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What Am I? Empath And Ghosts


Hey guys,

Well I'm sort of new to this, I have been seeing ghosts now for over 10yrs. It started when I was 15 and am currently 26yrs old. I Can sense them even though they don't want to be seen, sometimes talk to them even when they still freak me out a bit. Even have thoughts flood my head on how they have died and I know all about them. I see quite a few of them driving on the road having died in accidents and have had a little girl come to me, asking where her mummy is. This freaks me out a bit and still struggling with how to talk to them. They interest me but I have ignored them for too long and it's not fair that I be selfish. So I need to overcome this and help them. I have recently realized I am a empath also, which is hard with my job as I see a lot of people and get quite drained and get weird pains every now and then. Then I find out my client has a certain condition, which explains the pain I feel I also can pick a liar and hate going to crowded places as I feel sick quite quick and severe. It kills me inside to not help someone and will often go without to help someone. And I have premonitions quite a bit, have been told not to tell people about them as it interferes in the natural world, is this true? Knowing stuff before I should. Having a really strong intuition this is all me! I know is someone is walking up my driveway without hearing or knowing there coning over. Now I'm struggling to come to terms to what I am? And what am I? I seem to be getting a lot more premonitions and seeing more ghosts than often! I need some answers thanks

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iScorpio (guest)
12 years ago (2011-10-31)
I would say you're a Psychic Medium... You can see spirits, and you can talk to them. You are gifted:)
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-30)

I have heard that for ordinary humans, their life is just that. If you are a cultivator of a righteous way, it's said not to interfere with their course of life. Things such as arson and murder cannot be ignored though, because they are not natural.
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-30)
i have to disagree with QT, sorry, but I have changed things in the past. I often have dreams, like many of you, about situations in day to day life and I have changed how they panned out. Thinking back, I wouldn't do that again.

Ultimately though, we have a path that is set and we will follow it to our destiny/fate. The only way to change our path is to want to cultivate enlightenment which is said to shake the next dimension so violently that beings will be drawn to us. In cultivating there's two ways to go, be good, or be bad.
quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-28)
I wouldn't think you can change what happens.
That portion reminds me of "the mothman prophacies" with richard gere in it.
Majority of your story reminds me of "ghost wisperer" with jennifer love hewitt.
So your questions are "what am I" I do not have an answer. If it was "how do I take care of these things or make it less stressful" then that I can answer.

❤ Qt
quartz (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-28)
don't become too fascinated with your funny buisness as some of it can be unpleasant and its not nice.
its easier to watch the bogeyman in a movie than meet for real.
earthangel349 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-28)
I understand what you are going through... I managed to control how much I take in from other people, but it's disrupted my emotional well being. Now I can't feel anything at all. I tried too hard to control how other people's emotions affected me, and now have flatlined emotionally. I started trying to disconnect myself because of a dream I had where I was desperately trying to push a stoller over some train tracks. The stroller finally got pushed free and I woke up just before the train hit me. The next morning I was reading the news and saw that one of the top stories was reporting that a mother had gotten her babies' stroller caught on some tracks but was able to free it just before getting hit. That particular story upset me more than other premonitions I've had. That's when I tried to shut out other people so I wouldn't have these horrible dreams anymore, but now I feel almost devoid of emotion. There must be some sort of balance, and I've been trying to find it. So far the only other thing that's really worked for me has been complete clearing of the mind through meditation. I wish I had more to tell you, but so far this is all that's worked for me. Good luck!

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