to explore in the human world, there are good and bad spirits. They can die. But just their senses are far more powerful than human and their age is way way beyond human oldest age. Their age can reach up to 10,000+ years. Don't worry human and spirit had been made by God to worship him. If you do good things heaven awaits! If you do bad things hell awaits!

Always remember this:
If your intention is positive you will receive positive in return.
If your intention is negative you will receive negative in return.

If you act scared in the dark you will get yourself haunted by spirits because your thought is negative. Good spirits will dislike humans who are scared so they haunt you down. If there is a naughty spirit and you got scared by them they will laugh LOL.

See... Their world is similar like ours.

We can see spirit with naked eyes if they change form but we cannot see their true form with naked eye.

As long as you stay positive you will always safe.

If you would like to see how spirits behave inside a human go to YouTube and search "dua dunia". Unfortunately the videos are in my language (Indonesian). Could have been very helpful if you understand it because the supernatural practioneer tells everything you would like to hear about the spirit world.

I learned all this stuff from those videos. I translate what I've learned into English. These are major points that I wrote. I hope that helps you a lot!

If you want to learn Technology and Sciences, go to the U.S!
If you want to learn Spiritualism, go to Indonesia!:D This island is fulfilled with spiritualism.

The economy in Indonesia is Business Class. But...
The spirituality in Indonesia is First Class!

You might encounter so many things that Science just would get headache in trying to logically explain it LOL.

In this 2 world we live in, Real Magic can happen if that person had been given the permission by God. Everything is possible if He allow you. Me myself had been given the permission by God to move the ocean but just enough to make the wave a bit stronger. Not too strong not too little. Balance.
quartz (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
people who have had experiences become less freaked out the more things happen, so what does that tell you about the person who freaks out? I have got my answer to this already.
chicken1 (2 stories) (69 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
I to agree with anne, I work as a medium myself and have experienced many things, I have been given frights by many spirits but it is our job as mediums to be in control of the situation. No matter how freaked out a medium may be they should not show it either. Maybe this medium needs to do a bit more work on them selves before doing more readings. As we are the ones who hold the energy of the reading and the room that we read from. I totally agree with pathr and for you to not worry to much about things, I see these tic tac shaped lights all the time theyre called orbs and many see them, they are merly the easist way for spirit to show them selves, there's nothing freaky about them, theyre just energy. Please try not to worry about one persons opinion to much. Just don't let it influence you to much. I wouldn't worry to much about seeing the light either as most of the time youl only see these things out of the corner of your eyes, And if you don't want to see anything tell your mum or whoever is around you in spirit that you don't want to see anything. I do think this is more about the so called medium not being prepared more than anything as if you had someone who gave you a reading who was prepared then the situation would be completely different. And so much more relaxed. Hope this helps
Chicken1 😊
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
I have to agree with AnneV it sounds a little
Too much the psychic Mediums behavior.

My feeling is your mums energy was so strong
That the medium was experiencing a shift to take over the mediums body. This is alarming to mental mediums.

If you read my response to story:
"I need a Mentor to be a medium". It will
Describes physical mediumship. It was posted
25th October 2011 here by another member.

Some of the feelings for mental and physical mediumship is feeling hot and also overwhelmed.
This is due to too much energy coming through and
Unable to process. But my feeling is the medium
Feared a scenario of Physical mediumship by your

Your mom did not harm you when she was alive, so why would she harm you now?
I only feel loving energy reach out to you with her hand extended as if to say I see you
And your life.
Seems like your mom still had youth, long hair, slender with an elegance.
She's seen you during the years Knows you wish she was
There for you, but she still checks up on you.

I may be wrong but this is what I'm getting.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
I don't know what this psychic is "renowned" for but it makes no sense to freak out and scare a client over the presence of subtle realm energies. That was unprofessional of her on many levels. A psychic medium that is terrified over sensing a spirit? None of this makes sense. It makes one think she's not a valid psychic and the fact that she actually saw something (of which she's clearly not prepared for or has any real experience) took her totally off guard.

Personally, I'd not frequent a psychic who acted like this and is so mentally ill equipped to do the job she's advertising for.

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